Why the cloud won't happen in S.A...they dont' know!

Posted by OS GIKEN
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on Thursday, 16 July 2009
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For years I.T has developed and pulled all companies big or small along with it. This time I don't think it's going to be that easy. "What's wrong with how we do things now" is a question I always ask on a new project, needless to say I'm young, new and my opinions don't matter so the question is followed by awkward silence and "they" continue with what they were talking about before I interrupted them.

SaaS or more refined Cloud Computing is a revolutionary finding, it works, it actually does! Many banks and insurance co's around the world are renting simple email service or Wall Street dashboard displays out to conglomerates who has a hefty broader band connection. The point is not that it works; it just won't work in S.A.

Here's reasons why I think it won't work:
  • We are not very adoptive of new found interventions.
  • Our Bandwidth is non-existent.
  • Seacom won't be the start all end all.
  • Telkom is our enemy run by our friends.
  • Infrastructure is a problem.
  • Data centers worked fine up and until now.
  • Whatever service is replaced and run in the cloud will mean job losses.
  • Too much money to leave your current design for something revolutionary.
  • Virtual I.T is not widely adopted in S.A - for huge, mission critical systems anyway.
  • Clouding means handing over the cookie jar - in Layman’s terms...you don't own anything!
  • S.A I.T people have to but won't change their mind set of "I want to see what I'm managing"
  • The Cloud is a vague term that needs to be understood and widely adopted first before our CIO's finally stop playing golf and actually understand what the cloud represents.
  • Datacenters is just brick and mortar...we have plenty of space, Africa is big!

Those are just some of the non-ZDnet, non-scholar article, and non-white paper from Missouri reasons why I think we will not have our services in the Cloud in the very near future!

The OS is outie, we can talk for hours on end about the fact that the cloud is a Ponzi scheme disguised as revolutionary I.T made simple! But the time and place is like the Datacenter and space...non-existent, or is it?
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MikeZilla Thursday, 16 July 2009


MikeZilla Thursday, 16 July 2009

OS GIKEN btw - hhhhhhm tooo :x

The Source Thursday, 16 July 2009

I think the most critical point is the job losses. Can you imagine the unions striking because of \"the cloud\".

I have listened to a few \"experts\" talk about this and how it saves money, but not one of them will give you actual numbers or tell you where you save money.

It is like they are telling you about the idea of the cloud, if you want to find out more, pay me and I\'ll tell you :(

OS GIKEN Thursday, 16 July 2009

Agreed Source master.

Ball park figures were thrown arround at a roadshow once.

The worst is that they blame companies for not investing in \"the cloud\" because co\'s are not stupid!

Show us real benefits and not scholar articles describing a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!!! :eek

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