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  • Brandsocial - Get Paid

    Sooo, I stumble past this page, info posted by one of my Facebook friends.  The value of brands are entering a complete different dimension - this is crowd sourcing in action ... well done to the guys who ran with this initiative.  Am going to share it with you guys, as everyone would like to make a buck or two - right?Here is an extract: ...
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  • Social networks that are children friendly

    It is every parent's concern (well, should be) as to where their kids play online and what they do.  To accommodate this, one will find various parental control programs such as CyberPatrol, etc ...It just so happens, that kids want to be part of peer groups and be in with the friends and so they will explore and play online, sometimes where t ...
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  • Wrong stats ...

    I am writing this, in the hopes that I will get the attention of Admin.  I have sent several emails, etc ... requesting assistance in the "fixing" of my stats.  Apparently they worked on the database at some stage and for some or other reason, mine shows a negative amount which is incorrect.  This would mean that I am practically goi ...
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  • Local is leka

    I am sooooo tired for doing searches via Google, and to be bombarded with a whole lot of, hmmmm, irrelevant links .... people who optimize their sites for search engines and then it contains nothing that I am looking for.I discovered - It contains local (SA) only info ... I found this to be a very helpful tool and bookmarked it - ...
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  • FREE Encyclopeadia for School Projects

    Hi,I discovered something really cool being a TelkomInternet customer. When I accessed this, I found a myrid of information and free online games for my child - this is really helpful.    TelkomInternet customers and DO Broadband customers have FULL-FREE access to this, fantastic tool to help kids with school projects!!   & ...
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Digital Life

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  • What’s new from HP

    Team Digital Life scored a ticket to attend HP’s Mega Launch with the theme “Connect your World” in Berlin, Germany. Here is a short round up on what was launched yesterday and today. Well, firstly you should have already read our post on the hot new consumer desktop PC – the TouchSmart IQ500 – but if you didn&rsquo ...
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  • HP under construction

    And so it is that HP has decided to partner with Digital Planet and to build a retail store, it's first ever, in Sandton City. Yip Sandton City, South Africa that is. We attended what HP and Digital Planet called the 'floor wetting' party, seeing that the roof is not finished yet and the shop is still under construction. Things are still looking ...
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  • 1D, 2D, U2 3D

    Movie goers are in for a treat as more realistic movies are hitting SA shores. Not more realistic in terms of characters and story lines, but in terms of visual impact. Don’t worry, it is not through using old and archaic 3D gimmicks with stuff flying out from the screen towards you. It’s real 3D, almost true to life viewing. ... ...
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  • Halo 3!

    We played Halo 3 last week. But we weren't allowed to tell you anything about it until now, because it was all a Big Microsoft Secret. Still can't tell you all that much: I've got a list of things that absolutely must be kept secret or they'll spoil the surprise, but  what I can tell you is that it's incredibly impressive. Both the campaign (i ...
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  • Hi tech cricket

    So I've been watching the cricket (who hasn't) and if one thing never ceases to amaze me it's the technology that enhances the viewing. That and six sixes off one over, of course.... ...
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  • Why gaming is better than drinking

    Here is my opinion on why gaming is better than drinking. Feel free to add your own to this list:... ...
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  • Make money from gaming

    I reackon people should make money from gaming. Big time gamers probably spend 3-4 hours per day playing games (7 days a week), so rather than having to pay all this cash for playing games, we should earn money instead. I sometimes start playing at 6pm, then get up to have dinner and it's like 2am in the morning. This is a job. I say... let's get t ...
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  • Sad "friendships"

    Well, it’s been over three years now since I landed here in Joburg in quest for career opportunities, new friendships and new adventures in general. As it didn’t take me too long to find a job (I am skillful after all) I’ve started to socialize with lots of people from the company that I used to work for in the beginning, on one h ...
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  • WantItAll SUX !!!

