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on Tuesday, 04 March 2008
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So, it seems that handset manufacturers are returning to locking phones and devices to networks again. That is how it all started in SA, for those who can remember. If you wanted a cellphone of a certain kind you had to choose a specific network and there was n swapping of sim cards. Then everyone woke up and freedom was again at the order of the day, with no locking you into a network and any phone was at your disposal. Then …… the iPhone entered the scene locked to one vendor. And we all know what a controversial thing that was and actually still is. It seems vendors are again, like in the past, locking us back into certain networks. OK, it might make business sense to them and maybe the networks are demanding it. Remember, the one hand washes the other. Anyway, gone is the freedom of choice again and it kind of pisses me off a bit. Check out: to see what I mean.
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