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  • Week 4: Hello ladies and gentlemen

    Greetings and salutations, my name is Baby T and I have just begun a 6-day journey through my mom's fallopian tube and have finally found a good place to settle, her uterus, apparently I am here for quite a while, like 8 months or something like that, you'd think by now with technology so advanced they could speed up the process or at least with ai ...
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Stan the man

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    : No place like home. I don’t as rule watch born free, which was screened on Sundays e-tv something caught my attention in one of the interviews, where the woman was talking about her son; she was discussing his chances for employment in the formal job market, my first thought was welcome to the club, hope you are going to teach him what they ...
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    Between Eskom and connections that are not that incredible. Every intentention that I had of keeping the only New Years resolution I had made, went out the window. Whilst at the coast away from any digital life, with the excepetion of a camera; it was easy to focus on on what I wanted for my goals, after throwing out a lot of wishful thinking and ...
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  • One bite at a time

    George Bernard Shaw , once said "Those who can do, those who cant teach !" ... ...
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  • Caught in the rat race

    Do u eva feel like takin a long holiday,like u neva seem to have any free time for urself-let alone to spend with ur 'other half'.Like everythng needs to be done like asap or else you'l b behind on deadlines,not meet ur responsibilites and be accused-by ur new blonde and oh so busty co-worker who u absolutely loathe!-of 'not doin ur job rite'?Wats ...
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  • Im here,finally

    Man this has been a long time coming!You know I've been a member of myDL for months now,logging on a couple of times a week seeing wat everybody else has to say,never really thinking i could blog.It's only until recently,after finding out that 1 of my best buds also blogs-sup K!-that I realised 'hey maybe I can do it too'.So here I am folks,putting ...
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  • Im here,finally

    Man this has been a long time coming!You know I've been a member of myDL for months now,logging on a couple of times a week seeing wat everybody else has to say,never really thinking i could blog.It's only until recently,after finding out that 1 of my best buds also blogs-sup K!-that I realised 'hey maybe I can do it too'.So here I am folks,putting ...
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  • the quintessential existence

    I have just come from a movie with some guy I met over the weekend..yeah he don't waste time. Niggas like him recognise that a girl is in demand. and he also just sent me an msg..saying that he hopes we get more physical next time...ha..ha...clearly he didnt get the memo...during the movie he wanted to ask me something but chickened out..he later r ...
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  • To clarify the rules of the BlackBerry competition

    Hi All... ...
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  • Letter from BlackBerry

    Dear Digital Life Citizen Journalists and Bloggers, Euphoria seems to be all around us this weekend - winning the Rugby World Cup and then my euphoria.... reading all your entries in the BlackBerry Curve competition. Let me start out by saying that I have been so touched by all the effort, originality and engaging spirit that you have all sho ...
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  • The BlackBerry Curve Competition

    The Road Less Travelled. Robert Frost once said: "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference"   With my soon to be new Blackberry Curve, I too can take the road less travelled. Sporting a cool GPS satellite navigation feature, I can go where no man or woman has gone before. ...
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  • Calling all morons...

    I will probably get shot down in flames about this, but this is my reality, so if you don’t like it, move on! Democracy in South Africa, as in Africa in general, is an absolute joke! And, I’m sick and tired of everyone saying we must all be positive…the more you ‘pretend’ everything is ok, the more it will get wors ...
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  • ramblings of a deranged soul: break up detox

    what you need is to detox... step away from the girl... evaluate your priorities...... and from now on.... don't go for girls who make the first move... take charge of the relaltionship from the begining...... anyway... a girl who makes the  first move has an agenda for you already.... so be careful dear.... these are the ramblings of a dera ...
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Sexy Candy