    First of all, this is from my own, unfortunately bad experience with these guys - it doesn't mean that they are generally like this : ...
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  • Qs - As Game (Charmed talked me into it)

    Maybe I should... make USB 3.0 I love... my son People would say that i'm... creative I don't understand... how people get bored When I wake up in the morning... i hear the sound I lost... my cell phone, but was lucky to get it back Life is full of... people who steal oxygen My past is... what defines my future ...
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  • My First PLOG

    Ok, 'cause there are those definitions and abbreviations (like gazzilions of them), I've decided to use that one  marked as PLOG and post my first like picture impression, because this one you should all see, because it is amazing !! Well, you know those tiny little patty pans that you buy in Pick'n'Pay or wherever? Yellow, kinda like marble- ...
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  • Joburg - WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    Well, i'm not much of a blogger in general, but sometimes things happen and they just inspire me to write down something about certain events in order to list down events which will (hopefully) make this city blossom in new way with what its citizens and people involved have to offer for its cultural prosperity. The thing is that there are a LOTS ...
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  • Enter the MicroTrix!!

    I... ...
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  • Who's your IT support guy?

    Its been a while since i posted anything mainly due to work and some personal commitments i've had. The one thing that has been bothering me was the question around IT support in general and what does the industry base it on. ... ...
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  • Wrong number

    The digital world is not so different from the "nommer asseblief" days. This happened to me yesterday... A message appears on my mobile: "C ur phone went crazy again i miss u and i love u" from an 072 number that I do not recognise. Now, I've been married 30 years and while there are a couple of people that I would not mind receiving such an aff ...
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  • Are you Vista Ready?

    For the last 6 - 9 months Microsoft and PC manufacturers have been taunting the Vista Ready and Vista Capable slogans to build the hype for the first rebuilt "from the ground up" OS since the launch of Windows 95 in late 1995. Catch phrases such as "Aero", "DX10", "Better security" have been used to coax people into purchasing the "best ever" OS on ...
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  • To PC or to PS3...

    Yes, that is the question.... ...
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  • spaaiderman

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  • platteland gees

    ek was saterdag huis toe sodat ek moedersdag vi my ma kon koffie in die bed gee. ek bly in 'n klein dorpie nie te ver van stellenbosch af nie.... ...
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  • dis lekker om ‘n mens te wees!

    ek kom toe gister by my huis na ek twee uit drie van my vrydag-klasse bygewoon het (ek bly in ‘n studentehuis in die pragtige stellenbosch). gatvol en moeg stap ek na my buddy se kamer toe en gooi my boekesak met ‘n sug op die grond en plak myself neer op haar bed. sy kyk vlugtig op van die friends episode wat sy op haar rekenaar kyk en ...
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  • 9 things i hate about everyone

    i got this email today and i think it’s moer nice!   9 Things I Hate About Everyone 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2 People who are willing to get off their ass to search the e ...
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  • it's weekend baby!!!

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  • ... u jus gotta love this place!

    2day is a typical cape town winter day- rain... heavy rain... unexpected rain... catch-u-off-gaurd-while-making-ur-way-2-campus rain... and of course the why-does-it-hav-2-rain-now rain... but things arnt all dat bad down south, the sun does make a rare apperance... once in awhile... and those beautiful rainbows... NOT!!!!... ...
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  • what a week

    wow, it has defiantly been an interesting week.... ...
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  • TAXI

    You haven't lived until you have taken a ride in a South African minibus taxi. Today I decided to take a taxi to work, well because of some economic reasons my car was not going to do the job. I traveled from Pretoria to Randburg on the R511. I figured that this is the only route taxis to Ranburg use since there were a hell of a lot of ta ...
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  • Inspiration from our President

    I am an African. ... ...
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  • YOU can

    As humans we are always complaining about the way things are in this world. The crime, the terrorism, the pollution and everything else that makes this world a bad place to live. We complain about how our leaders are letting us down with their decisions and how they are just not right for the job. It is all well and true that they are the ones who ...
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  • Pathetic state of affairs

