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on Wednesday, 28 October 2009
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The yellow one on the tar that is...
The yellow line along the side of our roads are there for a specific purpose: emergencies

It's there for when your car breaks down, so that you have a place to stop without completely blocking traffic. It's also there for ambulances, police etc who really need to get somewhere in a rush (for official as well as not-so-official reasons).

We as "normal" motorists should not be driving in there but many do. Taxis seem to have huge emergencies that give them the right to use those lanes apparently, and on at least one occasion I've personally noticed they had a "screw the guys with the red lights and sirens rushing to an accident". Other vehicles also drive in there of course, three types: clunkers, speeders and the niceguys.

Clunkers are those old skedonks that can't make 80kph, which shouldn't even really be on any road with an emergency lane, as those roads are usually the 120kph "highways" and a slowmoving P.O.S. can cause accidents.

speeders are the guys doing 160kph in a 120 zone, that sees they can't overtake on the right because there's no lane, there's already a truck overtaking or there's some cars coming from the front, so they swing left and flash through that space, hopefully avoiding the clunker broken down in that lane, or the niceguy.

niceguys are scary! these are the drivers that see the low-flying landspeed-record-breaking speeders and/or flashy-light brigades and pulls over to the emergency lane to allow the idiots to flash past towards their future accidents. Of course, the speeder might not guess the niceguy's going to make space for him and SLAM! accident in the emergency lane. Trucks have been tagged with notices "not allowed to drive in the yellow lane" etc but that gets ignored a lot.

Why am I complaining about the nice guys? because speeders and others expect everyone to be the nice guy and they are the ones allowed to do whatever they want. I drive along the N2 every day, the posted speed limit is 120. I drive around 120-130, depending on the slope of the road. Along this road there are dozens of farms with slow-moving tractors and overloaded trucks in the emergency lane, and dozens of hidden connecting roads. me driving in that lane at 120kph is a stupid idea. But then assholes in taxis or BMW's come flying up behind me, use MY bumper as a brake and have the audacity to flash headlights at me, lie on the hooter, throw signs out the window and of course at the same time talk on their cellphones. When I refuse to endanger my life, and those of my passangers these asshole overtakes, letting his slipstream toss my light-weight car towards the barrier on the other side of the emergency barrier and making me have to slam on breaks due to clunker number 100 that just pulled out of some driveway in front of me. The asshole also barely misses the car in front of me that was obeying the speedlimit the same way I was and also causes three cars in the oncoming lane having to swerve into their emergency lane to avoid a head-on collision...
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