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Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Monday, 04 October 2010
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I kept quite a distance with this whole debacle about the hits. I asked questions in the shoutbox every now and then, and got an answer that was satisfying for the time and question in mind. I always see the same people bombard the shoutbox with complaints about hits not being up to scratch, and now more and more blogs about how crap MyDL is/was and how many of us will simply leave MyDL because our hits were 200-300 per day and now its down in the 20's.

Blogging for hits

What a load of bullshit! I'm seriously fed up with all this complaining about hits from grown men! People have left yes, MyDL is not the same as it used to be, yes, but how was it? Was it a piggy bank where you could blog a bit and claim you love it AS LONG AS you get your monthly EFT from IT WEB? We all know the exact reasons why the digi's have taken a drop. We were told tons of times what the issue(s) was/were and frankly speaking, I'd be much happier if the staff at MyDL worked around the clock fixing it then being online reading my complaints and answering my 20 questions as to why my hits have plummeted!

There was a time, right at the beginning, when the shoutbox was abuzz, when digi's were fought for-quite literally, blog battles ensued and the winner's prize would not be a R500 digi claim...no, it would be the right to brag, the right to distribute their material to friends and family to show them the hidden talent they had! They can actually write something from nothing! Then, people started noticing that hey, we can actually make a steady R400-R600p/m on a website called MyDL! Just by blogging...anything stupid, but hey, technology content gets you more hits! So a barrage of Microsoft and Apple hate blogs ensued, and you know what, for some time they actually got hits for that!


Let's agree on something here, in 2010, it stopped being about blogging, it stopped being about writing, it stopped being about venting and giving opinions, and it all became about hits...I was the one that started the HIT FACTORY back in 2007 - where we literally blogged for hits, and you know what, it was crap! The writing was on the wall…you had to blog 15 articles in order to get 150 hits…Then, we focused heavily on quality vs. quantity…and for one of 2 articles, you could actually see hits generated to 400!

MyDL is probably the brainchild of one of the most interactive and best blog mediums on the South African web today...the guys and gals working on this site has really done themselves and us proud, none of you, whoever you are, can deny that. Look at this site, I'm still looking for screenshots of the 1st MyDL BETA...the amount of technology news, the amount of different blogs, and lately, the amount of newbies that push out blogs...its just grown! But MyDL, like all good things are their own Achilles heel, that slogan that attracted people to this site was/is the very same slogan that they probably loath by now...GET PAID TO BLOG!

Everyone, drunk or sober, if you tell them they can say “HEY, HI, HO” and become an author, can make money like that will look for the 1st PC in sight and start blogging requesting authorship! We all need to sit back, look at our old material, think back to the days when you saved a blog, saw it on the blog tabs...and felt proud! I still do that, there are times when I sit up at 12 at night thinking of what I'm about to blog tomorrow! There are tons of reasons my material dropped over the last couple of months...I started working, I'm a dad, and really busy, and I just don't blog for blogging anymore, if I don't have something to say, I don't blog! How many blogs do we see that exists of one liner’s...things you could have said in the shoutbox...but as long as you can make a R10 off it, so be it.

Frankly speaking, MyDL has become a money making opportunity for most who actively complain about it on and on and on. Negative press is not what OUR SITE needs at this moment! If anything, we should all actively promote our site once more like we did in the past. But its totally wrong to live in the past, MyDL had a great upgrade, most were unhappy with the features, but this is to be expected with ANYTHING that upgrades on a computer screen...user acceptance is a subject on its own! I blog, for the fun of it all, I blog not to see my hits climb, however, its very difficult to blog on here with most ranting and raving about their hits, I found myself looking at my hits for the past 2 weeks seeing it climb...which is wrong! I have grown as a writer. I promote my blogs very well using my own methods. I get allot of flack for my methods on sites where I promote it, but for the sake of promotion and getting it out there, its great. Blogging should not and should never have been about hits. Yes, its great to come back and see that 150 people have read or looked at your blog in a matter of 2 hours...I get this allot, but the reality is, 150 people now have the opportunity to think about my opinion, to share it, to shrug it off, to spit at it, or to print it, take it to the bathroom, piss over it and then burning it...the 150 hits was just an added bonus...of a great blog!

