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on Tuesday, 27 May 2008
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There are all kinds of ways to motivate a person, by watching a movie, listening to a really good album you bought or reading a really good fantasy Novel ...
 In my opinion getting motivated is being able to associate with something and let it get to you on a really emotional and personal level. This is a natural process and every living thing should at some point in their lives be able to feel  like going out and reaching for that dream ... (Shit, I'm starting to sound like my old Bible class teacher) so let me get straight to it.
... Have you ever seen a Spawn of Satan? They are people just like you and me but with a twist. Let's see ... most commonly known as ... Motivational Speakers.
They come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and with different ways of stealing your soul. Be it a common businessman or a Fat guy turned Fitness freak turned Know it all / Expert on life. They all have the same goal in mind. Take the money.
What more could a man want in life, than to be able to tell someone how to do things, get paid for it and not have to worry if it has been done or not. 90% of these Mofo's are guys that had everything in life to begin with. If this wasn't the case ... it would be safe to say that an ordinary crack whore from the side of the road could easily become a millionaire, all she would need is a  +- R350 to go and see the Devil-man and get the answer to everything.
Never gonna happen!
You see they are not there to teach you about good living or to show you the light or to point you in the right direction. They are there strictly to get paid. Selling their opinion like it's going out of fashion tomorrow. Making a name for them selves, so they can sell more of their books, filled with more of their personal opinions and on and on. Their business is to tell people hoe to go about their business ... yet never being in a position of your common citizen or even the prostitute I mentioned earlier on.
Everyone has good days and shit days ... it's just the way it is. If there is a message in all this, then it is to go out there and do it your self, you don't need a motivational asshole to tel you this. Just look at the Nike slogan.
Hell I got more motivation and happiness by watching "Rocky", it's true. Name one kid who after watching Rocky didn't wanna go out there and train in a home made gym and hit the old bag and do one arm push-ups.
Any way ... this was me bitchin at the world.
Later all.
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Charmed Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Does that explain your well built arms? ;) :p 8)

Traysee Friday, 30 May 2008

motivation is the antidote to laziness.

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