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  • Online Casino's games

    I just saw a blog with ad's that sad that you could get between R250 and R6000 free to play on sign up. Can any body who's played on these online casino's won any cash. I just wanna know Try this link if you wanna try it out let me know how it was when you done! ...
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  • Rare find/just jewellery

    The jewellery designs of Khanya Style “incorporates the true perfect unity nature, music and traditional design. Khanya’s design artistry joins these forms of nature sophisticated aesthetic quality. Khanya’s career as a jewellery designer was a natural transformation from her career as a musician. From an early age, Khanya tapp ...
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  • Forget me not...

    So how is it that we have all become so self absorbed that life just races by? Why do I feel like I never have time to do the things I want to and yet I am a facebook member and now a first time blogger??... ...
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  • Message from Jazmin

    We really hope that you had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year and that 2008 brings you health, wealth and happiness.... ...
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  • Things you didn't know - ISPs

    Internet Service Providers urgently need to roll out the next generation of net addresses for online devices.... ...
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  • Coming back slowly

    I’m waaaaaaay behind schedule on just about everything, thanks partly to lack of access to the internet from 22 December to 1 January (because we used up all of our bandwidth for December), having loads of fun, being lazy and my brain still being in R&R mode.... ...
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  • Internet access woes

    OK - I downloaded a few videos and songs and software updates and so on during December, but my Telkom SA ADSL internet access is really pissing me off since 22 December.... ...
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  • Microsoft Error Messages

    I received this via e-mail a while ago, written by a chap called Jeremy Impey - I don’t have any further details about him:... ...
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  • How much time?

    Im sitting here in front of this computer,messing around on the web.You know the usual haunts: facebook,yahoo messenger. I have an exam at 14h00 today. My room is in a total mess. I have laundry to do. And I told my friend I'd be back in 10 minutes.It's been 2 hrs. ... ...
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  • And then he goes and calls a second time..

    I don't know why I let this guy get to me like this.He called again today,'js to check up on me' he says. I so desperately want to get over him. I was doing just fine before he waltzed back into the picture. I was happy and smiling and I went to bed and slept peacefully.Last nyt I couldnt even sleep!! I think I want to move to Cape Town. Im sure th ...
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  • I woke up this morning wanting you..

    I woke up this morning wanting you. I could have sworn i smelt you in my dreams. Every cell in my body ached for you, I was literally trembling in my sleep. What else could I possibly have done? I let you make love to me. Even though you were not there.... ...
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  • Why did he call me?

    W... ...
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  • Getting used to it..

    This is my first ever blog.I'm finally entering the world that has taken everybody by storm.But I have so many questions..Like,what is the purpose of blogging,and what are you supposed to say?And exactly how much information is to much information?I guess I'll check out some other blogs and see how this is done.Just by the way,I just wrote an exam. ...
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I started as a graduate at the University of Johannesburg back in 2004, and I'm now a Senior Account Manager working in the Johannesburg office of Magna Carta. I've had the opportunity to work across almost every type of account over the last few years, from ICT, business, corporate to consumer. It's given me a good foundation to build on, as well as a chance to discover what I really enjoy – working in the media. I'm now part of the Standard Bank, Social Relevance team in Johannesburg and my skills are used for the other Standard Bank, portfolios such as PBB (Personal Business Banking), CIB (Corporate and Investment Banking) which include Home loans, Consumer, VAF (Vehicle & Asset Finance) etc. I also worked on the DLF IPL Cricket account dealing with the media throughout the campaign. On the Standard Bank account I worked on and managed several campaigns such as Mandela House Re-opening, PAST Fossil finding, Pro 20 Cricket, TechnoServe (Believe Begin Become) and the HIV/AIDS campaign, etc. Starting out my career at the University of Johannesburg was a great opportunity to fast-track my skills and I learnt an incredible amount in the time I spent there - everything from basic media relations to event management. Joining Idea Engineers in 2005 enabled me to use everything I have learnt in a new context, as well as really develop my creative thinking and challenge myself to come up with ideas that push the boundaries. At Idea Engineers I worked on a number of PR retainer accounts. My clients included, The Headache Clinic, Consology, The African Management Services Company (AMSCO), Acceleration, Acceleration Media and Idea Engineers. I have also assisted on a number including Gold Reef City Casino and Theme Park, Nashua Mobile, Acceleration and Research In Motion (BlackBerry). I really enjoy being able to work across such a diverse set of clients, and even across countries when we work with our other offices on joint projects. Every client has different requirements - one day I'll be writing for a website whilst the next I'll be managing media at a national event. I'm also very lucky to have a great team of people around me not only to learn from, but also to have a laugh with at the end of a sometimes long day!

