America's horrible dilemma

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on Saturday, 01 November 2008
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Damned if they do, damned if they don't.
The citzens of the US have a really nasty dilemma in front of them.

Should Barak Obama lose next Tuesday, there will be blood in the streets. He's heading for a landslide right now, so if McCain manages to win, all Obama supporters will (rightly) realise that the election has been stolen. The only thing left for them will be to take back their power by force.

Should Barak Obama win next Tuesday, it looks like the current administration could easily call a national emergency to try and hang onto power. With the way the economy is going - and I've just visited the US and seen the bad news first hand - there could easily be a civil collapse before January 20th next year. If that happens and the Republicans suspend the handover of power, the only thing left for citizens will be to take back their power by force.

Why else would Bush and Cheney have just deployed a crack division from Iraq within the borders of the US?

I don't see any other way out of the impending US civil war.
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Dissol Saturday, 01 November 2008

I do think this is straight out of the conspiracy theories handbook... I have not been to the US for a few months, but I do have many connections there. I do hope that the polls are correct, and Obama wins the election, as I am convinced he will be good for global situation right now. Having a person of colour, non christian fundamentalist, a supporter of secular values, and more liberal person leading the US will be good for us all... The alternative of having an old, ill, conservative war monger (with one of the scariest fundamentalists as his stand in should he shuffle off the mortal coil sometime during the next 4 years is almost too terrifying to contemplate).

I do believe, that despite the huge harm done by the Bush regime, that there is enough strength within the democratic process in the States, that the Republicans would not be able to suspend the handover of power. Further, the world community would not accept would be impossible for many other countries to actually do business in any way with an illegitimate regime (I think the same scenario could have been mooted during Bush\'s first term of office, as he clearly stole the election...but that scenario was avoided by Gore\'s step down, and acceptance of the result...)

Aratus Saturday, 01 November 2008

I think civil war is a long way away in the USA, most of the people are just too lazy to fight eachother :)

But I do agree with Dissol. Obama will and must win. For everyone\'s sake.
What we all need in the White House is someone who knows what he\'s doing.
I don\'t know what the big deal is about the faith views of the president? I don\'t employ an electrician because he\'s devout. I employ him because he\'s a good electrician.
Bush has been a very poor president. McCain would be, at best, more of the same.
I think that a strong division between faith and state is a good and Godly thing.

But it\'s South American, African and Eastern European states that go to internal war when they loose.
There might be some isolated racial issues, but not civil war.

Yossarian Saturday, 01 November 2008

Keep on dreaming guys. Taxpayers\' money is going to pay bonuses to Wall Street despite the majority of the population\'s massive opposition, there\'s still no credit available in the system to run ordinary businesses and the dollar is set for hyperinflation a la Zim.

I called the global financial system\'s meltdown at the beginning of this year in detail. I was right. I\'m calling the US\'s civil collapse now. I haven\'t done thousands of hours of research on the subject to be branded a conspiracy theorist.

Aratus Saturday, 01 November 2008


Lets see.

Dissol Saturday, 01 November 2008

oh I agree that the taxpayers will subsidise the bonuses on Wall St. I have no doubt that the Bush Regime will look after their own as their last action...

But if (when??) they lose, they will go... If I am wrong...I\'ll buy you lunch...

Yossarian Saturday, 01 November 2008

It is very very likely that the US is going to experience an economic collapse the likes of which it\'s never seen before. It\'s also quite likely that this could happen in the next three months. Economic collapses are not nice: ask Argentina or the former Soviet Union or Iceland. The US won\'t be immune just because it\'s the US. If anything it will fall harder because the majority of citizens are unprepared.

So join the dots. It\'s not hard.

Dissol Sunday, 02 November 2008

Yoss...I agree that the US may well experience am economic collapse (although, due to the way the world economy works, the rest of the world is going to get dragged in, and because of that will try to assist...unlike Argentina, Soviet Union or Iceland). But to jump from there to civil war is a huge leap... It is not joining the dots. It is a HUGE leap!

Citizen Kane Sunday, 02 November 2008

Yoss - If this came from anybody else I would have dismissed it out of hand as nonsense. The concept of democracy (which per definition includes the handover of power to the winning party after an election) is so fundamentally a part of the American psyche...

But you did call the collapse of the American economy at the start of the year. That buys you an enormous amount of credibility.

Hope you\'re wrong this time round.

Aratus Friday, 28 November 2008

So Yossarian, do you still think civil war in the USA before Jan 20th?

Aratus Tuesday, 20 January 2009

So Yossarian. What happened to the civil collapse and the civil war in the USA?

Aratus Friday, 23 January 2009

Ground control to Major Tom...?

Dissol Saturday, 24 January 2009

The circuit\'s dead, there\'s something wrong...

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