Mbeki will be back for a 3rd term

Posted by SMokorosi
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on Wednesday, 15 October 2008
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Ok, I like to chuckle at conspiracy theories as much as the next person, but one I heard this week seems really out there... in an alien invasion sort of way. The conspiracy says that Mbeki actually orchastrated his own exit, to allow him to return for a third term as president of the country. Having not served two full terms, the theory is that he will join the new Lekota-Shilowa party and be voted in as president in April next year.

Now as much as I like our former president (warts and all), I really would like to see some fresh blood at the Union Buildings. Which brings me to my own little conspiracy. I predict that Zuma will not find his way to the highest seat in the land, much to the dismay of Malema and his "kill for Zuma" comrades. My conspiracy is that Motlhante is not a care-taker president at all, but the new ANC's man of power for the hour. Zuma was just a tool for them to oust Mbeki at the Polokwane conference. Time will tell.

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mysehnsucht Wednesday, 15 October 2008

It would not be an entirely bad thing is Motlhante does usurp Zuma\'s spot, but I guess we will need to see if JZ will allow ANYONE to stand in his way.

onlinesitestudio.com Monday, 20 October 2008

I definitely think Mbeki is in the new party but don\'t think he will stand for president. He will push for a woman president and that will make the new party win the elections next year. Over three quarters of ANC womens league members are going to join new party as a result and join other millions of supporters of the new party.

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