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  • Charge your smartphone without electricity

    I just came across an interesting article on the web about new technology that can charge your phone using a tablespoon of water.. Amazing how the world evolves right out under our feet! One day you think that: Geez, everything ingenious possible has been thought of, and then out of the blue you are amazed by something you just never "thought of" ...
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  • A brief glance at the past

    Some interesting historical facts I came across...... ...
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  • This day in history...

    It is interesting to know what the people who walked this earth before us did on this exact day, many, many years ago... January 9, 1493 The explorer, Christopher Columbus, sees three 'mermaids'. These were, in fact, manatees. He described them as "not half as pretty as in paintings". Six months prior to this incident, Columbus discovered the c ...
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  • When boredom threatens to kill...

    We've all been that bored and when we're busy out of our skulls, we wish to be THAT bored. Anyway, that's irrelevant... What I need is, to do something. It must not take too much effort but yet it should be fun, mentally stimulating and help me get the time to fly by a tad faster. [Any ideas are more than welcome.] So far, all I had come up ...
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  • What's the dealio bro'?

    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a speech given by Tito Mboweni (for those of you who don't know - the govenor of the SARB) on thursday... I must admit that I wasn't a very keen bean on going to the lecture, but I'm very glad I did! There was a number of factors that contributed to it being an unforgetable experience: Firstly me and ...
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Its that time again counting down to Dtox Sundaes- this sunday- @Lister Building - cnr Small and Jeppe street - JHB CBD- celebrating the dope spots of our inner city one grand venue at a time- come join us- we have a grand day planned- U DiG? Dtox Sundaes- "for kids raised on Blue Note"

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  • All things bright and beautiful...

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  • Awesome Event in JHB: Dtox Sundaes

    W... ...
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  • Follow-up to I'm a Porn Superstar!!

    Follow-up to I'm a Porn Superstar!! I loved writing that piece, finally posting it felt so daunting and very self-exposing. If you’ve read it you’ll understand what comes next. I have been feeling rather.... How do I say this without sounding too naughty? Randy, yeah baby. (thank heaven for Austin Powers!) Ever since I discov ...
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  • I'm a Porn Superstar!!

    I'm a Porn Superstar. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, maybe you can tell me. I'm on winter vac from varsity, and although I have a lot of work to get ready before we go back on Mon, I am finding myself some what distracted. I have a friend who's really into erotic literature (no not trashy, degrading mens mags, like hustler a ...
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  • My PH with PC: Final instalment

    My PH with PC prt 5 cont from prt4 I have to admit the problems I had with my littler Honey badger (HB) is that at some point on my childhood I decided I was an expert on all things electrical. A delusion I've yet to outgrow. I used to pull thing apart the see if I could put them back together again It started put with voice boxes on dolls, I ...
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  • Ditto for iBurst

    Customer Service in SA - Forget it. Renault cars are great and in the dark ages I learnt to drive in one. I have owned Renaults from the little R4 box to my present Megane cabriolet. I wish one could say the same for the dealers. I have had nothing but bad service, promises not kept, and inability to resolve issues.... ...
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  • Job wanted

    How many times have you looked into a newspaper, magazine or seen an ad while surfing the net, tempting you to start your own business from home. Work from home and earn pounds, dollars or even rands. The offer sounds amazing and there's pages of proof, of testimonials of people that have leapt into the world of working from home. How legit are ...
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  • Facebook or mxit

    We have been hit by a technological blast.... ...
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  • pIcK mE, pIcK mE

    Thanks to my digital life, we all feel like those chirpy penguines from Madagascar. Everytime we sit in front of a keyboard, our thoughts drain out in streams of black and white. ... ...
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  • Who cares?