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  • Hot Gadget of the week

    Hey Bloggers Just a quick note to let you know that your Wednesday dose of Sexy Candy honey has to be postponed. I have been lounging in a sunchair on a remote Island, covered in sun tan lotion. ...
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  • noise of choice

    in a perfect world, this will be MY favourite radiostation: music by UJ FM content by TALK 702 giggles by RAW traffic reports by anybody who can get it right. sport commentary will be relevant. not sure where 5FM fits in. there'll be NO ads in a fake indian, boer or scottish accent. granted, In a perfect world none of us will be stuck in ...
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  • monday

    goodmorning dear reader, mondays. the day after sunday and before tuesday. songs have been written about this day. was it this one or some specifically arbitrary one? does anyone care? accept the liitle retard at the back. yes. you. put down your hand. no, the answer isn't 4. this isn't miss kabowsky's introduction to idiocy for practioners. ok. ...
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  • chuckles

    *ed's note: thanks to rowing reporter for chuckles. i decided to post this since my writing suck so horribly ;)*... ...
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  • Are these people paying attention?

    *ed’s note: please note that anyone with any sort of hang-ups about the light reflecting characteristics of their epidermis should not read this post*... ...
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  • 2008 revulsions per whatever timeperiod fits into yer pretty little noggin

    oh hello dear reader,... ...
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  • Why is Clinton going to Haiti?

    Aid organsiations and goods are struggling to get into Haiti. Why is Hillary Clinton going there? To personally extend her condolences. Can the people of Haiti eat that? I don't think so. Money is not the currency, fresh water is. I don't think they understand the full extent of desperation these people are in.So until Hillary Clinton and Ban ...
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  • How did everyone miss the sword?

    One question.. how did NO ONE manage to see this kid walking around with the sword? ... ...
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  • Why athiests are the same as religious fundamentalists

    So the great religion debate... Wow. Firstly, a request, can all religous people please not say YOUR saviour who loves YOU and sacrificed for YOU, instead, MY, ME and ME. I just don't like anyone imposing their religion on me, and i don't believe any god sacrificed for me or what have you. Also, i don't think your god had the idea of making people ...
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  • Why i love (most) South Africans

    I don't think ANY country in the world has the ability to laugh at themselves like most of us do here in sunny SA. We have no electricity, we lose the cricket world cup sometimes, we have so many races and cultures, we have Zuma (enough said), crime, hiv...... ...
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  • Solving the Eskom problem

    While browsing around looking for information on ANOTHER publishing topic, i came across a UK site called 5 Star Sites. On the site i somehow found my way to an article on the UK's amended electricity laws. As of a few years, Britons are allowed to buy electricity from other companies, not just the government's Electricity Board.... ...
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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

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  • How Happy Are You?

    Awakening to the bomb blast that was my alarm clock.  One eye opens and I squint hazily through my unfocused eye . . .  that "time" again?   I cringe, I procrastinate, I need at least half an hour just to get motivated to go to my job, my work!  The only thing that gets me through the day is breaking it up into session ...
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  • First Love

    A love worth waiting for,... ...
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  • Where Were You?

    Where were you?  When I caled your name, When I needed your strength, When I needed you so? ...
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  • Wat is die mens???

    Wat is die mens dat U aan hom dink?   ... ...
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  • Die Genade van ons Vader

    Goeie Dag aan u elkeen   Die maand was maar baie stil tot en met nou toe.    Wat ek wel met u wil deel is dievolgede: Ek het weer op nuut besef net hoe moeilik dit is, om as kind van God ,in 'n werksplek te wees. Daar is konstant mense wat jou probeer onderkry en enige iets sal doen om jou sleg te laat voel. Die wonderlikes ...
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  • It's Been A While

    Yesterday morning I decided to use my old Honda LS 125cc (that I haven't ridden in 6 years) to go to work and back. You see, it is a lot lighter on feul than my car, and I needed a change. Damn it was fun!   But as with anything there are also bad things. I realised within the first 5 minutes why I stopped riding... Some people are real Id ...
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  • A New Beginning

    Okay, this is it. Time to break away and start fresh. Over the past couple of days I have been writing about my pathetic single life. Well no more. It is time to pick myself up, dust off the hurt and pain, and pick a direction to go in.   ... ...
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  • Single... Day 8

