There Will Be Blood - Film Review

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on Saturday, 25 October 2008
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I started watching "There Will Be Blood" on an aeroplane. I didn't finish it for various reasons and have been waiting to do so ever since.
That chance came yesterday when I went to visit a friend who had the film on Blue Ray.
The film starts out with the main character Daniel Plainview, performed by Daniel Day Lewis, "drilling" for oil in Southern California, in America's oil boom period of the late 18 to early 19 hundreds. From the start you get a feel for the pain and suffering that go with the pursuit of one of the worlds most sought after and valuable commodities.
I was drawn in straight away by the wide shots of the harsh, dry and barron landscapes. The musical score is brilliant, slow and haunting violin concertos add perfectly to the story.
The film follows the life of Daniel Plainview a man who's passion and agression drive him to pursure the drilling of oil with a ruthless tenacity, where family and friends only value is that which brings the aquisition of more oil. Daniel, digging by hand and pick axe discovers oil soaked lime stone which brings a few dollars and the knowledge to assemble his own drilling team. He meets Eli, a young preacher, who leads Daniel to the location of oil rich land in exchange for funds for his church. The two both understand the value of oil and have their own use for the power that it might bring.
The pace is slow in this lengthy film but the performances are intense.
"No Country for Old Men" won the Academy Award for Best Picture but this film would be a very close second, and earned Day-Lewis the award for Best Actor.
This film potrays man's desire for oil which has lasted over a hundred years and brought changes to our planet that are irreversable. Thought provoking and well made, a film deserving of it's accolades!

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