    South Africa is a country with an unlimited supply of potential. It's just too bad that we're not using it to enhance the good features of this land. People have been given hearts to feel compassion and love... but who cares about showing compassion and love at the moment?... ...
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  • Life's Dilemma

    Birthdays are a time to celebrate. A chance to finally realise that you're one year OLDER, but what's the use of getting older if you're still treated like a kid.... ...
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  • “I want to be quotable.” You can quote me on that.

    Don’t you dare look at my headline and judge me! Don’t you dare think, oh, what an egomaniac. Just to confirm your suspicions I am a practising egomaniac and proud of it. What kind of egomaniac would I be if I didn’t want to be quoted all the time? By the way if you dare judge me I’ll judge you back even though I don&rsq ...
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  • To The CEO of Sasol

    To The CEO of Sasol First of all I would like to apologise for not getting your name. It’s my laziness I suppose and that explains why I am not the CEO of Sasol or the CEO of anything for that matter. Ha ha ha! Do excuse me, I tend to laugh out of turn when I’m nervous especially so around important people.) I would like to comme ...
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  • Witch-burning is sooo last century...

    When movies, books or television shows portray angry mobs (complete with pitchforks...or was it burning torches?) setting out to convert the vampire's castle to a public bonfire, lynch the madman or, to quote Disney's "Beauty and the Beast": "KILL THE BEAST!", I don't think that many of us can relate. We think that witch-burning was something tha ...
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  • Mediocrity

    Does anybody ever have the feeling that things were probably better in ye olde times? As I have not even been alive for three decades yet, this is, perhaps, an incongruous statement to make. After all, unlike the stereotypical old men who sit outside on a public bench and pass commentary on our times, I have not been alive long enough to make a dis ...
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  • Zapiro!

    So to those who saw Zapiro’s cartoon in yesterday’s Sunday Times, I would like to open a discussion on what you guys think of it. There have been mixed emotions concerning this cartoon, commenting that it may have been a little over the top, using shock tactics to prove a serious point. ... ...
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  • The hippo-highway: a modern fable on African Political and Social degradation.

    To be sure that the hippos are behaviourally despondent to Beethoven, Stuart James packed away his East German loudspeakers. 'Its no use, Pogo is despondent.' The other day when Stuart played the dreaded hippo sound, the hippos made squeal-like noises that you would never expect from a nine thousand pound animal. 'But there’s one more th ...
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  • survival

    i shall not  evenattempt to use spell check on this block - it is too accented; when a bulgarian writes he should realize that the world of spelling only enters a world of sytems... those which have no inherent meaning. ... ...
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  • Mama loves the baby – daddy loves you too

    When will the youth, especially in South Africa, begin to realize the right reasons for the use of technology and why do parents not covey the real reasons for the existence of all those ‘weird’ and ‘wonderful’ gadgets to their children? The other day, I saw a 7 year old ‘pumpkin’ with the newest Sony-Ericsson ce ...
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  • Ver Verlaate Vlaktes

    Its raining on the zinkdak. Roaring, can barely hear DJ Fresh with the din. I live in the ver verlaate vlaktes of the Free State and am packing to move to the groot water of the Western Cape Coast. Will I miss the smell of rain hitting the hot dust, and the wind storms that blur vision? The ver verlaate vlaktes have their charm, but it is enough fo ...
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  • The Magical Pearl

    Amanda stared out the window of her penthouse office. The hustle and bustle of city life and endless routine had become monotonous - she desperately wanted to escape . . .... ...
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  • A free society is overrated

    Having just watched a very amusing video of some american degenerate named Andrew Meyer being tasered by security guards, I couldn't help but wonder at the stupidity of our friends across  the Atlantic. Apparently this moron was at a John Kerry talk in his university hall when he stood up to ask a question. The guards didn't apprecia ...
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  • A carguard is a fearsome adversary.

