Use protection this Valentine’s Day

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on Wednesday, 13 February 2008
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Anti-virus and security companies are warning of love-related malware that is, predictably, doing the rounds. Here is what to watch out for:Ok, so The Day of Love is tomorrow and it may have some of us feeling a bit love-struck and doe-eyed. Well, go forth and have fun, is what I say, but don’t be swayed by malicious e-mails.

Rule of thumb (again) DON’T OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS OR CLICK ON ANY LINKS UNLESS THEY COME FROM A WELL-KNOWN SOURCE!!!! This cannot (ever) be stressed enough.

First up, Brett Myroff from NetXactics is warning everyone to stay the hell away from e-mails that come with subject lines such as "Falling In Love with You", "Special Romance", "You're In My Thoughts", "Sent with Love", "Our Love Will Last", "Our Love is Strong", "Your Love Has Opened", "You're the One", "A Toast My Love", and "Heavenly Love".

These contain links to an IP-address-based Web site, most probably displaying a big red heart (but please don’t try to go look at it) which will download malicious software onto your machine.

Also, Rebecca Steinberg Herson from Commtouch says, in her experience, subject lines include: “You’re my Valentine”, “Valentine Friends”, and “A Hearty Wish” and the message body of the e-mail contains a link. Same story as the previous link – it will take you to a Web site with Valentine’s related pic on it, and while you stare at the heart-warming images, an evil malware executable (called valentine.exe) will be making a love connection with your PC.

So there you have it, folks. Oh, and also watch out for banners on Web sites saying things like “Wanna know the name of your soul-mate/crush/secret admirer?”

I’m not gonna justify this one with an explanation. If you are dumb enough to think the Internet is clever enough to supply you with this information, go ahead and push that banner – you probably deserve a virus.
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