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on Monday, 19 April 2010
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This post is about writing potent blogs, inspired by lessons learnt from my local Toastmasters International club.  I will take you through the main parts of a post and through this post demonstrate how a potent blog can be created.

A post should have four parts : the title, the introducation, the main content and lastly the conclusion.

The title should be the description of your very interesting topic.  Using your favourite search engine, you should be able to identify certain trends and you should be able to form an opinion about one or many of those trends.

Having identified a certain trend, choose  a specific aspect about this trend or topic.  Write down ten to twenty things you want to say about this topic.  Now we get to the tricky part.  Whittle down this list of facts or observations to three.  No more no less.  Keeping in mind the attention span of the average websurfer, more than three would be too much.

You now have three interesting facts and now it's time to write your introduction.  Be as clear as you can be without getting into too much details.  When you read the introduction, make sure you see al three points.   This is the map to the content your reader will keep in mind.

Next comes the main content.  Here you elaborate on the three main points you have chosen.  Try to give equal attention to all three points.  A rule of thumb would be to either count the number of words you used or to count the number of paragraphs.  Either way should give you an indication that you are not spending too much time on one aspect of your post.

Lastly you wrap up with you conclusion.  With three points, you can easily recap and the readers of the blog will remember your post longer.  By correlating your conclusion with your introduction, you have wrapped up your intellectual offering and you have given your reader a sense of closure and usefullness.  It is much easier to remember three facts about an interesting topic then an endless rambling about a vague point.

Now for my conclusion.  I have gone through the various parts of a post with you,  namely title, introduction, main body and conlusion. I have elaborated a little on each point and now I am closing with a recap.   To close off, a challenge : join a Toastmasters Club near you and see how these points are implemented.  Enrich your life along with your blogging experience!

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