Fifa vs Technology, can football handle TV refs?

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on Wednesday, 30 June 2010
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We have all seen some very shocking decisions lately. The world cup referees have not really done themselves all that proud. Various rediculous red cards have been given, and some goals have been denied, as I am sure England will be happy to tell you about. All of this have sparked the debate on weather or not to use technology in football. Of all games, I believe, football and technology don't mix. Just take a look at the video of the goal below. Clearly, the ball is over the line (or was it), but the goaly has kept it in play. If the game was first stopped to check if it did or did not cross the line it will influence play too much.

 higuita Another area where it may be used is with giving red cards. There are so many fake injuries and falls in football, a match will last 3 days if each and every offence were to be checked by TV replay . Here is some footage of very fake football injuries.
fifa-world-cup-red-card-reason fifa-soccer-tantrumspeek-a-boo So my suggestion is as follows. I think they should have a sensor that lights a green light the moment the ball crosses the line. Weather the strike is in the air or on the ground. You can't use TV replay as this will influence the rest of the game. The referee should instantly be able to see if it is a goal or not. 

I believe each coach, not the players, should have one or two chalenges per game, only on red cards. With yellow the play resumes too quickly and stopages would slow the game too much. This should not be the case for yellow, only for red. So the coach can make a chalenge on a red card, and then the referee can watch the replay and decide.  

So in conclusion, I think technology can help, but it should be adapted to have minimal impact on the game.

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