That's what it is and was always all about...having your ideas and opinions out there in the world is a great feeling, much better than claiming R15 off it! It’s so great to read other people's ideologies, other people's experiences, I so enjoyed Dissol's coverage of the SWC stadiums...did he write that simply for hits? I so enjoy Barmar's way of thinking about technology, which is totally different to mine, who does not enjoy Mike's expert opinion on new technology...well written blogs that if they don't get hits, definitely get you talking! I like the newbies on here...the guy from New Zealand and his studies, the human telling us about his day to day life, wow, the students, the lawyers, somehow, the new people have come on here showing us oldies exactly what this blogging is all about! When last was someone actually given author status? Newbies don't care! I have a friend, Jayo, who blogs brilliantly, he didn't even know we have things like authors...On here, we have daily, monthly and even seasonal bloggers...and that is the resilience and versatility of this site that I love and know for a fact that each and everyone of the oldies do too!

Art of writing

My brain is taking so much strain with work and staying up late at night, yet it brings me utter joy to blog on this website and this webstie alone. Yes, we have many authors who maybe depend on the hits to climb...it will...with the right methods, your hits will indeed climb, mine has, I have no beef with MyDL in that regard, when they said my hits would not climb, it did not, when they said I can blog, I used my methods, i.e FB/Forums/email (simple, yet effective) to promote my blogs and it not only got people calling me telling me they agree, hate me, disagree, love me,  I also got 300 hits as a bonus! Blogging by its very nature is an opinion piece, thus no one on this earth with sense will ever accept it as part of a dissertation reference. It is a medium used to express utter and wasteful thought, to express ones opinion to be examined and dismantled by the masses interested in your topic. Some people have found ways to make a living off blogging, but honestly, we all have day jobs, and this is just a way to let loose, to come and express yourself when you cannot in real life...MyDL has made that possible for tons of you, and the way some of you act when there is a glitch is just astonishing...

MyDL cannot pay you for a view by a robot...a human has to read your blogs, you know this, if you are unhappy about this, I seriously suggest you blog elsewhere where there is no community, where there is no interaction, and where there are no cool blogs, and where you'll be unhappy as robots will most probably also be there.

Old MyDL

OS over and out - I really hope we all get back to our roots of blogging for the sake of the art...blogging. This is an art to me. The ability to write a couple hundred words that makes people angry, happy, sad, laugh, cry...is an art like any other. I hope we get our HITS system sorted; I hope we revert back to the old days of looking forward to things like CLICK-A-LOT-DAY where we are allowed to be greedy and blog for the sake of hits! I'm in the shoutbox when I can, and I'm happy to report most of the oldies are also there...we need more newbies in the shoutbox, greet the newbies just like you were welcomed with open arms when you were new, read everyone's blogs if you can, you can't complain about hits yet don't read other people's blogs...there are people out there that just want someone to reply on their blogs, this means alot to them, they don't care about hits...I can only imagine a newbie's reaction to this barrage of "MyDL's hits suck" blogs...what must they be thinking? To all the newbies and the oldies...this rant is over, I'm loving the art of blogging, the ability to write something and have it published online...to MyDL, fix the hits system, keep people updated in our weekly newsletters, reward authors for great blogs in magazines or in newsletters or on FB...you guys are doing a good job, don't let this snag deter us from becoming the best blogging site in South Africa...with great viewership and great blogs, we can have new MyDL glory days, I certainly felt it last week and the week before that...the vibe is coming back in my opinion!


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Charmed Monday, 04 October 2010

Well said, OS. You've been with us forever (April 2007) and I'm glad you understand how the dynamics have changed. People don't realise how Twitter and Facebook have made us lazy, in terms of blogging. Personally, I could have written so many blog posts instead of tweeting.

The only way this blogging community will grow is if everyone supports each other, spark a debate now and then because it's healthy, and yes - if everyone promotes themselves properly.

