13 Tiny & Short URL Services To Tweet & Microblog

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on Friday, 08 May 2009
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Short URLs, Tiny URLs, link shorteners and character crunching services are increasing, with sizes of links decreasing. Take a look at these 13 url shorteners and tiny link creators to tweet and share.


Amendable Short URL service

This is 'a good' tiny url creator with a very short domain.

Bookmarklet: a.gd


Sounds awesome, doesn't it? For now, only a site equipped with Google Analytics can use the demo to create an awe.sm link.

Demo: http://create.awe.sm/
Follow: @awesm


Shorten, share and track your links with Bit.ly and bit.ly/info for the shortened link. You will have access to click stats originating from and identifiable by the applications and countries that your visitors came from. Your Twitter account can also be linked to track your bit.ly tweeting activity.

Bookmarklet: Shorten with bit.ly
Follow: @bitly


What are you listening to?

Music lovers can use blip.fm to blip a tune as a status or microblog. Last.fm integration also available for your music scrobbling/sharing preferences.

Follow: @blipfm


The DiggBar automatically converts the longer URL to short url for easy bar-browsing and digging, as well as Tweeting.
Read more about it at the Diggbar page Tweetdeck now supports shortened Digg URLs!

Bookmarklet: DiggBar
Follow: @digg


This link is created when an activity in your Friendfeed stream is allowed to be tweeted.
Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and other activities like Last.fm scrobbles, Picasa, Flickr and YouTube uploads can all be imported to FriendFeed.
Enable Tweeting and select your desired activity entries to be tweeted as a shortened http://ff.im/link

Bookmarklet: Share on Friendfeed
Follow: @friendfeed


Say it!

I rely heavily on this to shorten a link and cross-post or microblog it. There are over 30 networks to be activated so syndication has never been easier!

Bookmarklet: Ping
Follow: @pingfm


Personal Recommendations

I sure hope that the StumbleUpon Toolbar will be able to stumble-crunch our links down to a su.pr short url. SU for StumbleUpon, PR for personal recommendations. It's super!

Bookmarklet: StumbleBar
Follow: @stumbleupon


Long in the game of tweeting a tiny url, this shortener comes standard with Twitter.

Bookmarklet: TinyURL!
Follow: @tinyurl


Trim and IM (instant message) your link with a catchy trim url and get click stats when you register as a user on tr.im.

Bookmarklet: Tr.im Twitter
Follow: @trimurls


The shortest urls. period.

This is amongst the tiniest urls for any tinyurl service and who knew that u.nu was around?

Bookmarklet: u.nu


The shortest URL shortener

...according to them. According to me, it is one of the tiniest, not the tiniest!

Bookmarklet: z.pe


I can haz short urlz now? kthxbai.

Bookmarklet: I CAN HAZ.COM
Follow: @icanhaz

Twitter is a microblogging service.

Adobe AIR runtime is required to run an AIR application.

Tweetdeck is an Adobe AIR application. Features groups, more shorteners and a trend buzz to keep your tweeting organized.

Twitter @

Adobe AIR


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Charmed Friday, 08 May 2009

I use TinyURL and is.gd (which isnt on your list) :p

aksn1p3r Friday, 08 May 2009

I had it on the list of 13 but removed it for icanhaz :roll

GatorURL is also around.

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paul.ogier Tuesday, 13 April 2010

There are quite a few South African Url Shortners out there including http://urls.co.za

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