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on Thursday, 28 February 2008
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Eddie Murphy has hit the skids in a big way. He has collected several Raspberries (Razzies Awards) at the latest ceremony.

Though not too many people pay too much mind to yet another pointless Hollywood function, it is sad to see someone who started out so promisingly with a good script, degenerate into someone who will act in any crap that comes along.

Did we say act?


Artist: American Idols

Album: The Collection

At last, the long-awaited evidence that God was absolutely right when he emphasised that mankind is to have no other Idols whatsoever.
This drab, overproduced lack of talent should be gathered on a mountaintop in the rain and struck down by the angel with the fiery sword as a reminder to us all that there is one true God, no matter what Simon Cowell says. Purchase this album and be struck by plagues.


Movie:Michael Clyton

Acting: Tom Wilkinson & George Clooney

Michael Clayton is a kind of rich man’s John Grisham courtroom tale of corporate malfeasance. We have seen it all before, but there is a difference here.
Tom Wilkinson who plays Edens, a bright attorney, starts to crack up emotionally when he feels that his courtwork is being manipulated to suit big business. Michael Clayton, played by George Clooney is brought in to ‘manage’ his friend Edens.
He does this well and plays the fixer expertly, turning the film into a thriller with gravitas and style. The film shows that, when you start with a fine script and get great actors who are directed by the writer of that script, good things happen.


In a previous edition of KungNews, a story was included under the headline: “Zuma Evades Direct Question By Feigning Ignorance.” In the report, it was inferred that current ANC President, Jacob Zuma, had feigned ignorance when asked, “Are you a crook?”. The Editor has since realised that perhaps the subject was not feigning ignorance at all. The error is regretted.- The Editor

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