Social Media Gone Crazy!

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on Tuesday, 13 January 2009
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With all these new services, and social media activities to explore out there, one could get lost in all the jargon and real definition of social media, well.. my definition.

This is how I see it, the Social means users and feedback. The media is everything that we put out there to engage all the social people out there.

That brings me to the main point of social media, users make their own whilst helping improve existing services.
Social media has a place for almost anyone to engage others in mutual conversation and improve products as well as create integrity for themselves.

At first I found it hard to get aboard some services as some had flaws and others were more attractive. Now, tools and services have greatly improved thanks to the communities of users that criticised, commented and contributed to new and better ways of doing the same thing.

Now we get aggregators and consolidation of profiles and their feeds and that is another huge change. Desktop, iPhone and mobile apps are beginning to see the light of synchronicity wherever you go. This means that you can take your web with you and really integrate it to RL. Sounds very geeky but sexy at the same time!

Semantics will play a huge role in the way our integrity is managed online. Geotagging, relationship tagging (rel tags) and meta data for your blog, to name a few, will make sure that your identity is verifiable anywhere you go online. That is XFN friendly.

Videos, audio, pictures and links are fast-becoming part of almost all services that I use.

Now I just need a good way to consolidate everything!

Yahoo Pipes can grind up as many feeds as you feed it and then the possibilities are endless. You can make your own aggregator and service to go with it.

Remember that you need to be social, as in fully participate and experience it, before really being part of social media.
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in the news Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My problem with all computer people: RL?? XFN??
If I cannot understand the words I probably wont try . ..

mysehnsucht Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Friendfeed is also a nice way to pull it all together :)

Iceman Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I\'m also at the point of trying to consolidating everything in an easier fashion & Yahoo Pipes is also looking promising for me...The biggest concern for me tho\' is the lack of emphasis on beefing up security for \'social media\'. Maybe OpenID might be a solution, I dunno...

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