    Once again I sit in front of the PC thinking of what to type. I know the rest of the world has got better things to do than to read my blogs about my simple little life, but that is not why I am posting this. Nor am I posting my feelings and thoughts about being single for sympathy. I am doing this as a way of getting my thoughts off my chest. &nb ...
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  • Single... Day 3

    Well, well... what a roller coaster ride of a week this has been. Day 3 now and things are actually starting to look better. My head is clearer and most of the tears has been shed. Sure, it still hurts, and I suspect it will hurt for some time to come, but at least I can finally go out in public without puffy eyes.   Last night one of my ...
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  • Single... Day 2

    I think I am busy going crazy. One second I am happy, and the next I wish I was not born.   As you all probably know by now, my fiance dumped me 2 days ago. Apparently because she does not want to make me unhappy. I didn't even know she was making me unhappy... HELL, Three days ago I was still the happiest person alive. But apparently I wa ...
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  • Written in matric... ag shame!

    Even though you've been gone for aeons now... ...
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  • A poem

    A blind man walking down the street... ...
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  • SMS 38502 to donate R10.00

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  • Jessica Barker FOUND

    Thank you to every one who assisted, sympathised and put in effort to find our lovely dog.  Jesse is safe and sound back at home!  She was frightened and very thirsty but thank fully not hurt or ill.  A quick visit to the doggy parlour, Dirty Dogs, here in Nelspruit had her in good spirits soon after.  We had to have her dipp ...
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  • MISSING: Jessica Barker is missing!

    My beautifull dog Jessica Barker went missing in the Alkmaar area yesterday (N4 to Nelspruit).  She is a very unique white Border Collie and cannot hear.  She responds to signal commands - the command for "come here" is an outstretched arm towards your chest - bassically the universal call command.  I am offering R1000.00 for her saf ...
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  • Open letter to Graeme Smith

    Graeme Smith, I take back all the nasty things things that I have called you.  Arrogant, cocky, asshole, forward, impulsive, immature, overrated, selfish, egotistical, smug, gum-chewing imbecile etc etc. were just some of the nicer adjectives. However, today, after what I regard as a pure heroic and unselfish ...
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  • Some restaurants you visit once only

    As it was the holidays, we went out to supper a couple of times.   Our first major disappointment was experienced at the new Adega restaurant, recently opened at Willowbridge Shopping Centre near the Tyger Waterfront in Cape Town.  That particular night we had an option of a booking at 18H30 or 20H30.  We opted ...
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  • Some beggars have a nasty attitude!!

    When we still lived in Gauteng I once did my shopping at the local Checkers in Ferndale.  A beggar approached me, asking for money.  I just had a baby and was in a particular giving mood.  I told him I was not going him money, but I will do some shopping for him.  He should meet me outside in 15 minutes.  I bought basics, c ...
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  • Who is behind the bus/taxi strike in Cape Town

    This morning at 6 my housekeeper phoned me.  "Mevrou, no taxis or buses.  Taxi drivers throw stones at buses and we can't go anywhere.  All the people go home."  This is enough!!! How can a few hundred bloody hooligans stop all the transport from and to Nyanga and Khayelitsha.  They are the cause that hund ...
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  • It is official: I am a bitch!!!

    When I stand up for myself and my beliefs, they call me a bitch. When I refuse to tolerate injustice an speak against it, I am defined as a bitch. Twice now, I have spoken my mind about two of our male "friends" who treat their wives like second class citizens.  Low and behold, twice I have been called a bitch.   T ...
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  • Hey there, Joe Public!

