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  • My disappointment - blackberry torch

    I had being using my sony ericcson phone for over five years so I was excited to get a blackberry torch. What a total disappointment. Free internet is pointless if you can hardly get connectivity. The phone is bulky and freezes all the time.Most importantly I have figured out why its called the torch - it overheats to  a scorching 40 degrees! ...
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  • My First Time

    Hi There!I'm Anike, a freelance designer working through I stubbled upon this site yesterday and it intrigued me (mostly the money part). I have never blogged before and this is my first attempt. Not really sure what the content should be, but I'll figure that out.Just to give you a general idea of me, my blogs will mostly be about handy ...
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Fandroid all the way!!!! I want one of those!!!

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  • Father-In-Law and Android

    My father-in-law knows about technology, but what he knows about technology is a little old, and the times, they are a changing, and very fast I must say as well.... ...
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  • Kingston Entry: All Bases Covered

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  • Android: Back then until now

    On August 17, 2005 Google Inc. bought a few start up companies , one of the companies was a very little known company called Android Inc. Co-founded in Palo Alto, California in the U.S. in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White.... ...
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  • Why I prefer Android

    To start off, I always have been interested in technology, I even fantasized about carrying around a very loud speaker in my pocket and being able to throw a party with the thing, at that time I was only 10 years old. We have such things today, although not entirely what I fantasized about, but almost. ... ...
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  • Which phone Operating system do you choose?

    I am thinking about different kinds of phones and what they do since later this year I have to go and upgrade my phone, and to be honest, there is so many phones with different operating systems that you simply cannot just go and get any phone, we as people differ a lot and thus opinions differ, so you cannot really go and ask a friend and be trul ...
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I am a 40-something computer geek who years ago decided that technology would either rule me or I would rule it. So far so good, but due to an irrational fear of cellphones i now face my greatest adventure. Learning to use my Motorola Razr

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  • Life as a student!

    Life as a student is exciting, specially when your lecture doesn't know what a shox is....... ...
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  • tablet or a bb again?

    I am wondering should I get a tablet which will make my life more easier as a student or a new black berry? the choices are so many but the mind is going crazy. can you guys maybe help me and give any suggestions. I would like an affordable under R200 tablet with a keyboard but then again I would love to have a new phone as well. choices choices ...
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  • Life with technology!

     ... ...
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  • My Very First Blog.

    Well this will be my first blog, and I am just typing this for the fun of it and how technology changed my life and what it helped me with the past few years.... ...
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  • One Champion! UEFA EURO 2012™ coming soon!

    All football/soccer fans know that this year entails two very important and patriotic tournaments. To us in Africa, the AFCON 2012 and to those in Europe, the UEFA Euro 2012!... ...
  • Hey iPhone! Move aside... Slightly...

    Now that I'm in line for an upgrade, the decision of what phone to get next comes up. Of course a smartphone is the category I'm looking in, but we really are spoilt for choice right now. And just look at what's coming later this year!... ...
  • The Universal Language

    Yes people, although English is considered to be a universal language and one that is used so diversely, there is one other language I feel can be used on a global scale. Soccer! Many refer to it as football, futebol or even diski but whatever name you call it by, this game reaches into the hearts of all who partake in it and does something wonderf ...
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  • Some Very Interesting Reading!

    Why do we buy Japanese? Well, I’d like to think that it’s because we can rely on their products. Be it TV’s or cars, we expect the Japanese to never put a foot wrong. However, in recent months there have been questionable…errr… questions raised about certain Japanese car manufacturers. In the news a couple of months ago there was a huge debacle abo ...
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  • VVVVVVVRRRRRRRR... The true sound of love on Valentine's Day!

    I have just purchased my new Lamborghini… pen. And for what? Well, I just wanted to have a taste of the company that I feel is the best in the business! It’s the perfect company to associate with passion on Valentine’s Day. The same people who in my opinion have just re-written the rulebook for absolute maniacal conceptualisation… Don’t worry, that ...
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  • Carpet Cleaners

    I have been struggling to find the right carpet cleaner. Maybe this is because I have been a carpet cleaner myself and I know all the do's and dont's. This is actually sad because if you dont how your carpet should be cleaned, you find yourself with some incompetent person calling themselves carpet cleaners.... ...
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