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Annoying Nedbank SMS Spam

Posted by RogerW
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on Wednesday, 13 September 2006
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When we get x-rated SMS spam on our phone its generally our own fault for carelessly SMSing numbers for questionable content.

When we get SMS spam from well known institutions that we are totally disconnected with, it becomes highly irritating.  I am Standard Bank customer and have never dealt with Nedbank in my life, so why am I getting SMS spam from Nedbank?  I don`t even get spam from Standard Bank.

Some SMS messages allow you to unsubscribe by sending a message back with the word UNSUBSCRIBE or REMOVE in the body.  This at least gives me the option to never receive messages (hopefully) from the sender again.

With the Nedbank spam you have to CALL them to unsubsribe and be put on hold while you wait in the queue.  So now I have to spend time and money to UNSUBSCRIBE from something I never subscribed in the first place.   I do not recall ever registering for a service from Nedbank that notifies me when they have special offers on loans!

For reference, here is the message:

Need Cash?  You are invited to come into any Nedbank branch and apply for a personal loan of up to R100,000!  For queries or to unsubscribe, call 0860 103 582.

Nedbank, you suck.

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