    Been watching the ongoing US election hype? Have a strong opinion and wish you could vote too and save the Americans from themselves  /  the world from the Republican's economic blundering   - you know, stuff, only you're not an American? Cast your vote at instead, and although it won't cou ...
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  • The myth of white privilege

    "White privilege" is a condition that no one can deny existed during Apartheid, but using the term today in South Africa is pretty much guaranteed to evoke snarls of resentment from white people. Faced with BEE and affirmative action, the job market is not the easiest place for white males in particular, which makes a lot of us whities unhappy camp ...
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  • "I kissed a girl" parodies bring the lulz

    So, you've all heard Katy Perry's song "I kissed a girl", right? The song that everyone's singing, and that everyone either loves or hates but still can't get out of their head? The other day, on the radio, they played this disturbing and yet hilarious parody. Also, there is Cobra Starship's version, "I kissed a boy", which is equally funny ...
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  • Men - can't live without them, can't get them to stop obessing about their genitals...

    Argument over penis size and race leads to murder of 3 at bar. There really is nothing one can say. Although I think it is worth noting that one never reads a headline like "Argument over breast size leads woman to shoot [anyone]", and yet the vast majority of leaders in business and politics are what gender, exactly? Scary really. ...
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  • SA's Bishop Tutu "deeply disturbed" by Mbeki resignation

    Our beloved archbishop, so vociferously outspoken against Apartheid during the bad old days, continues to be the voice of reason in SA.  Sadly for the Arch, he was hated and disparaged by the government back then and continues to be hated and disparaged by the government today. I suppose this is understandable; governments generally don't seem ...
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  • All the things i said

    I have stepped on petals discarded by the wind made promises in the dark that I can not rescind I heard the whispers that floated on the streams ignored the words spoken discounted them as dreams I have paid the favoured for favours undeserved sold them to the bidders, prices unreserved have written words in colours rich and f ...
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  • Global Orgasm

    Last year on December 22 they had global orgasm day. Apparently the release of all that positive energy would assist in the goal of world peace. I don't remember anything special on that day or any particular horniness on that day(is it because i'm horny everyday). So did it work. Well... the world doesn't seem any more peaceful than it was, worse ...
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  • So Now Im here

    Was amazed to see many of the old 'faces'... ...
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I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering. I enjoy staying in the loop with new technology and sharing it here.

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  • Beneath

    I've scratched the surface... ...
    Jul 10 Tags: Untagged
  • Living two lives

    The sun settles amidst ashen skies, shadows that grow longer as the night eagerly consumes the daylight into darkness that develops into menacing apparitions of a savage that walks by my side. ... ...
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  • Banana Banana Part 2

    So where was I ?... ...
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  • Derailed

    And if this train crashes, will you follow Will you succumb to the monotonous melody?... ...
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  • Banana Banana

    So as we are all constantly reminded (by the tossers at gov-er-ment)the soccer world cup is supposed unify our nation, make us come together and bring in millions in revenue from tourists that are looking forward to lack of electricity and crime. Welcome to South Africa - Duck Motherf*ckers... ...
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  • South African BAD SERVICE AWARDS!

    Yes, there should be a "Razzy Award" for service in South Africa.  I know that this would probably fall on the industry's deaf ears, but that's what not it's about, is it?  What consumers need more than anything is some sense of vindication for the time, money and effort wasted on bad service providers (not to mention loss of wit!) . ...
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  • Money vs Meaning

    For the past two and a half years working for this company I've helplessly watched my job description regress invisibly from being a full-blown writer to the point where I am now making small proofing changes, copying and pasting crap and also retyping copy from pdf’s or web to word.... ...
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  • internet illiteracy and some other rants...

    How do you explain this one? So the rather large (and significant) financial services company I work for FINALLY decided to tap into social media.  Okay tapping is a bit of a hefty word, let's say we're, er, well sticking a finger into a room adjacent to a room with an old pc (DOS) in.  ... ...
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  • 3 strikes you're out

    just like forest gump... My momma used to say that if someone treats me badly once it's probably their fault.  If it happens more than once, though, she said to look at myself 'cos the problem probably lies with me, and I can't blame the cruel-cruel world everything.... ...
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  • Me & a Ukulele

    So... I'm an aspiring Ukulele player.  Well, sort of.  I haven't got one, have not even searched for one, have no idea what these things cost... but I've been listening to some awesome Ukulele tunes on Youtube and have just made up my mind to learn the Ukulele.As we get older I guess these adventurous compulsions don't find us that often ...
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  • SA Blog Awards 2008 - Vote NOW

    Vote for my favourite undiscovered blog -! <a href='' title='Vote for this blog in the 2008 SA Blog Awards'><img src='' border='0' align='center' alt='Vote for this Blog' /></a> ...
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  • Serial Dater?