    I am not proudly South African. I am a proud South African. How would I be expected to be proudly SA with the way things are going on in our country. Yesterday in the city centre of Jo'burg there was a mini massacre. I know I sound like an old record by writing about the crime situation in the country, but if we don't speak out  ...
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  • my first time

    I firstly wanna greet everyone citing this website and want every one to know that this is an open invitation for suggestions and comments. I am doing my first year in media studies and love writing about anything that i have in mind . So feel free to write or give feed back. ...
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  • Give it back

    For those of you who own one of the following Packard Bell EasyNote notebook computers, it seems that the batteries are a bit off, like a bad apple.Packard Bell has released a statement to recall batteries of the 2007 notebooks, the EasyNote MX36, MX37, MX51 and MX52, saying that the batteries are potentially defective, which can result in overh ...
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  • I almost died today – no kidding!

    OK, so this story has little to do with technology, accept for the fact that it happened whilst on a business trip for Digital Life Magazine, there was a LED flash light and a Olympus E510 digital camera involved. Yip, I almost met my maker today - deep in the KZN bush near Pongola, far away from family and friends. And so the story goes. It ...
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  • Asus Entry: Asus upstage designer collection

    Milan- Never before has accessories taken the spotlight off any designer’s collection, until today. The tongues were wagging and excitement was abundant, but not about Roberto Cavalli’s creations, rather about his choice of accessories. Cavalli’s Autumn/Winter 2008/9, ready-to-wear, collection was completely upstaged at his exclu ...
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  • Do I or don’t I get an Xbox???

    I am sure that almost everyone has heard the news by now that Microsoft is slashing prices of the Xbox in South Africa and the UK. Yippeeeee….or not so Yippeeee. First of all, how in the name of all that is holy, can Microsoft all of a sudden cut R1 000 of the price of the Xbox? Simply shows how they have been milking consumers all the w ...
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  • Past, present, past

    So, it seems that handset manufacturers are returning to locking phones and devices to networks again. That is how it all started in SA, for those who can remember. If you wanted a cellphone of a certain kind you had to choose a specific network and there was n swapping of sim cards. Then everyone woke up and freedom was again at the order of the d ...
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  • Bush, Cheney: Regime Change Imminent

    Let's take a deep breathe and hope the polls are right and that come tomorrow, Barack Obama and the Democrats have swept the Republicans (along with Bush/Cheney Regime) out of power. After the fiasco and incompetence of the last 8 years, the world deserves so much better. How a so called “sophisticated” nation such as the USA could have voted fo ...
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  • Telkom, You're Fired!

    I know that it is often fashionable to criticize Telkom, but my recent experience dealing with them, beggars belief. Our company offices are moving location and I needed to cancel the phone connection at the old office and get a new line installed at the new offices. Having been through this process before, I knew that one needs to send a signed ...
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  • Aaaaargh! Another reason to hate banks: the new national credit act.

    I am in the process of trying to buy a house and cannot believe the hassles of trying to secure a bond, after the introduction of the FICA national credit act!... ...
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  • From Rolls Royce to Trabant. What to do when your laptop/desktop goes slow?

    So you made an investment a few years ago on a decent laptop/desktop and were in seventh heaven as your machine purred beneath your fingertips and mouse clicks. But that was then and this is now, and your former "pride n joy" is operating at the speed of a Trabant and you’re not sure why? The reality is that just like cars, PCs/laptops nee ...
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  • Where was Eskom during the Live Earth concert?

