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on Thursday, 07 October 2010
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I managed to secure a position, starting January 2011, at a established school with this letter. 

                                                                                    Street Address


                                                                                    Postal Code

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                                                                                    E-mail:    ##############


To:      Name of School

            The Principal

            Name of Principal



Dear Sir,




Re:  Application for a Student Teacher position at Name of School.

I would like to apply for a Student Teacher position at Name of school, please? This in addition to the aftercare position I already hold with your establishment.  I do believe that I am physically and mentally capable of fulfilling a full day’s work at school.  I am currently working at Current Employer until midday every week day.  During school holidays I work full days at Current Employer and on weekends and public holidays I work half day shifts as the Bureau de Change operates seven days a week (with the exception of Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day).  I would prefer to discontinue my services at Current Employer and to rather dedicate my time to my chosen profession as an early childhood education facilitator.



I chose to study Name of applicable course with Name of University.  Although I am still to complete my first year, I have undoubtedly found my vocation.  I have worked at Name of school aftercare since January 2007. With the assistance of my colleagues I supervise the children and coordinate the daily routine.  Together we focus on the children’s all round well being.  I get along well with children from a wide spectrum of milieus and I am fluent in Afrikaans and English (I have a limited comprehension and small vocabulary in Swazi, Arabic and Portuguese).  In addition to my studies at university I am planning to do a level one first aid course later this year.



There are several reasons why I would like to have a student post at your school.  Firstly, I believe that I can make a positive difference that would resonate with the child throughout life.  Secondly, my passion is early childhood education.  In addition, I attended Name of School in my primary school years and have a great commitment to the school’s ideals, values and goals.  My rented flat is only one mile away…  I did learn that much from the “Sitrus Pretloop” during my primary education! My daughter attends Gr. 2 and aftercare at Name of School which offers logistical convenience.  Having a student position at Name of school  would afford me more time to study and spend time with my family.  As I already work at the aftercare, I know the teachers and most of the children attending Name of School.  I too, am familiar with the daily routines and will be able to fit in without disrupting classes.



Children tend to be comfortable in my company and I find spending time with them rewarding and fulfilling.  Their energy and boundless creativity is invigorating – their openness inspiring!  I do believe that I could be an asset to the school as I am creative, dynamic, pro-active and very adaptable.  My main priority will be to guide the children to achieve personal success.  I consider that my credentials and interests match with requirements and the high standards set forth by our school.



Thank you for taking time to consider my application.


Sincerely yours,

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