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Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Wednesday, 16 March 2011
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Yo everybody, some quick updates on the OS's life. Started the new job, I think I already said that? In a different Business Unit with different people with different pay with different benefits and a different vibe. I thank the Lord for this, I really wanted to get out of our IT department as so many things that were right just went wrong over the last couple of months. I'm still in IT, but a more senior role and it has to do with manufacturing...the systems and applications that control the manufacturing of the palets that we export to China and other countries...I manage these things now, make sure the business has sufficient capabilities to increase production and be safe at the same time by providing them with various systems. I quite like it, I can excell here!

We are looking at buying a house here in Secunda towards the end of the year, oh yes, I was supposed to work in Bryanston, but we decided against it. I'm also slowely but surely starting to move away from fast cars, yes I still have my fast car, but a recent spate of high speed accidents here leaving people in ICU has made me stop and rethink this robot to robot racing where ever I go. Considering selling the REVO 2 GTi...for something faster, for the track!

My wife and daughter(s) are doing vry well, at 7 months now Karli is already crawling very fast and now practicing her standing...she does not like the fact that she cannot stand on her own and she absolutely hates the fact that she needs to stand up against the couch or our legs etc. In about 2 weeks we'll see the sex of our 2ncd child, but we saw some evidence the last time we were there, but the doc didnt' want to tell us the sex too early, but we saw the same evidence as with this will be a Danika.

Other than that, our faith in God is growing every week, we read much more Bible then we did last year, as they say, the truth is there...I see that MyDL is still going strong, I just can't come on here that much anymore, with much more responsibility given to me in my new job...

The OS is over and out - keep up the good work on the site, I love the newsletters and I see the competitions are not just being won by me anymore, lol!

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Doolally Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Congrats on the new job, Baby Number 2, and getting wiser OS! You are going to have to post some pics soon so we can see how big your first Angel is getting :)

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Charmed Wednesday, 16 March 2011

congrats on baby no. 2! Wow, OS is all grown up! How woulda thunk?!

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