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because knowledge should be free, like speech. And condoms.
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on Friday, 31 December 2010
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After many, many, MANY years of proudly using Ubuntu, I have gone over to the dark side. As of Christmas day, 2010, I am a Windows 7 user.


I got a shiny new Dell Inspiron n5010 for Christmas, and it came with Windows Home Basic. Gone is the customizability of Linux, gone is the lack of paranoia, gone is the fuzzy warm feeling I get from using Open Source software. These are instead replaced with a terror of viruses, an annoyance with automatic update downloadage, and a huge sense of unfamiliarity. The last Windows OS I used was XP - and that was when it was new. Now I find myself floundering in the sea of Post-Vista GUIs, where everything is shiny and nothing is where your intuition tells you it will be. And suddenly, everywhere I turn, some program or other is telling me it's going to expire in a month and I'll have to give them money. Greedy buggers.

That said, I quite like Windows 7. There, I said it. I like it. I like that everything works. I like that there are so many people using it that any problem I might have has already been solved (although this was true for Ubuntu as well). I like that I don't have to worry that my hardware won't work, well, for now... I like not having to reinstall all those bloody codecs just to get things to work. After struggling against the school bullies for so long, suddenly I'm on their side (not being a bully per se, but at least not getting thrown in the dustbin with my panties pulled up over my head).

And as for the lack of customisability... Windows 7 Home Basic is the lowest of the low, not letting you skin your desktop with official themes.

However, I managed, after some hunting around, to turn my standard Windows 7 Home Basic desktop into this marvelous, personally configured, fully functional work of art:


I did it using Rainmeter, with the Omnimo theme. And every button works, well, except for the gmail notifier but I'll get that to work someday. I also did a bunch of other tweaks, following the lifehacker guide that can be found here.

After all of that tweaking and adjusting and customising, I finally feel like I've gotten to know Delia (for that is her name). I'm a little less frightened. But I still feel a bit guilty for ditching Ubuntu.

So, in about 15 minutes flat, I installed Ubuntu as a virtual machine, using VirtualBox.



So now I have the best of both worlds. And, for the first time, I've managed to upgrade my Ubuntu, completely, without anything breaking or going wrong. Well, except for the graphics driver ceasing to exist... But that's a fix for another day.

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because knowledge
should be free, like speech. And condoms.


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redsaid Monday, 03 January 2011

Awww, Delia! She's BEAUTIFUL! (Especially with that personalised and fully functional desktop!) Hope you two have many pleasurable hours of Web surfing, successful virus and spyware destruction and blogging.

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Doolally Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Lucky you! Have fun on your new toy:-*

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