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Born in a country which no longer exists, Rhodesia, educated there and then here
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on Monday, 04 October 2010
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As the world continues to expand, technologically, geographically and demographically, one aspect remains an enigma at best, a toxic cancer at worst, and that is the so-called battle of the sexes.


Men and women still do not accept each other as they are, and are constantly attacking each other, verbally and literally. This war has been waged since the start of recorded history it seems, yet still there is no resolution. I wonder if there has been or ever will be a study which can accurately detail all the harm, destruction and murder committed in order to ‘rectify’ the erroneous thinking of the other sex.


In this country it seems that the prejudice felt and venom spewed is growing ever more vitriolic, extending as it does across cultural boundaries and equally often hiding behind religious dogma.


What happened to the basic fact of being human? Streets and shopping malls are still filled with human beings of both sexes, doing what they do and pursuing their personal agendas, some of which may not always be exactly legal or pleasant, but still both men and women are going about the business of living their lives as humans.  


Feminism has had and continues to have either strong critics or vehement supporters. Is that simply because women are more vocal and determined to ensure they are treated as human? Is it because our society, and the world generally, regard men as the leaders and winners in the human race, therefore there is no need to celebrate their status or gender? That assumption is not fair to either men or women, as it presupposes a role which cannot necessarily be fulfilled by every individual.


If feminism has a name, which it seems is often greatly reviled, why is there no equivalent name for male pride, or does patriarchy cover that? By its very nature, that  word is demeaning and accusatory. It may accurately describe the attitude held by half of the human race over so many thousands of years, but to continue to use it is surely destructive rather than constructive.


Humanity is what the world is lacking, and with every condemnation of either sex, that slide downwards away from our human-ness is increasing in speed and further reducing our ability to relate to each other. It seems that relationships with machines and equipment are assuming a far greater importance, and are increasingly seen as having greater significance, than human relationships.


Even the advance of technology and the imminence of test tube procreation, without the need for sexual relations, cannot, or should not, replace human contact and the drive of life and love. Or is that too becoming obsolete, along with kindness, kinship and the acceptance of all kinds of humans as a part of this wonderful, awe-inspiring, beautiful, harsh and contradictory world in which we live. We, the human race, are developing and advancing ourselves out of existence, so clever have we become with manufacturing everything which nature has created and developed over millennia. We are replacing ourselves with soulless efficiency. Humanity needs saving from itself.


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Born in a country which no longer exists, Rhodesia, educated there and then here at Rhodes University. Working as a freelance tranlsator has many benefits and challenges, balanced by working as a Reflexologist from home as well. I have worked in the television industry, for the defence force, and as an interpreter. Language will always be the bridge between human beings, and many times I have been privileged enough to help construct those bridges.


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Doolally Wednesday, 06 October 2010

Its human nature to be competitive, therefore I doubt that the battle of the sexes will ever end. :'(

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Jawellnofine Wednesday, 06 October 2010

Our great endowment, the human mind, has resulted in aberations that are not seen in nature.

Humans are not civilised or sensible. They are not logical or cultured. They are not consistent or peace loving. They are aggressive narcissistic pursuers of the essential me in 'I' - self gratification above all else. Ruled by self interest and gainful avarice.

Why should the battle of the sexes be any different?

Eventhe great human pastime is fraught with frugalities - how many families and lives have been shattered becouse of sex?

It would be nice if such banalities could be put to rest but as lyrisist John Kincade stated: dreams are ten a penny.

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