Companies still on Internetless trip.

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on Tuesday, 10 May 2011
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Let’s get straight to the point here, reasons for limiting internet usage in a corporate environment:


  • Costs of bandwidth.
  • Costs of resource not doing his/her job as a direct result of being distracted by the limitless entertainment offered by the internet.
  • Less production in a seemingly 100% 8am-4pm productive environment.
  • Pornography.
  • Downloads.
  • Online gaming and betting/gambling.


These are some of the reasons, I’m sure there’s many more, that many corporate in South Africa have established a culture within their departments of a limited usage of the internet, generally limiting internet web pages by category. These categories include some of the above mentioned such as gaming, gambling, pornography, and social networking. The very nature of things like social networking is a very good additive to a working environment, I can ask a question via FB chat or Gtalk or have a meaningful work discussion on these two applications that does not warrant phone time or meeting time…I can do this while doing Xcell spread sheets or any other work.


But according to some study the corporate heads did…Gtalk/FB and various other work inducing websites are closed off…during the 8am-4pm work time. I’ve done so much work off line (not connected to the corporate network) that I rarely log onto the corporate network anymore…its just easier to contact my suppliers via Gtalk…we have  a relationship like that. Its easier to search for knowledge on Google or ask someone on Linkedin or Plaxo to help with a difficult project. Or even better…forums that address the work you do…I know coders spend hours on forums trying to solve seemingly unsolvable scenarios, I use forums almost daily in order to keep up to new trends in my industry or to get help with a solution that I’m new to or pursuing and someone from China might have implemented the same solution I’m looking at, and they can give me a breakdown of their lessons learnt from the project. This is the power of the internet, and whoever switched it on intended for it to be like this. For people to not only abuse it, but use it to advance their situations…like it is doing mine.


So, there are tons of reasons corporate should stop paying a license fee to a web blocker o the internal corporate network, and let people go wild, just like a phone bill, apply a monthly internet spend on their pay slip, this should sort out the YouTubers amongst us…But for most workers who value the internet and find a way to interweave it into their daily work, we need an open and free internet.

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