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on Wednesday, 06 April 2011
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I jumped on a taxi this morning, as it was the warmest, fastest way to get to work.  I passed my change forward row by row, and was thinking about a story on elections that I had just read.  People are focusing on what he said and she said, they’re focusing on tenders and corruption.  They are spitting and slapping, and meanwhile people are starving.

 The taxi pulled over to let out a few people and I looked to my left.  Sitting on the floor of a bus shelter, was a man wrapped in blankets, paper, and anything to insulate the cold of this coming winter.  I saw despair in his face, and he looked like he was about to cry, my heart broke.  I wondered, how many ministers, dignitaries, politicians, convoys and public workers drove passed this man this morning.  I know they’re there.  They live there and their convoys nearly kill us on Rivonia Road on a daily basis.

When are we going to start with that man?  When are these rallying politicians going to stop, give him some food and a blanket and directions to a shelter?  I looked up and saw something that made my blood curdle.  It was a huge picture of Jacob Zuma on a digital poster advert, saying “Vote ANC, we care”.  I looked back at the man, and thought to myself, ‘about yourselves only?’.

Whoever gives these people food and a warm winter, will get my vote.  I will let ever single party know this.  No doubt, corruption needs some killing, and service delivery must improve.  But while these politicians rally on how they are going to solve this problem, the person who gives that man a warm place to sleep, will get my vote.

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Str8_T Thursday, 07 April 2011

I think it's a diificult time for politics in South Africa. If you consider the years of Apartheid then the change came and yes its been a while sine 1994 but I think it's going to take very long to get things right.

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