    With all the power capacity problems that we have and are experiencing with Eskom, I was amazed that they did not take any advantage of the "Life Earth" concert message. Why not or did I miss it :)? ... ...
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  • BMW 316i (E36)

    I'm buying a BMW 316i the dolphin shape, in my opinion the very last Beautiful BEEMER made, i am not a fan of new BMW's i don't like the way they look, now let me get something straight right now before i go any further, I love cars from Japan specifically Honda's per cc they are as powerful as any naturally aspirated sports car on earth because of ...
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  • Super 14 final

    Now thats a topic... personally im really happy about SA rugby at the moment, now there was a dark patch South African sport... witch still continues into to some sports cricket being a prime example... grrrr, again grrr. anyway the performance of our 2 rugby squads that have made it to the final is incredible, now im not a fan of the bulls or the ...
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  • Over clocking

    When i was about 16 years old i first exprerimented with overclocking my pc it was a Amd Athlon XP 2500+ barton and i only overclocked it a little up to about 2800+ but i always had a problem with heat now watercooling is the newest addition to cooling you pc, but on my new pc i've taken a 3200+ Amd athlon 64 up to just under 4000+ Mhz... a major o ...
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  • Motorbikes

    Alright, i got a comment about my passion for motorcycles and althought i dont mind any comment i may get i hope to justify my love for 2 wheels, now the comment recognised that bikes are as fast as it gets because well pick your supercar and over a kilo theres nothing that will beat it, obviously with a few exeptions like top fuel dragsters and f1 ...
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  • my pic

    Anyone wondering about the pic on my profile its a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 600 and its the first "big" bike i ever rode, its my favorite bike of all time... ...
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  • At the Expo - Hour One

    Well here I am, blogging from the Digital Life stand. Hour one of my exploration is complete. I have a paper bag full of fliers and assorted swag, like a webcam I got for filling in a Symantec survey. And... a cell phone sock. Why phones need socks, I do not know. Perhaps they will get cold this winter? The highlight of my day so far was ...
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  • Golf - everybody's game

    I have always thought golf is a rich, middle aged white man's game. It's the way it's always been portrayed. But a trip to Vodacom's World of Golf changed my mind. There are very few places where I have seen such diversity. There were men, there were women, there were young, there were old. There were white people, black people, Indian people a ...
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  • Meeting Franka Potente's brother

    This is a bit of an old story, but I'd like to share it anyway... The day I met Franka Potente's brother. For those of you that don't know, Franka Potente is the ever-on-the-move heroine in Run, Lola, Run and the female lead in The Bourne Identity. She's also done movies like Blow. For the interested... just look at her IMDb page. Anyhoo, whe ...
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  • When did self-loathing become a part of our culture?

    Hearing about the young Chinese singer [] who got rejected because of her looks really pissed me off. She may have accepted it very stoically because of her culture, but I doubt her self-esteem is going to recover any time soon. ... ...
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  • Catch-up. My life in the mean time

    Hiya there. Whoa, I've really been missing most of the MyDL action these days. But, I thought I'd play a little catch up and tell you what's been happening in my life. Well, for one, I'm getting married in... 61 days. And, um, I have no dress. But it's all good. The wedding is super chilled, so if I don't have a dress made in the mean time, ...
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miss N

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  • unwanted visitors

    How many of you just like to relax on a Sunday afternoon? Have a nice quiet Sunday...Me.You sit there on a Sunday reading the Sunday paper and it’s just you and the family enjoying the day watching the rerun of isidingo in silence and a few laughs are shared with your sister or your mum. And then...........the bell rings.I am one of those peo ...
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  • In Steve we trust - maybe

    During my search through cyberspace to find the best live reports on Steve Job’s Keynote speech at Macworld yesterday, I came across an ad that had the caption ‘In Steve we Trust’. Very funny. See it on Popular Mechanics’ website. It’s entertaining writing about Apple and possibly even, dare one, mentioning something negative about the company. ...
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  • Blair banks plenty on new job

    Every now and then something hits the news that is so funny that hysterical laughter and streaming tears are inevitable. Such news snippet was in the Independent online today and probably in a fair number of other news sources. Tony Blair has landed a job as a part-time consultant to one of the best-known American investment banks JP Morgan, at ...
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  • Apple has something in the air

    Ology is a suffix denoting a field of study or academic discipline. Appleologists, as mentioned in Ars Technica, would therefore be people studying the field of Apple. Contrary to logic and belief, there are many who could fit this description. As the buzz about Macworld 2008, Apple’s annual shindig, is building to a crescendo the air is full of ...
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  • Beware - the sneaky bots are everywhere

