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on Wednesday, 29 June 2011
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Judd Apatow has created a name for himself in Hollywood for producing a string of comedies of grown men behaving badly from the 40 year old virgin, drillbit taylor to funny people etc, he has been coining it.

The formula is easy;  get ordinary looking folks, in ordinary situations and let them act like a fool ; the raunchier, the more  cringe worthy, the  vulgar and profane the humor , the better. Now he lends this formula to chick flicks and Bridesmaid is born.

Bridesmaid’s written by Kristin Wiig and Annie Mumolo, with Kirstin playing the lead. The movie is basically the lady’s version of the hangover minus the drug, the strippers and vegas. It’s fun in parts, some characters push the ante but its generally a hit and miss showcasing some of the best talent from Saturday Night Live (SNL) show.

What worked for me in this movie is some of the crass humor especially coming from Melissa McCarthy who plays one of the bridesmaids. She aint afraid on upping the ante, and all of her jokes and situations are flat out funny. Kirstin Wiig’s Annie is also quite loveable and has her moments too.

The film tries to use the friendship between Kirsten and her SNL buddy Maya Rudolph as the backbone of the film,and the wedding preparation as the arch of the story but sometimes the wedding itself disappears into the background.

The only thing that dragged the film for me is why the writers decided to make the conflict to focus on ladies being “catty” towards each other. It’s like one of the biggest stereotype that women are not happy with other women , unlike in the hangover when it was a fun ride watch the guys camaraderie and enjoying it. Here there’s a subplot about the ladies vying for the brides attention which brings out the ugliness in the characters and makes some of the jokes fall flat. Why couldn’t it be ladies misbehaving without the “claws out” ?

Yet I still liked some of the themes of self actualization and friendship. I hate the idea of forced love story but it seems you cant have a chick flick with some inane love story in the middle of it. Even if the story could survive or do well without it.

Maybe Hollywood still thinks the female audience still needs those wish fulfillment moment of having a guy at the end to love , when I personally thought the idea of ladies doing a lot of unlady like stuff such as taking a dump in the street was good enough. Maybe that’s what makes chick movies chick flick, the “love”.

Bridesmaids delivers on the laughter, cringes and “adult jokes” in spade with one or two  iffy scenes ,its not a bad night out but not a classic at the same time.

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