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on Tuesday, 12 August 2008
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have seen Wall-E?  This charming movie is definitely seated on the podium of my top three movies for this year.  I thought, before seeing it, that it would be about a robot, that’s programmed to save the world.  That kind of movie bores me.  However, I had said to my friend, we’d go.  I’m glad he pushed me to see it, it was beautiful.


I cannot believe a movie about robots made me cry!  The simplicity of it made the movie that much more appealing.  Even the lead actor’s (a robot) script only involved three words.  But they were beautiful.  I will get this on dvd, and if I need to warm up a cold heart, I will grab popcorn, and watch it over and over again.


So in conclusion, my advice, go watch Wall-E

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Trakho Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Thanks for the advice.

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