How often do we literally laugh out loud?

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on Friday, 09 July 2010
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We often think of emoticons and similar expressions as modern day inventions, but they are not. Telegraph operators in the 19th century used abbreviations such as IMHO (In my humble opinion) and FWIW (For what it's worth) when communicating with each other. This was done, as it is today, to save time.

Today, we are not restricted to text only, and software has adapted. If you type :) most programs will automatically convert it into a picture of a smiley face but when communicating online, most people prefer initialisms, using LOL (Laughing out loud) or ROFL (Roll on floor laughing) not to mention LMAO (Laughed my ass off). Literally thousands of these expressions exist but how often do we literally laugh out loud, roll on the floor laughing or laugh our asses off?

Me? Not that often. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would look like walking around without an ass. Does that make me a liar? No. It means I Found What Was Written Humorous but I can’t very well go & type IFWWWH, it defeats the purpose of having initialisms in the first place. Recently a friend forwarded me a joke that was so funny that I literally laughed out loud. I found myself thinking how do I express the fact that this is not just your normal LOL & I realized that all I needed to do was type LLOL (literally laughed out loud). I thought this was quite clever of me until I started doing a bit of research for this post & discovered it had all been done before.


I must say that my use of initialisms is restricted to the generic internet slang but I have received SMS’s from my wife’s little brother which are devoid of all vowels & make absolutely no sense whatsoever but in this day & age with MXit & IM where character restrictions are placed on your messages I suppose it makes sense to start a new language.

Yes, I may not literally LOL or ROFL that often but in terms of getting my point across these abbreviations cannot be beat & that is all we are trying to do, really.

UNTTCOYAEO (Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other)

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