    Every time I write about privacy and security on the internet I get a whole bunch of people who accuse me of paranoia. They maintain I am looking for conspiracy theories and that if you have nothing to hide, then why worry who is following you on the internet. Besides which, I’ve been told, as consumers we have always been followed and our preferen ...
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  • 2008 looks like another mobile year but with radio jocks

    It’s that time of year again when the predictions brigade publish their wise thoughts for 2008! Wipe off the crystal ball, bring out the Tarot cards, throw ‘dem’ bones. Do whatever you think might help you to peer through the fog and work out what the next big thing could be. For me, the big wonder is still mobile telecommunications. Really, I c ...
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  • Man Hungry

    You like men . . .... ...
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  • Progress on site

    Okay its been a painful development for me at my third attempt at actionscript this year. Its coming along nicely. I've just popped down to the garage to get more coke, pringles, ciggies, marshmallows and skittles. I'm ready to continue. Oh and I have a brilliant post coming up later this morning. A mate of mines who is a photographer has taken som ...
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  • today

    finally decided that my namesake needs a website designed....been at it since about 12 pm today. hopefully will finish it by tonite and have it ready for you blogospherians to check it out. wmk out! ..... ...
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  • Waiting. . .

    Like a tide coming in ... ...
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  • One heart

    My ragged breathing       Your sweat-beaded body ... ...
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    SOUTH AFRICA THE RAINBOW NATION A RAINBOW OF POVERTY AND INEQUALITY Introduction Dubbed the Rainbow nation because of its multitude of different ethnic groups, races, languages, dialects and cultures, few countries have been exposed to such scrutiny or embodied as many hopes and fears as South Africa (Dickinson 2002 p. 1). The rainbow tag also ar ...
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  • Zimbabwe Crisis

    Once upon a new Zimbabwe The more pragmatic and positive minded are likely to remember that not so long ago I wrote an article, Role of Donors in Zimbabwe Crisis, which was published on one of the Zimbabwe news sites. I deliberately back-benched myself to allow otherZimbabweans, many of them, who I deem to be of much higher Calibre ...
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  • Go springboks!!!

    Hi guys! Im new to blogging bt im sure it wont take an expert to write on a great rugby match today. The springboks beating the wallabies 53-8 was a joy to watch, bt for some of my buddies it was a consolation prize for not making it to the finals of the tri-nations. Well either way...MY BLOED IS GROEN! ...
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  • Another Brick in the Wall?

    On Sunday we assumed the traditional position, charcoal burning waiting for the meat, cold beers in hand and talking about the major issues that were in the news this past week. One guy raised the issue of Google, everybody’s favourite search engine. He expounded the theory that Google is not all good and is the beginning of the “though ...
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  • Finding Meemo

    As the age of mobile communications moves up another notch, lets’ consider how different history could have been if cell phones and email had been available say when Appollo 11 was launched.... ...
    Jul 04 Tags: Untagged
  • Don’t Shoot Me I’m just the “Blogging’ Messenger

    Call me cynical, call me old fashioned, call me a Soutie, call me anything, but please will someone just call me! Jokes aside I had a thought which I have tried to keep in a space where I could come back to it many times, reassess the thought, add to it, take away from it, explore it, but basically just keep it suspended somewhere until, sati ...
    May 14 Tags: Untagged
  • Personal Enrichment

    Since democracy South Africa has been fairly successful in breaking the African tradition of politicians making themselves extremely rich at the expense of their own countries. My guess is that this is about to change. If we ignore the “pending” charges against Zuma, we must assume that he will become the next State President of Sou ...
    Dec 21 Tags: Untagged
  • Ricky & The Spitfires

    Before anyone attacks me for a typical Gauteng attitude, let me state that I am a Durban boy who has lived in Jozi for the last ten years, and I still think Durban is the place to be.... ...
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  • Let’s talk about sexpo

