Chimp attack

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on Friday, 13 November 2009
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In the beginning of the year, the news was full of headlines about a pet chimpanzee called Travis who had brutally attacked a woman. For his trouble he was hit with a shovel, stabbed repeatedly, and finally shot. The unfortunate lady who was attacked appeared on Oprah this week, and spoke about her ordeal. The pictures of her were truly shocking and appalling. She lost most of her face – lips, nose, eyes and her fingers were chewed off.

One element of the whole story that has been largely ignored, is to me, perhaps the most significant one. Exotic animals should not be taken away from their mothers at a young age, and sold to people who have a very limited understanding of their needs. Apparently Travis appeared in several adverts when he was a baby, and as he got older was kept as an adult ‘pet’.

When chimps get older, they become far too aggressive for their owners to manage. Their strength is unbelievable. Often owners discover too late how aggressive and strong they really are. This poor woman learned too late, and unfortunately both she and Travis paid the price. The chimps owner should, in my opinion be liable. She had no business keeping a wild animal caged up, he belonged in the wild.

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EgbertFly Friday, 13 November 2009

Piano here: People don\'t realise, EVER, that animals are and always will be just that, animals. Not toys!

Dissol Friday, 13 November 2009

Typical Oprah sensationialsation (is that a word?). Oprah and her pathetic approach and crass use of her status to promote all sorts of nonsense sickens me to the core. Anthing to promote herself, nevermind the consequences... :sigh

OS GIKEN Friday, 13 November 2009

Do you know it IRKS me to see people in malls with flippen dogs carying it like its a baby? Put pink clothes on the dog and shit... :eek

This woman should be a poster child for people even considering adopting an animal rather than a human...stuuuupids!

Look at ALL those bears that killed it\'s owners when grown, tigers, crocodiles etc...

What is it with people treating animals like humans anyway...

oh and Oprah just happens to leave that part out...ja of course. Oprah just sucks!

AbortRetryFail Friday, 13 November 2009

Still trying to figure out how Oprah managed to get herself into the position she is now influencing so many women, it\'s like a brainwashed cult

AbortRetryFail Friday, 13 November 2009

Doolally here. People forget that Aids originated from Chimps. Chimps also kill for fun in the wild. If they find a troop of monkeys they will attack and kill as many as possible. So how can anyone think a chimp is cute? As for Oprah? I think she got where she is now simply by repeating her I was abused but look at me now story? Women are suckers for a sob story. :upset

Skard Saturday, 14 November 2009

ooh I\'m so happy that all of you hate Oprah as much as I do !!!!!!!! What is in your head and your ego that lets you and only you appear on the cover of your magazine year in and out - except whe you share it with Mrs President? To make things even worse, she is taking HUGE shortcuts these days -so many of her shows are jsut recycled news relayed by her and her friend Gail.

As for Dr Oz, I thought he was brilliant until he got onto the Oprah have your own show wagon.

Lovely, Oprah BASHING.

Koo Monday, 16 November 2009

I don\'t hate Oprah. I may not agree with all her views, and I don\'t watch her show - but she has given away over 100 million dollars already to very worthwhile causes. She does a tremendous amount of good, and helps a lot of people. In terms of influencing people - personally, I prefer to take responsibility for myself, and not blame someone else for influencing me. Far easier not to though, isn\'t it.

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