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on Tuesday, 02 September 2008
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I can't remember exactly how I came to register with MyDL. I think that I probably googled "blog sites" and somehow made my way here. I have looked at a couple of other sites and have found that the way that this site 'works', to me, is the best!
I am not writing this to kiss the you know what's of the whoever is the you know who's!
No, the reason that I said what I just have is that I like this place, that would at first glance would seem like a discussion forum for IT professionals, but actually allows the people that blog here the oppurtunity do discuss whatever is on their mind. Excellent! I would like to talk about what is on my mind.
I do not work in IT but would like to write about something that every huiman on this planet can relate to, ourselves! Our relationship with ourselves with emphasis on our well being.
At the moment I work as a landscaper. Today I mixed some cement in a wheel barrow to do some work. After I had finished, I had to clean the tools and the barrow itself. I poured some water into the barrow, rubbing the cement that clung to the sides and washed the spade and trowells that I had used to do the work. When the tools were clean I found myself in a situation that I have been in many times before with the same anxiety. "What do I do with this cement water?". Cementy water is probably not the most toxic substance know to man but the fact that I was sitting there with a wheel barrow of water that I had nowhere to dispose of makes me think, "Why do we still manufacture products that are harmful to the environment and ourselves?".
I wrote a blog a little while ago about water and how we should be making an effort to look after out planets water. This is not too far off.
The area in which the house was situated is in a highly populated area. My options to dispose of this water were, one, a drain, two, the street, and three, the path that runs behind the fence of the back yard. The drain? How can I put cement water into the system that I drink from? It can also block it. I would've loved to and do when I have to the chance, just empty it on the road where the water can evaporate leaving a white patch of hard dust which really, apart from not being the same colour as a tar road, causes the least environment the least damage, but is against the law. So the path out the back was the option that seemed the best. I sloshed to barrow around and tipped the water onto the path. I thought about the plants and the earth and got some extra water to try and dilute the cement as much as possible to cause the least amount of damage.
If  you thinking "This is a crap story, get to the point!", I will! My point is this ... 'How can we still be manufacturing products that are harmful to the environment and hence ourselves'?!? It doesn't make any sense!
How can we manufacture things that are poisenous to ourselves? It's suicide!
We cannot just bury or burn everything that is harmful and hope it will go away! I am talking about products that have labels saying, "Harmful if swallowed!", "Do not expose to skin!" or "Avoid Contact with Skin!!!".
How can we make products which we should avoid inhaling let alone touch? How much longer do we think that we can keep on getting away with it?
I went back into the path a little while later to get fetch the wheel barrow. As I stopped to pick it up I noticed an earthworm on the ground near to where I had tipped the cement water.
It was not moving very much.
I think it was dying!
Please think before you buy something from the shops, that you know is harmful to the environment and you!
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