    As some of you may know, i have recently decided to contribute to South African society by becoming a full time nasty person. Lets face it, we are a country in dire and pressing need of a good solid pair of brass balls, and if my contribution means that just one more person decides to hoot and possibly curse at a senile old fool driving a ...
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  • Kicking Kittens in the new South Africa

    Being a South African is a very strange thing indeed. One minute we're hooting maniacally at a taxi driver and ignoring starving street kids at robots, the next we're refusing to complain at restaurants for fear of causing a scene and helping little old ladies with their grocery shopping. The whole passive aggressive thing is sometimes ju ...
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  • My night of crime

    Today is the day that the million man march will happen in Pretoria. I wish I could be there but I live in KZN and it is just not a viable option. I think that there is hardly a family in this godforsaken country that has not been hit by crime, even the Mbeki clan must have felt it somehow. Until yesterday the tally for my family read as follows ...
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  • The national journal of crime

    I have made a commitment to myself to stop reading New24 in the mornings when I get to work.  Why?  Well I always end up being depressed and wanting to leave this country.  I find it amazing that News24 can dig up all these crime stories.  There is not a day that there is not at least one crime story.  Currently there ...
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  • Censorship in the "New" South Africa (The Bullard affair)

    I am responding to the following article:,,2-7-1442_2303944,00.html Forget the merits of the argument of Mr Bullard and concentrate on the reason for firing him. How is it possible that this "offending" column could be published in the first place? Surely the editor makes a decision wh ...
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  • Looking for Sex

    I had a good laugh at this one, what am I talking about?  Well this fashion statement of exposing your underwear by wearing your pants low on your bum.  A lot of kids do this without knowing what it means or where it comes from.  Personally I think they look like idiots but that is their choice.  OK so where does it come from? ...
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  • Am I a racist?

    I just did a test to see where my racial preference or rather my racial affinity lies.  It seems I have a strong preference for white people.  I did the test twice just to make sure that I am not being screwed.  This does not mean that I am a racist but rather that I view white people more favorably than African black people.  T ...
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  • Technological Solutions for Alleviating Poverty - Blog Action Day

    Technology is providing a platform to fight humanitarian, housing and poverty causes. The theme for Blog Action Day is poverty and the Village Phone Program is providing sustainable solutions to fight poverty, create jobs and provide telecommunications services to those that do not have access. Basic telecommunications is not an option for millions ...
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  • Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

    Blog Action Day 2008 will happen on October 15. The aim of the even is to raise awareness and discussion amongst bloggers, podcasters and videocasters. The theme this year is poverty. There are 3 ways to get involved: Publish Donate Earnings Promote Participants are encouraged to co ...
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  • What Google Was Like in 2001

    Google has released a 2001 version of their search engine. This allows users to see what the world was like in 2001 and it certainly was vastly different  the one today. You can view some of the actual pages but going through a few results, a lot are not available. Conducting a few searches brought up a few interesting results:    ...
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  • Facebook Facelift Preview

    Facebook has rolled out a new user interface. It must be noted that Facebook are gradually rolling out the new design to users and not all users have access to the new interface. However, this morning for the first time since the rollout on Sunday I was able to get a sneak preview via It does not work for everybody yet. The ...
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  • Pre-order the iPhone from Vodacom

    You can pre-order the iPhone 3G on Vodacom's website by pre-registering. Once registered, Vodacom will be in contact as as it becomes available. You don't have to be a Vodacom customer with the following options being offered: New Contract Upgrade Prepaid Corporate/Business The new iPhone comes with: 3G ...
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This time last year it was only February

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  • If it feels so wrong...