    Last week was the Johannesburg sexpo, an annual exhibition of various products and services within the sex industry. I honestly expected it to be some sort of orgy show with porn stars showing their “professionalism” as well as dirty perverted individuals out to hunt. I was refreshingly surprised, first of all, people from all sorts of background w ...
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  • Make up your mind

    In regard to the President’s address of parliament yesterday when he said that racial quotas in sport are out and that rather if resources are put into talent development. Transformation will become a natural process. ... ...
    Nov 09 Tags: Untagged
  • drama.suspense and politics

    This year’s festive season will be marked by drama, suspense and politics. The succession debate, a first in the history of the ANC, will prove to be one of the most notable events of this year given the underpinning events leading to this extraordinary event. Selebi suspected of corruption, the Presidents protecting him and his wrongful inte ...
    Nov 07 Tags: Untagged
  • Women always give too much

    After being in the field over a decade, having had various injuries some permanent and others momentary. I can justly say that perhaps the trouble with women is that they give too damn much. Of everything, it doesn’t matter what it is; love, attention, money even sugar when waiting to have a meeting with their director.... ...
    Aug 29 Tags: Untagged
  • My addiction calls me by name

    It’s no wonder that this week’s topic for click a lot day is addiction. It is part of human nature to extend yourself to an external body such that the need to drag it around with oneself is an addiction on its own.... ...
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  • Digital Life: Get Published & win FREE Internet

    The June edition of South Africa’s Digital Lifestyle Magazine will be full of warming tips and advice to make your winter a special one. Get the latest and greatest advice on power saving tips as we explore how you can have a warm winter without adding strain to the already depleted power grid in South Africa. In light of the above, the t ...
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  • Eskom - Warning

    We received this warning via our Eskom mail service - please be aware and perhaps forward to everyone you know! Thanks! Warning from SAPS - always check ID of someone at your gate. The SAPS is sending out a warning about a group claiming to be from the electricity department. They may not have targeted your area (yet) but please be aware of t ...
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  • Samsung Valentine Competition Winners

    The winners of the Samsung Valentine’s Day Competition are: FIRST – Council of Samsung by MJK SECOND – A Perfect Feb 14th by MissPriss THIRD – Riding the U700 space boat – by QuantuMechanic The mystery comment winner of the fourth prize is The Planet GNUSMAS by A-K-B ...
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  • some MyDL blogger stats

    Top 10 Authors and Hits to date... ...
    Nov 14 Tags: Untagged
  • Note to Authors

    M... ...
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  • Life taken for granted

    I was recently involved in a horride car accident, basically by the time I was out of the severely wrecked car  I knew that I was lucky to leave in an ambulance and not a cold hearse.At that moment  thought of how I was just taking a stroll through life, messing around with my life. Let it not take a nearly fatal accident for you my frien ...
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  • La vida loca

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  • Be yourself... or should you be?

      "In 100 - 150 words tell us more about yourself,"reads a job application form and I am tempted to put down: quiet, prefer to work alone, love sleeping in and hate rigid environments. My thoughts are stopped by the reality that the the world is not too welcoming of 'unique' individuals and quickly edit my initial response to friendly, can wor ...
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  • Screaming Unconsciousness

    Waking up this morning, I felt my heart beating harder then a thunderstorm of rain falling strongly against a tin roof. My mind quickly raced back to a memory from my dream state where I saw myself seated at the backseat of a small red car speeding down an unfamiliar road with no one seated behind the steering wheel. Despite this observation I wa ...
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  • Playstation 3

    hi anyone knows where I can find a good second hand PS3 ...
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  • Education vs Culture

    The latest debacle in SA is the issue of the 'Rastafarian' boy who was suspended because he did not cut his hair. The argument rages as to where we draw the line between authoriatarian schooling vs freedom of expression. In Durban a schoolboy was suspended because he dyed his hair from blonde to black. Recently a schoolgirl and family took the educ ...
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  • Smartie MAdness

