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on Wednesday, 16 September 2009
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So me and my girlfriend, as of Sunday fiancé, entered Ons Krant's big wedding competition (www.krant.co.za). So we created our own website(www.pinkybrainkrantwedding.co.za).  So we printed a couple of thousand of pamphlets. What next? Facebook add!

Have you ever even looked at a Facebook add?  That is the question I asked myself after I awoke this morning.  What if NOBODY saw this nifty piece of marketing. That is where YOU, regular contributor to MyDL, come in.

Here is a full-scale picture of the add:

Look at this add would you:
B) First click on the site, then SMS
C) Click on the site then do nothing
D) What add?

The official stats for the add is as follows:
25871 impressions, 12 clicks, therefore 0.05% of the people that viewed the add clicked on the link.

Your input valued as always! :)
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AbortRetryFail Wednesday, 16 September 2009

OS btw...lol dude just pay or the wedding, don\'t put your hopes in winning a comp, a comp is something that\'s supposed to be totally surpising once you\'ve won it LOL

To tell you the truth, I won\'t click on it, as I\"m jealous you might win a whole wedding and I had to fork out cash! ;)

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