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on Friday, 18 December 2009
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I wish i could just take a pill to forget, there are some things that i will never ever be ok about and while i have found out more than i ever wanted to know in the first place it just kills me to know that i will always be seen as the bad one. But just remember, it was you who said that you knew he had a girlfriend, but you were going to everything in your power to break it up, and in the end it was you who caused your own heartbreak. And while you have made your bed that you are sleeping in now and while i am glad you were devastated, because i truly believe that you deserved it, it also makes me sad that it had to come to what it is now.

But i will always hate you, its not like i haven't tried not to, but i do, it was you doing what you did in the end that caused it. You moved to make a new life and yet you tried to hold onto the very things that you wanted to leave behind. And when it backfired you got all upset.... again, what did you think was going to happen? If you werent acknowledged the first time, did you really think you would have been when you came back?

Slowly my anger is going and when i say slowly, i mean slowly and i still have my bad days, and i have tried to get rid of everything you could have possibly brought into my life and our life and for the most part i have gotten it right, the less reminders there are that you ever existed the better for everyone. And i wish i didnt mean that, but i do, i hate everything about you, i hate your friends and your family, i am willing to give up friends that i have made who are friends with you, because i cant see how i can be friends with people who are friends with someone like you, someone who can go out of their way to cause the amount of trouble you did, just to hurt someone, is not a nice person in the end and will never be, regardless of how well you pretend.

But one thing is for sure, i will never ever forget what you did. And i dont think i will ever forgive you!

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