    This whole cybersex this is a mystery to me. I have no idea what the protocols are or what's cool or not. But I'm having a hard time dealing. Lemme tell you how it all went down. ... ...
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  • Da da da

    Well, the best thing to do is get started innit? Now, having done that I am furiously trying to think of where I'm going next - kind of like Wipeout the first time round. At work though, what bites is when people ask you - do you ever work? What does that even mean? I want to own a company just so that I can pay someone hot to s ...
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  • Da AMAZING Amazon Forest...

    is da PEARL of Forests according  2 the World  Heritage Foundation &  is where I found myself to  escape Life's  everyday  problems like  crime,pollution &  traffic. Just 2 be one , & Nude with Nature lets me feel like a care-free baby again. There's no persistent office-gossip,boss-nagging or ...
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  • Losing faith and finding myself

    Losing faith and finding myself: I never realized the sacrifices I'd have to make and how they'd changed me. I'd lost my epic battle and questioned everything I had taken for granted before. I'd been only half right my whole life. I might just as well have been totally wrong.... ...
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Orange Knelly

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  • The Genesis of Communicating from a Distance

    On the sixth 'day' man joined Creation. From the primordial ooze of the Earth emerged a creature (made in the image of God), naked, alone and with no ability to communicate. Think about it. There's Adam in the Garden, hungry, confused and most likely, totally bored. No one to have a conversation with other than the Big Man. Nothing to do ex ...
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  • Burn niteclub: F*ck you bouncer dude!

    I'm not sure if being a socialite and a blogger fan is allowed, but what the hell! I'm doing it! One of the many clubs I like to spend my time at is Burn niteclub, an alternative spot with social areas galore and cheap booz. Only, the social areas are now not as safe for the dreaded species of underage socialites, and the booz isnt so cheap... ...
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  • next mortal kombat planned!what do you wanna see in the next game??

    OMG! the new mortal kombat has been announced! Im a huge fan, and incase anyone wants to know, this is what I would like to see in the new game. Leave your comments and also what you would like to see in the game!... ...
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  • Raffles Nite club- Durban. My experience

    Sep 29 Tags: Untagged
  • I GET GTA IV! !

    well , as mentioned in the previous article of mine, I am about to get Grand Theft Auto IV. I opened an account at BT games and got some credit for my old PS2 games! My mom is pregnant, and my father and I betted on wat it would be. The winner was to demand R350 from the loser (Isnt that weird? I only needed R350 more for the game! What a coinkidin ...
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  • GTA IV an outrage?? GOOD!

    It happened with the last game, it's happenning now. every single grand theft auto game in the freakin series is being trashed by bored little freaks who sit around doing nothing all day!! I dont know if YOU read the YOU magazine, but if you've seen the latest one, it's got a feature of GTA IV and how its so violent. GOOD! ... ...
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  • Deciphering the year ahead

    What lies in wait? What is to be expected? What is to be challenged, aspired to or finally realised. I sit here ponder the eternal gaze of procrastination on a madding mind, the force of which investigates and alienates the remaining shards of sane mind threads, this super highway is a few neurons short of the end destination and in need of a make ...
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  • Planning a charity walk event - help and advice please!

    Hey! So I'm planning a few charity walks in South Africa to take place during August. What steps do I need to take to get clearance to host these walks? The walks are pretty informal - walkers will show up, sign a registration sheet, walk 1.6km and $1 will be donated on their behalf to a charity called "Take The Walk" which fights poverty and HI ...
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  • Take the Walk in South Africa - August 2009!

