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  • Cell C Data Prices Well Revised BUT Not Very Well

    So, Cell C has revised all their standard data bundles and reduced the price, plus giving all customers a 15 cents per megabyte out of bundle billing regardless of the value of data bundle purchased! Provided you have bought a data bundle first. Everybody is ecstatic (Cell C customers of course, including myself). Applause to that, please. I hav ...
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  • Amazing

    Its amazing all the new technology thats around today! whats new?? i recently bought a Blackberry curve and am very happy with myself! Share your views on any new or upcomming technology ...
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A 4th-year Journalism & Media Studies student, specializing in New Media. I'm from Mozambique, studying at Rhodes University in South Africa. Also Deputy Editor of the independent campus newspaper, Activate.

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a Bright Eyes groupie with incurable addictions to Lost, Bukowski, coffee and cola
writer, blogger, occasional photographer, student journalist
follow me @simonearmer

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  • Blackberry massenger, at first glance

    The hype around blackberry massenger has been around for quite some time since blackberry management decided to increase their clients base, from purely business specific individual to almost everyone who wishes to sink their teeth on a pie prepared by rim. Yes some went for the fame/status, the benefit, and the tech, performance, and security. ...
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I am a 4th year Bachelor of Journalism student from Rhodes University. I have done print writing, radio, digital media and broadcast communication before but I thought that it would be a great idea if I just specialised on new media this last year of my degree. I have always found religion an interesting topic especially in this present time where freedom of speech and a right to choose religion are used to justify deviation away from traditional beliefs. The rise of social media means that people are freer than ever to expose, criticise, point out or scrutinise traditional religious practices. This would not be as easy if we were still living in an era where one had to get permission from legacy media and had to be a professional before getting a voice on television, radio or print. I am excited not only to write about how social media is being used as a tool to spread traditional religious beliefs, but is also being used for counter-action by non-conformists.

Simone Redelinghuys

A student journalist currently specializing in New Media at Rhodes University. I have previously specialised in Radio Production. These views are my own.

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Ms. Gadget

Megan Ellis is a New Media student and young journalist at Rhodes University.

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