Our Qatar mall visit.

Posted by Elsje
Elsje Ebing
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on Monday, 25 January 2010
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My hubby and I went for four second day's home gym exercise routine we are following.  We went for a good walk to the Qatar Mall ate MycDonalds (can you believe hit a heathly brown bread chicken roll), walked through the mall.  Saw the most amazing things like leatherman knifes (whatever you call it) for R275 (Qatari Riayle), I was astounded at what the things cost here.  In SA Rand value it would be R350.  Now we are back and on our way here Adam developed a wee-wee so the pace was stiff I couldn't stop laughing, it was really funny.  Will tell you more about my life here in Doha tomorrow.  Blessings to all reading this blog.

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