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on Tuesday, 26 April 2011
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Has anyone come to that specific point in life where you feel like your career is on hold?


Well I was sitting and thinking the other day.  I love my job, but to get married someday and to bring a child onto this planet, you cannot earn less than R30k/R40k per month.  I am currently working as an IT Technician, and earning a decent salary (more than most IT Technicians) I think.


I am currently looking to do a “Bachelor of Science Computer Systems” course to further my career and to start making provision for my future.  I just bought me a new car last month and I am in the process of buying a flat (Registration should, I hope, take place next month).  End of last year I gathered that I won’t be able to buy myself a house if I don’t have any credit, so I took those two huge steps to get some credit behind my name.


I am busy looking for a job (this is hard I tell you) as a Network/Systems Administrator and someday, with the course I am going to do, want to get a job in a Managing Role.  If anyone knows of a job available somewhere, PLEASE let me know.


Well, I am currently sitting here at work with one of my colleagues, while the other three took leave this week.  It’s really cold and rainy outside and wish to have my bed now, but coming to think of My Future and make provision for my (Future) Wife and Kid(s) one day, I would work 24/7 for the rest of my life and be proud every minute of every day that I can be where I am.  I hope there is some people that feels the same, cause living is great!

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Doolally Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Cuz is head of IT at a major banks HO. He has exactly the same complaints as you do. He reckons he spends more time working OT than actual hours due to IT guys not actually knowing what they doing. You are the guys that make technology go round ;)but have no lives of your own...:P

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