    I recently bought a packet of Smarties and found that they were sold a year over expiration date .I contacted Unilever and they gladly agreed to replace the spoilt good with a voucher. This morning I went to Checkers to redeem the voucher and the idiot at the counter who has peas for brains asked me to go and claim the good at the post office. and ...
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  • spiderman sucks

    went to imax in gateway last night to watch spidey and guess what i never been there before...they had on soccer the liverpool and ac milan final so i went and watched spidey at pavilion . the worst movie in the series. don't suggest you watch it cos the story is weak, the action is old and it is too mushy mushy ... suggest u wait for 'oceans 13' o ...
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  • My 'little lightie'

    i got a 10 month old boerebull, who thinks he is human. He often joins me in bed whenever i nap. The thing is the other day he killed a Hadedah ... u know the big bird that screams all its life. Anyone know of a dog that does similiar ...
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  • So Vanilla

    Why is it that English South Africans seem so characterless. Blacks, Coloureds, Afrikaners, Indians all have their accents, their slang, their 'national' character, eg van der Merwe. But us English? (Ja, I'm one of them), we've got nothing! Advertisements are the first place a culture's national character is exposed. Don't recall anything which par ...
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  • Evolution?

    Ever considered that evolution theorists work to a seven day week? Makes you think doesn't it.... ...
    Aug 22 Tags: Untagged
  • STRIIIIIKE!!!!!!!!!!

    Dominating the news in the last two weeks has been the public servants strike. Do we support it, don't we support it? All depends on your point of view. And the two parties seem so far apart. Meanwhile schooling is being disrupted, hospitals aren't accepting patients, even sending them home. So what prompted this? I guess in the upper echelons of b ...
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  • A Situation

    Once again, feedbax are needed.  I need...opinions.... ...
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  • Feedbax Needed.

    Right, let me get started then!  I have blogged many times but most blogging sites seem a little less complicated than this one.  So this one is suddenly very interesting and unmundane  (If this is a blogging site!?!?!?).  There seems to be a lot of articles and posts about a million and one different things.  I am not ...
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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :)

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  • Getting the toes wet

    It has been a long time since I have posted anything on this lovely platform.  For the rest of the world, that did not really matter, but for me it is a sad state of affairs.  Being a student of communication studies, I am working towards getting a degree in the art of communication and hence being a professional communicator.  The j ...
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  • International Day for Persons with Disabilities

    Today marks a day that should celebrate Persons with Disabilities and their contributions to society.  Why?  The reasons might not be very clear for those not  directly involved with Persons with Disabilities, but should you ask someone that is, you will be enlightend by hearing what obstacles lies in the way of living a life ordinar ...
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  • One Hour Later

    ... ...
    Jun 29 Tags: Untagged
  • Malema Off The Hook

    It seems that Malema is untouchable.  Why only he and the committee that met last night would know  according to MSN via I-Net Bridge ( be honest, this is of particular concern to me.  If the ANC cannot reign in the leader of their youth league, what will happen when this person comes to rule the whole of Sou ...
    Apr 20 Tags: Untagged
  • How To Write Potent Blogs

    This post is about writing potent blogs, inspired by lessons learnt from my local Toastmasters International club.  I will take you through the main parts of a post and through this post demonstrate how a potent blog can be created.A post should have four parts : the title, the introducation, the main content and lastly the conclusion.The titl ...
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Statistically-proven loud mouth, lover of nerdy things, wannabee fiction writer and digital artist, working in social media.

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  • Faith will not suspend gravity

    There is a tragic story at the moment of a women who visited the Benoni girl Francesca Zackey.  Zackey told her to stare at the sun and she will see the Virgin Mary herself.  The women did this for a few minutes and is now blind, with only the smallest chance of seeing properly again.  The whole issue is summed up in this article. ...
    Jun 20 Tags: Untagged
  • The Bible explains it, so obey!

