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on Wednesday, 28 October 2009
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  1. You go to a store and the cashier accidentally gives you more change than you were supposed to receive. Do you hand it back and tell the cashier she gave you too much?

    Absolutely, its an honest mistake, and taking money that doesn't belong to you is theft. Its mean spirited to expect the cashier, who earns a pittance to have to pay in the money.

  2. You come home from shopping and you find an item that you havent paid for amongst your parcels. Do you go back to the store and tell them they forgot to charge you?

    Depends how far away the store is.

  3. You draw money from the bank, ATM or Counter, and you accidentally receive more money than you asked for? Only you know there is more money. (this is based on a true story)

    Yes, give the money back. Once again, it doesn't belong to you.

  4. Your significant other is out of town. Hotty MacHotness says He/She is available for no strings attached tryst. Yay or Nay and why?

    Depends on the arrangement I have with my SO. Behind their back? Definitely not.

  5. Would you commit murder?

    In self defence, or defence of someone I love, absolutely.

  6. Your worst enemy is being wrongfully accused. Your knowledge could help them, do you offer your help or do you sell tickets to the execution?

    You help them. To not help, would exhibit such pettiness and spite.

  7. You are about to write the hardest exam in your life, pass it and you will have the keys to the Executive bathroom. Someone offers you the answer sheet.

    Turn it down. Chances are, if you cannot pass the exam on your own, you'd be ill-equipped to handle the position, and would be found incompetent eventually.

  8. You loaned an amount of money to a friend but they continually duck you. Times passes and he or she avoids you, what do you do?

    Let it go. Money isn't that important.

  9. You caught someone out with a lie. And you feel the fool. What do you do?

    Depends on the lie and the consequences of the lie. If its just feeling a fool, you'll get over it, if the consequences are more serious, confront them.

  10. Your SO cheats on your and confesses. Do you want to know details?

    No, what for?

  11. Would you check your SO's phone/email/or Facebook page to see who they were communicating with. (You know who you are.)

    No way, thats so infantile. If you have no trust, the relationship is not worth being in.

  12. Your boss underpays you. Is it ok to use the phone/internet/take home stationery as compensation?

    No, if you want a raise, ask for one. Why stay in a position in which you feel you are undervalued. Thats your fault.

  13. You have had a few drinks and even Margaret with the thin moustache is looking take homeworthy. Do you drive home?

    Depends how many drinks, and how far away from home. A few glasses of wine, and just around the corner, yes. A bottle or two of wine, and a long drive, no.

  14. You break up with someone, do you give their stuff back to them?

    Their stuff, yes. Stuff they've given me, no.

  15. Your best friend breaks up with their SO. Months later you and former SO meet up, you click, there is an opportunity to get together, do you? Or is bros before hos? And if yes, do you tell best friend?

    If you want to go there, clear it with your friend before you do anything. If they give the green light, go for it. If they are horrified and upset, leave it.

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