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on Friday, 06 March 2009
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How difficult is it to obtain a loan from Nedbank?

Quite difficult, believe me. Last week I went to the branch at the Wedge because the staff at Rivonia were tardy and very unco-operative in assissting to complete an application form.

I've been banking with Nedbank since late 1999, early 2000.

So, off to the Wedge I went. Within 3 minutes a staff memeber had acknowledge my presence and said that I would be his next client. I complimented him and said that he had done more for me in 30 seconds than his colleague at Rivonia in 5 minutes weedling his way out of work.

As he completed my application I provided everything he asked for, Green Bar Coded Identity Book, One month Bank statement, I gave him 3 and my last 10 payslips as I work freelance which constitutes roughly the last 3 months worked.
I asked for a private loan of 40 K and according to him and the info provided, his computer qualified me for 36 K.

On Thursday morning I received a call from his colleague who deals with personal loans. He sounded quite sceptical about me even getting the loan because of my "work style". On Friday however, while on tour, he phoned to tell me that my loan has been granted on the proviso that I provide them with the "Original Payslips".
These I brought to him on Wednesday and he was happy explaining that this is what "Dayton" wanted.

Today I received a call from Nedbank saying that they were still not satisfied with the new payslips which were accompanied with the Recon page from the Bank proving payment in my account. These documents were provided by one of 3 Companies that I do work for. Explaining to some unknown person that I am paid per assignment and I do not work Mondays to Fridays, 8 to 5 is beyond them. To that person I am not "permanently" employed. Yet more money flows into my account. 

All this despite the letter of invitation to take out a loan from Nedbank. All you need is a Green Bar Coded Identity Document, Payslip to prove employment and one month Bank statement from your Bank. You do not have to be a Nedbank client to apply. And I bank with Nedbank! 

The surprising thing is that more money runs through my account than their own salary. Worse than that is that my cellphone account and my rent are more than what they pay. Whats even more worse is that my phone is on a contract and I pay on average 2K every month without fail.  

So tomorrow its off to FNB and Standard to see who gives the better service.

Looks like I'm not the only one to leave, Tourvest has gone over to FNB. Go figure.
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Jawellnofine Saturday, 07 March 2009

as an entrepreneur, I feel your pain.

Banks in general, and irrespective of all the hype they punt on a daily basis, don’t much care (read Trust) for contracting/free-agent entrepreneurs.

but don\'t give up!

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