I'm busy working on a post called Blogging Tips and I hope it gives everyone, new and old some insight, and help them market themselves, amongst other things, properly.

I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. I enjoy s
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Twar Monday, 04 October 2010

I agree OS
I remember back when I started on this site having to choose the optimal time to post a blog because it would soon disappear from the home page because of the sheer amount of blogs being posted haha. Im sure we can get back to that though. I think maybe we need an 'All blogs' button that displays all the newest blogs in no particular order. I like to be able to comment on the newest blogs out there and its not always clear when the three categories are always seperated. The home page shouldnt be changed though, maybe just a button at the tab on top to display all blogs.

Back to topic: You will see that I don't blog often lately either. This is because I also only blog when I really have something to say. I was on the leaderboard with only having written three blogs and that actually made me proud of myself. I take pride in my blogs and so should everyone else. Its fun to blog, and fun to get an added reward, but in the end it should be about the love of blogging.

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AbortRetryFail Monday, 04 October 2010

I applied for author/paid status not expecting/hoping to strike it rich but more for the status and recognition from peer bloggers. I havn't even tried to claim any of the digis I earned as it wasn't the point. I get a kick from seeing people read my "stuff" and comment etc, whether it's "this is k@K" or "perfect!", each comment makes it worth trying and coming back.

new new new mydl rocks
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MikeZilla Tuesday, 05 October 2010

I agree with you OS except to quote Source who has said on a number of occasions this is a business and as the owners of the business they need to make decisions to keep the content on target. As a result hits are only paid for digital posts, which makes sense. Now I am passionate about my blogging and writing. I have 2 wordpress blogs 4 tumblr sites 3 twitter accounts I write on Helium and have a paid blogging job with a large gadget blog.

Very simply though mydl are enriching themselves from our passion without compensating us, which is wrong. Whether it's intentional or not who cares. I know what i used to earn the way the hits were calculated and when hits to old posts were included.

I've got more than 38000 hits in a just over a year despite not posting for months on end and enduring months with not a single hit being recorded for any of my blogs.

Until the technical problems are sorted out though you're entitled to your opinion, but I'll keep my words to myself.

Licenced to spill
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RIC007GP Wednesday, 06 October 2010

I think all blog spots that have a sense of community go through this sort of angst. I blog on Letterdash as well and the debate that goes on there is ridiculous with people storming off for "greener pastures" and they don't pay us over there. The notion of blogging for hits here having a cash angle none of us are going to become rich on the current payment scheme. My feeling is if you don't like it then go somewhere where your needs would be better served otherwise shut up and blog.

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Jawellnofine Wednesday, 06 October 2010

well stated Os. this blog should elicit a few hits.

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DevilTrigger Wednesday, 06 October 2010

Im guilty of posting a What Happened To Mydl? blog myself awhile ago, but that was simply because I used to use the site, took a long hiatus from it (Due to a number of reasons, regular lack of internet being one), then after creating a new account and signing up for a fresh start, I found the site very different than what I remembered. The lack of hits was noticable, but lol back then I hardly got many hits either, so that wasn't the hugest concern. The sense of community was what I noticed most of all, with a lot of regular bloggers I enjoyed reading being absent. But yeah, people leave, people join, communities change. Some of the good ol guys are still here (OS, didn't you have Goku as your avatar pic back then?), and I've now gotten used to the "new" community, and the new site has grown on me. I still hardly get hits (since I don't really give a flying shit about twitter and facebook linking and all at the moment), and I love just having a place to blog. Mydl is the only place I blog, and probably the only place I ever will. That said, I wont be totally PC, and will admit having the digis is great! I put a bit more emphasis on it before as I was unemployed, but now that Ive found a decent job, hey, whatever I earn, I earn, its just pocket change really. (In the process of trying to claim my first R200, woot! No idea how though, lol). So yeah, bitching aside, Mydl is a great place, and like all great things, they get tested through the tough times, and I'm sure we'll pull through. Kudos to Charmed and Source, you may not hear it enough, but you guys are really appreciated

Sh4d0w5 Thursday, 07 October 2010

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