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on Wednesday, 15 July 2009
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According to an email send to all South African Adgator bloggers, the service is not as successful as the advertisers would like it to be.

Where the problem is not with the serving of ads, it seems that nobody is clicking on the ads that should send you to the advertisers website.  They say that this is due to bloggers placing the ads below the page fold (where the website ends at the bottom of the screen).

Bloggers get a percentage of the cost per impression and advertisers are expecting more clicks in order to attract new business.  In a move to increase the click on ads, Adgator will now be showing bloggers their click/impression ratio.  Bloggers with a higher ratio will be the first to get new campaigns.

Also noted in the email is a warning that one major brand and a major media agency have warned that they will stop advertising with Adgator if the click ratio doesn't improve.  Exactly who the two companies are weren't mentioned.

A lot of bloggers went with Adgator as it pays per impression rather than per sales or click like other ad serving companies.  Now it seems like they might not benefitting it as much as the company would have hoped for.

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thenack Friday, 17 July 2009

Well, they serve so few ads that it does not really pay.

If I get say 150 blog views a day, they display only about 20ads, paying around R1.50

Not really good,

I do still like the idea, bu think that they should perhaps upgrade the ads to get more clicks, rather than blame the bloggers....

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