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  • Brandsocial - Get Paid

    Sooo, I stumble past this page, info posted by one of my Facebook friends.  The value of brands are entering a complete different dimension - this is crowd sourcing in action ... well done to the guys who ran with this initiative.  Am going to share it with you guys, as everyone would like to make a buck or two - right?Here is an extract: ...
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  • Social networks that are children friendly

    It is every parent's concern (well, should be) as to where their kids play online and what they do.  To accommodate this, one will find various parental control programs such as CyberPatrol, etc ...It just so happens, that kids want to be part of peer groups and be in with the friends and so they will explore and play online, sometimes where t ...
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  • Wrong stats ...

    I am writing this, in the hopes that I will get the attention of Admin.  I have sent several emails, etc ... requesting assistance in the "fixing" of my stats.  Apparently they worked on the database at some stage and for some or other reason, mine shows a negative amount which is incorrect.  This would mean that I am practically goi ...
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  • Local is leka

    I am sooooo tired for doing searches via Google, and to be bombarded with a whole lot of, hmmmm, irrelevant links .... people who optimize their sites for search engines and then it contains nothing that I am looking for.I discovered - It contains local (SA) only info ... I found this to be a very helpful tool and bookmarked it - ...
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  • FREE Encyclopeadia for School Projects

    Hi,I discovered something really cool being a TelkomInternet customer. When I accessed this, I found a myrid of information and free online games for my child - this is really helpful.    TelkomInternet customers and DO Broadband customers have FULL-FREE access to this, fantastic tool to help kids with school projects!!   & ...
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  • What’s new from HP

    Team Digital Life scored a ticket to attend HP’s Mega Launch with the theme “Connect your World” in Berlin, Germany. Here is a short round up on what was launched yesterday and today. Well, firstly you should have already read our post on the hot new consumer desktop PC – the TouchSmart IQ500 – but if you didn&rsquo ...
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  • HP under construction

    And so it is that HP has decided to partner with Digital Planet and to build a retail store, it's first ever, in Sandton City. Yip Sandton City, South Africa that is. We attended what HP and Digital Planet called the 'floor wetting' party, seeing that the roof is not finished yet and the shop is still under construction. Things are still looking ...
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  • 1D, 2D, U2 3D

    Movie goers are in for a treat as more realistic movies are hitting SA shores. Not more realistic in terms of characters and story lines, but in terms of visual impact. Don’t worry, it is not through using old and archaic 3D gimmicks with stuff flying out from the screen towards you. It’s real 3D, almost true to life viewing. ... ...
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  • Halo 3!

    We played Halo 3 last week. But we weren't allowed to tell you anything about it until now, because it was all a Big Microsoft Secret. Still can't tell you all that much: I've got a list of things that absolutely must be kept secret or they'll spoil the surprise, but  what I can tell you is that it's incredibly impressive. Both the campaign (i ...
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  • Hi tech cricket

    So I've been watching the cricket (who hasn't) and if one thing never ceases to amaze me it's the technology that enhances the viewing. That and six sixes off one over, of course.... ...
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  • Why gaming is better than drinking

    Here is my opinion on why gaming is better than drinking. Feel free to add your own to this list:... ...
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  • Make money from gaming

    I reackon people should make money from gaming. Big time gamers probably spend 3-4 hours per day playing games (7 days a week), so rather than having to pay all this cash for playing games, we should earn money instead. I sometimes start playing at 6pm, then get up to have dinner and it's like 2am in the morning. This is a job. I say... let's get t ...
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  • Sad "friendships"

    Well, it’s been over three years now since I landed here in Joburg in quest for career opportunities, new friendships and new adventures in general. As it didn’t take me too long to find a job (I am skillful after all) I’ve started to socialize with lots of people from the company that I used to work for in the beginning, on one h ...
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  • WantItAll SUX !!!

    First of all, this is from my own, unfortunately bad experience with these guys - it doesn't mean that they are generally like this : ...
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  • Qs - As Game (Charmed talked me into it)

    Maybe I should... make USB 3.0 I love... my son People would say that i'm... creative I don't understand... how people get bored When I wake up in the morning... i hear the sound I lost... my cell phone, but was lucky to get it back Life is full of... people who steal oxygen My past is... what defines my future ...
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  • My First PLOG

    Ok, 'cause there are those definitions and abbreviations (like gazzilions of them), I've decided to use that one  marked as PLOG and post my first like picture impression, because this one you should all see, because it is amazing !! Well, you know those tiny little patty pans that you buy in Pick'n'Pay or wherever? Yellow, kinda like marble- ...
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  • Joburg - WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Well, i'm not much of a blogger in general, but sometimes things happen and they just inspire me to write down something about certain events in order to list down events which will (hopefully) make this city blossom in new way with what its citizens and people involved have to offer for its cultural prosperity. The thing is that there are a LOTS ...
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  • Enter the MicroTrix!!

    I... ...
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  • Who's your IT support guy?

    Its been a while since i posted anything mainly due to work and some personal commitments i've had. The one thing that has been bothering me was the question around IT support in general and what does the industry base it on. ... ...
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  • Wrong number

    The digital world is not so different from the "nommer asseblief" days. This happened to me yesterday... A message appears on my mobile: "C ur phone went crazy again i miss u and i love u" from an 072 number that I do not recognise. Now, I've been married 30 years and while there are a couple of people that I would not mind receiving such an aff ...
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  • Are you Vista Ready?

    For the last 6 - 9 months Microsoft and PC manufacturers have been taunting the Vista Ready and Vista Capable slogans to build the hype for the first rebuilt "from the ground up" OS since the launch of Windows 95 in late 1995. Catch phrases such as "Aero", "DX10", "Better security" have been used to coax people into purchasing the "best ever" OS on ...
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  • To PC or to PS3...

    Yes, that is the question.... ...
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