AFCON 2010:Nigeria goes down,courtesy of Egypt

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on Tuesday, 12 January 2010
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Nigeria ,the star studed super Eagles,were out ran by the professional and efficient Egyptians. The defending champions seemed to be in trouble at the beginning of the game as Nigeria went ahead through a shot by Obasi.Without Abutrika or Zaki ,it seemed as the Egyptians were going to be punished by the muscle and firepower of the Nigerians.But Egypt are not the 5 time champions for nothing,they equalised and in the second half they started asking more questions of the Nigerians. The humidity was starting to get to the Nigerians.

Halfway through the second half ,the Nigerians could not keep up with the pace and were becoming more and more lerthagic.All of a sudden , one forgot that Zaki or Abutrikka is not around,as Egypt played more and more as a unit while Nigeria was running out of steam with every minute.Just like Mali ,the humidity seems to be testing the fitness of the Nigerian team.

Final score 3 -1, the big stars lost to the champions with no big names.Handing Egypts its first win over Nigeria since 1963 and prooving the Angolan humidity is going to play havoc on teams that are not totally fit or acclaimatised to its climate.In Nigeria's defence,the coach could have bailed them out by adding more fresh legs as some of the young stars were benched.Nigeria must be hoping that Benin and Mozambique don't give them amny problems or the Super Eagles might fly back to Nigeria earlier than expected.But thus Egypt have the stamina to go all the way,and be the first team to win 3 AFCON titles back to back.Only time will tell.One thing is for sure,Angola AFCON 2010 has not disappointed thus far . 

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