    This has been knocking around the Internet for a while - it is very amusing and telling. I haven't gone and checked all the Bible references but I presume that they are accurate. Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a radio personality in America who dispenses advice to people who call in to her radio show. Recently, she said that, as an observant Orthodo ...
    Jun 12 Tags: Untagged
  • Jo'burgers richer and cleverer than the rest?

    This article over at suggests that research shows that Gautenger's earn more and have a better education than the rest of us plebs across the country. The point of the article is actually somehting else (that provinces should be cut free, to an extent, from central government and then they will magically improve themselves - yeh right! ...
    Jun 05 Tags: Untagged
  • The poor state of science thinking

    People seem to believe that a visit to a homeopath and taking some water or sugar pills will cure just about any disease. And, they see what appear to be molecules entering what I suppose must represent hair on a TV ad and they believe that if they buy that product and use it their hair will be lovely and shiny (or something). They believe that a v ...
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  • Rugby AGAIN. Oh, goody.

    I hear via the grapevine that some rugby world cup thingy is coming again soon. Oh goody. Weeks of nothing good to watch on TV, and men all hyped up on adrenalin and wearing silly sweatshirts. ...
    Aug 29 Tags: Untagged
  • The en suite passion-killer

    So, there I was, browsing for a new home, when it occurred to me that lots of these really upmarket townhouses didn’t seem to be finished. They were tiled and plastered and everything, but someone had forgotten to put a wall between the en suite bathroom and the actual suite. No, the agents told me, it wasn’t a design flaw – t ...
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    Jul 31 Tags: Untagged

    Vindication at last! A new study in the US has found that men talk JUST AS MUCH as women do. I knew it. ...
    Jul 24 Tags: Untagged

    It’s ironic. Jo’burg has – what – seven million people living in it? And yet so many nice, attractive, sane people here are sadly single and can’t meet anyone suitable to date.   ...
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    BEVERLY HILLS FLOP Eddie Murphy has hit the skids in a big way. He has collected several Raspberries (Razzies Awards) at the latest ceremony. Though not too many people pay too much mind to yet another pointless Hollywood function, it is sad to see someone who started out so promisingly with a good script, degenerate into someone who will ac ...
    Feb 28 Tags: Untagged

    In amongst all the unadulterated balderdash being spoken by that moron about legalisation of prostitution during 2010 comes the story about the unwilling fella..ter. Her dismissal has wound up at the CCMA and is establishing a precedent being the first matter of this type to ever reach the courts. It was thrown out previously however, when the C ...
    Feb 11 Tags: Untagged

        Artist: Britney Spears        Album: Gimme Gimme They say that you should write about what you know, and for all her failings, Spears has listened this time. The troubled singer has penned a single that outlines her needs currently. “Gimme Gimme” refers to talent, cream cheese and ...
    Oct 18 Tags: Untagged

    Crosstitution is alive and well in our country. Casting a vote is no guarantee that the mark you made on your ballot paper will remain in the column that you chose on election day. ...
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  • Music Review: Ringo Starr

    Artist: Ringo Album: Ringo Starr    It’s unpleasant but a fact. He was never really a full Beatle, he was a replacement. He didn’t have time to sort out his weight or style before he was stuck behind a drum kit and dragged into stardom. The other Beatles had something. Even Paul, with his nerdy pathetic girly lyrics and sa ...
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  • never again

    sirens rang,the door went bang. Woke up,my head feeling heavy, surroundings unfamiliar,how the Fuck did get here.The last i remember i was headed for the bottle opener stuck on the fridge door.Now im in this cold place i wanna call hell,but hells burning and my toes are frozen. ...
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  • hell is here!!

    no disrespect to anyone, but what is hell and heaven, or even better where is hell or heaven? grew up thinking heaven was in the sky and hell below us. then i got to undersyand that hell is what you go through and heaven is were you wanna be. i say wanna be cause not all of us make it to heaven,"especially in this fucked up society thaty we live in ...
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