    What can we do as South Africans as we see our country plagued by poverty and HIV/AIDS each day? For a long time I had no idea of how I could make a difference in this beautiful country. Every traffic light I stopped at, there was someone begging for food or money, while driving or walking around he cities I saw street kids begging for ...
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  • I've signed up!! Hellooo Blogging ;)

    So my aunt told me about this site and I decided that it would be a good idea to sign up and start a blog! It's about time I guess... I'm notorious for letting it all out via my facebook status updates. This is now my own space where people can choose to read what I have to say, so I hope that I will keep whoever out there is interested entertained ...
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  • Greetings

    So here I am, it is getting later and later, so decided to start  up a new blog to meet new friends.... ...
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  • Update on my life

    Blogs! Blogs! Privacy! Piracy! Phishing and fun! One school of thought says,  Be careful!  Be afraid!  Be anonymous! Another generation lays their lives open for the world to see - blogs, MySpace, Bebo and more, complete with pictures personal. So this is an update on my life.  It is meant for Mark, my one time Powerhouse ...
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  • Starting Up

    "Everybody loves a startup!" Or do they?  Well, they used to before the Dot Bomb.  For the uninitiated, that happened a long time ago (years) when investors got burned big time and stopped throwing money at any new company that could spell the word "Internet." So here I am escaping to a South African blog.  My eclipse IDE just ...
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  • Small World

    "It's a small world after all!" -- so goes the ditty.  Straight out of Disneyland, if I am not mistaken. There I was doing the obligatory "MY NAME" Google and I find my name not in Silicon Valley, not in the Land of Disney, not in a million race results around California -- but in a blog!  A blog forged in a world I once knew and loved ...
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  • Let The Games Begin

    Let The Games Begin Outstanding business opportunity. UVME is the first ever company launching a business to ever encapsulate three of the most exciting phenomena on the internet. Online games entertainment, social networking using web 2.0 and a new way of network marketing which is being described as "social marketing/network marketing 2.0 ...
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  • This Is VERY IMPORTANT! Please Read This and Act Today

    The information you're about to read is VERY IMPORTANT.  If you're serious about creating a secure, ever growing income that could very soon give you financial freedom, the home of your dreams and the car to match, then please give me a few minutes of your time. There's Something BIG Coming! Imagine having a crystal ball a few months before ...
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  • An Internet Revolution Is Coming

    The uVme skill games network will be launched in January 2008 and will deliver a fantastic product range for both the games player and the business minded individual alike.... ...
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  • 'The Beloved Country'

    I have made a home in both Durban and Cape Town. Despite the differences in climate, culture, people and fauna and flora, both cities have their own unique factors that make them appealing. I have spent most of my life in Durban and it's a beautiful, warm city. The people are friendly and despite the crime (which is a world wide phenomenon) it is ...
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  • Kids games for all

    I am currently faced with the daunting task of amusing myself over my 3 month vacation. I began by playing 'non-kids' games (mostly on the Play Station) and sketching. Recently this has changed due to my discovery of kids' games! One of the old time favorites are board games such as 30 Seconds or Monopoly. But even better are outdoor games such ...
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  • Writing Blogs

    Hi. My name is BlkR0se and I am a first time blogger. (round of wary applause) I have however read others' blogs and dislike people who blog because they are bored or (dare I say it?!) boring! Blogs of this nature waste time and make the reader feel like a zombie - emotionless. This is my experience and I'm sure I'm not alone in this. At the en ...
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Spirit Samurai

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  • Manic Depression

    The burn hits your chest...each breathe torture as the heat spreads through you. You look around for help and only your silent reflection can hear your cries. The pain cuts into your brain like a blunt knife,and it twists its way deeper inside,until it reaches your core,where it remains.Whats left of your heart beats sharply in your chest,in a vain ...
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  • Red Card, South Africa!

    I hope the 2010 World Cup gets taken away from South Africa. -a nearby crowd starts booing and throwing stones at me- I know I would get that reaction from most people,but hear me out.Our lovely country is being governed by retards.Worst of all they say any problems that arise are not their fault.The world has been watching the xenophobic(pronounce ...
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  • Apocalypse Please

    While sitting here floating around in depression and wanting to die,a thought hit me.Pretty hard too.Well,what if I DID die now?The thought came back in with an even harder blow,and made me wonder,what if the whole world died right now? Like one of those Doomsday la happy happy BOOM! Over. But wait,there's more,and the final attack o ...
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  • Map Of The Problematique

