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on Monday, 07 July 2008
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Ok... Just took Neotel today... Not impressed...
Canceled everything with telkom for my company including adsl and telephone lines...
Now i sit with following problems:
- Did not receive installation within the 48 hours more like the next week
- Multiple calls after 8:30pm to confirm receipt of payment - WTF
- Problem is you have to connect the so called wireless device to a pc...
- You can't access the internet while on the phone... How does one do support?
- 1 phone is needed per PC to get internet access...
- The support number is a telkom number... Stupid...
- Clause 2 in the T&C's states... Neotel may revise this T&C's from time 
  to time without customers consent... What are they telkom...
- They don't let you know all of the above before sign up...
Well this is my experience from company point of view... This could work if you get it for the home but honestly this does not work for a business... I can't see getting 20 people 20 phones 20 internet connections 20 bills...
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Charmed Tuesday, 08 July 2008

As far as I know Neotel isn\'t ready for businesses? Just home and some SMEs - which should be very small.

A driver is provided to set up the phone to your PC - I\'ve had one to test and it took 5 mins to setup?

Typical of people to complain about a new company that\'s getting its foot in the door.

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