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on Saturday, 04 June 2011
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Well i have an 18 year old and every week-end we open our house to a few of his friends - and so the week-end begins..

They drive in, park their yuppy cars in our huge garden, start offloading equipment  like CPU's that could house our dogs, cats and the gardener, monitors that are larger than my lounge sliding doors and enough cabling , that if laid, could provide half of Johannesburg with electricity.  And the equipment keeps on coming.  While the off-loading is taking place, the consumption of crisps and fizzy drinks is ongoing, the communication is.....well lets say they are able to communicate with each other ONLY because i dont understand what they are talking about - not becuase of the techno jargon, but i think these kids have lost the ability to talk to each other in English due to their inability to move their mouths and the mouse at the same time.  If any inter-LAN communication has to take place, it occurs by means of self taught sign language, deep hollow laughter that clearly means something, mumbles and muffled sounds that  form part of the communication specific to the secret society of LANing participants......and then when excitement, victory or the need to express themselves over  what seems to be 1000 times the normal sound level,  loud laughter and shouts ensue.

And then they spend the entire week-end playing computer games against each other.  Tons and tons of computer games.  Fighting, racing, combat, soccer, dragons & paranormal.  That is LANing. 

Being muslim we have strict house rules like no drinking (my sons friends are not Muslim), no smoking, no loud music, no swearing, clean up after eating and drinking, lock doors, allow the 10 year old to partake (even though he might become an irritant - just until 11 o clock), etc etc ..... and they still come back, so getting back to the evenings - they consume tons of crisps, fizzy drinks, eat me out of house and home, take the odd walk to the shop to buy more goods and then, on return,  resume playing....they very seldom sleep at all, which by that time even trying to get a word out of them is impossible. Maybe a contented smirk because they have won a game or two, or a hug because they want breakfast made for them.  But that is it!!!  The only thing that is audible in the room, while gaming goes on, are the animated voice-overs that they run with - not sure if it has to do with the game they are playing or whether they have to show who is more macho than the other by raising their voice and talking like a Universal Soldier or Arnold Swatzinoogy...and the laughter is quite catchy...Once one of them starts to laugh about something (possibly laughing because they are plummeting the other players), then they all start and this is done in a high pitch squeel - totally opposite to their gaming voices....quite interesting when sitting on the otherside of the door.

The thing i love though is that they are here - under our roof, and safe.  So thumbs up for LANing week-ends

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