    Tis been awhile since been here to blog...missed me readers? No? Good, because I didn't miss you either.As a matter of fact I hate you. That out the way just felt like venting. Or I did. Writers Block set in. Will take the Lazy Bastards (TM) way out and post lyrics: Fear and Panic in the air/I want to be free from desolation and despair/And I feel ...
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  • Demonocracy

    War is overdue/The time has come for you/To shoot your leaders down/Join forces underground/Lose control/Increasing pace/Warped and bewitched/Time to erase/Whatever they say/These people are torn/Wild and bereft/Assassin is born/Aim, shoot, kill your leaders/Oppose and disagree/Destroy demonocracy/Lose control/Increasing pace/Warped and bewitched/T ...
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  • PI#1 -You have got to be kidding me

    While I understand this topic might have been discussed into oblivion this week, I am going to add my two cents worth.... ...
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  • The Search For the Perfect Gift

    I am usually pretty good at finding gifts for people. Maybe it’s my knack for listening to what they really want or maybe its pure fluke. My daughter of course, being a princess- tomboy and eight years old, is especially easy. Anything girly or where there’s the potential to break a limb and she’s happy. In fact the only person I ...
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  • School's Back

    Having just resurfaced from the hell better known as stationery week, I can honestly say I hate covering books.... ...
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  • She married a techie

    I usually consider January 2nd one of the most peaceful days of the year. Most of us do the party thing on the 31st and then do the family thing on the 1st. So most of us tend to take it easy on the 2nd. This was my plan, anyway.... ...
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  • Happy Blinking New Year

    Picture the scene: New Years Eve, an 8 year old, an 80 year old, cold damp grass and very, very boring music. Add to the mix a sleepy aunt, a bored husband and brother-in-law and a drunk MC. My father-in-law is sent home to get jackets and blankets and my mother-in-law wants to sit indoors. Oh yes, New Years Eve was turning out to be quite an exper ...
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  • Facebook: A place of unwanted confrontation

    I am sure you all know about this new and fun way of communication. Facebook. It helps people get in touch with overseas family and friends. It makes communication fun. It’s also a great way to stay in touch. Now in this cool website, loads of fun things can be done. Some of these activities are also meaningful. For example: A group that ...
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  • oops this is first time

    well try 2. will get it right at some time. I am really sorry the holidays are over, JHB at this time is really great! No traffic, fewer metro cops, long evenings and cold beer. We should get daylight savings, an hour extra of sunshine after work can never be a bad thing. Kinda shitty as blogs go, hopefully gets better.  (cant promise tho ...
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  • first time

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  • The World is Coming to an End – Again!

    As we're approaching the time when we actually have double digits in our year again, the thought is back in everyone's mind – is the apocalypse just around the corner? ... ...
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  • The Geeky Jock? Or the Jocky Geek? Sports and Technology

    I have never been the sporty type. Sure, in primary and high school I tried out my fair share. I sampled everything from hockey and netball to fencing and archery. But I didn't take any sport seriously, and never beyond schooldays. That is because my interest lay in the more intellectual, more electronic sphere, (read: laziness).... ...
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  • Anime, Nintendo, what more does a Geekette need?

    I recently celebrated the big 21st and my oh-so-awesome boyfriend spoiled me with a PINK Nintendo DS Lite. Yes. Pink. OMG. In his words "I can't get my nose out of that thing" and it has become quite addictive. All they need is software for reading books on the thing and my life is complete. I have thrown myself back into my anime viewing. Au ...
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  • The 2 minute interview

    What is your greatest achievement in your life so far?... ...
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  • Im a survivor...

    You think it will never happen to you. But then it does. You become one of THOSE people. You become a victim. A victim of Load Shedding... It happened to me so unexpectedly. Innocently playing Sims2 and putting off charging my dying cellphone until later, it hit me. I was doing well at Sims2. My sim had been promoted for now the 4th time. She had s ...
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