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  • Be yourself... or should you be?

      "In 100 - 150 words tell us more about yourself,"reads a job application form and I am tempted to put down: quiet, prefer to work alone, love sleeping in and hate rigid environments. My thoughts are stopped by the reality that the the world is not too welcoming of 'unique' individuals and quickly edit my initial response to friendly, can wor ...
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  • Screaming Unconsciousness

    Waking up this morning, I felt my heart beating harder then a thunderstorm of rain falling strongly against a tin roof. My mind quickly raced back to a memory from my dream state where I saw myself seated at the backseat of a small red car speeding down an unfamiliar road with no one seated behind the steering wheel. Despite this observation I wa ...
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  • Playstation 3

    hi anyone knows where I can find a good second hand PS3 ...
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  • Education vs Culture

    The latest debacle in SA is the issue of the 'Rastafarian' boy who was suspended because he did not cut his hair. The argument rages as to where we draw the line between authoriatarian schooling vs freedom of expression. In Durban a schoolboy was suspended because he dyed his hair from blonde to black. Recently a schoolgirl and family took the educ ...
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  • Smartie MAdness

    I recently bought a packet of Smarties and found that they were sold a year over expiration date .I contacted Unilever and they gladly agreed to replace the spoilt good with a voucher. This morning I went to Checkers to redeem the voucher and the idiot at the counter who has peas for brains asked me to go and claim the good at the post office. and ...
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  • spiderman sucks

    went to imax in gateway last night to watch spidey and guess what i never been there before...they had on soccer the liverpool and ac milan final so i went and watched spidey at pavilion . the worst movie in the series. don't suggest you watch it cos the story is weak, the action is old and it is too mushy mushy ... suggest u wait for 'oceans 13' o ...
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  • My 'little lightie'

    i got a 10 month old boerebull, who thinks he is human. He often joins me in bed whenever i nap. The thing is the other day he killed a Hadedah ... u know the big bird that screams all its life. Anyone know of a dog that does similiar ...
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  • So Vanilla

    Why is it that English South Africans seem so characterless. Blacks, Coloureds, Afrikaners, Indians all have their accents, their slang, their 'national' character, eg van der Merwe. But us English? (Ja, I'm one of them), we've got nothing! Advertisements are the first place a culture's national character is exposed. Don't recall anything which par ...
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  • Evolution?

    Ever considered that evolution theorists work to a seven day week? Makes you think doesn't it.... ...
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  • STRIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!!!

    Dominating the news in the last two weeks has been the public servants strike. Do we support it, don't we support it? All depends on your point of view. And the two parties seem so far apart. Meanwhile schooling is being disrupted, hospitals aren't accepting patients, even sending them home. So what prompted this? I guess in the upper echelons of b ...
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  • A Situation

    Once again, feedbax are needed.  I need...opinions.... ...
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  • Feedbax Needed.

    Right, let me get started then!  I have blogged many times but most blogging sites seem a little less complicated than this one.  So this one is suddenly very interesting and unmundane  (If this is a blogging site!?!?!?).  There seems to be a lot of articles and posts about a million and one different things.  I am not ...
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