    Reading blogs is a hobby - that consumes a lot of time. Recently I discovered How To Become A (Real) Serial Dater and I had laughed the whole way thru! Read this: "Date 17: The Drink-A-Jerkoff (English guy) I seem to attract weirdos. Lots of them. He got the compliments part right. As the night progressed Mr got tur ...
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  • Rendezvous, Northgate

    Saturday mornings at a mall is never any fun - especially not when you are starving and sit down at a nice looking restaurant and then you wait... A waitress darted out onto outside area, but when I called her over she just walked on by... I waited another 10 minutes in the hope that I'll see any other waiters, I was not that lucky. I left a ...
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  • Nashua Mobile never lets go (even if saying they would)

    It is official, Nashua Mobile has deducted money from my account again after I received an email from Carol saying they have canceled the contract from 26 September. I immediatly phoned Carol at Nashua Mobile and demanded back my money. I guess I will have to wait and see if Nashua Mobile will actually refund it... (or how long it takes!) ...
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  • Nashua Mobile VS The Customer (continued)

    After receiving the email on 26 September 2007 that said Nashua Mobile will be canceled I have been phoning Nashua Mobile via their Customer Service Center, leaving comments on but the standard respons is "I will get back to you" and that never happens! "I will request our Deactivations department to process the request once we ...
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Vanilla Face

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    ‘GODSKITCHEN BOOMBOX’ TO SHAKE THE FOUNDATIONS IN SOUTH AFRICA WITH ARMIN VAN BUUREN! EXPO CENTRE, JOHANNESBURG - 13 JUNE '09 BELVILLE VELODROME, CAPE TOWN - 15 JUNE '09   Godskitchen is once again going to stamp its authority in South Africa. Following on a hugely successful debut in the Ukraine, which saw the attendance of 16,000 f ...
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    ELECTRIC CIRCUS: EASTER FREAKSHOW SATURDAY 25 APRIL '09 Calling all.. Disco dancers, Pleasure seekers & Party freaks.. Ready to.. Swing it, Shake it, Move it, Make it!? JHB's ultimate 4-ring Circus Maximus is back by dope demand! EC: EASTER FREAKSHOW The Electric Circus party posse treat you to their 4th crazy installment of H ...
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  • Galaxy Tab...Blah

    So as many of you may remember I am still a member of the coolest crew of Bloggers out there... the MyDL teamOkay so I have been awol a while but have a very good excuse! I have become a Sales Rep.  for a while it was tough going as I dd not have a means of writing a blog... no PC, no Laptop and no Galaxy Tab!           ...
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  • Thou shall not Worship Idols...

    Every Christian bible has a version of the old testament where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments… every Christian child learns the Ten Commandments. But how well do Christians actually understand these laws written in stone and lost (or hidden) through the ages?... ...
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  • Say What?

    I have some questions that probably don’t have answers… For instance why is it when it rains while the sun is shining it’s called a Monkey’s wedding? I have tried to google this but it seems the only google has is that monkeys get married in India!... ...
    Jul 21 Tags: Untagged
  • Republic of Democracy!

    Has any one else ever noticed that when a country has the word “Republic” or “Democratic” is anything but that!?... ...
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  • The wedding.

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  • A typical day as a Web Designer

    A typical day of a web designer Always plan your day the night before. This will enable you to really evaluate what needs doing and give you a clear picture of how your day is looking. Make sure you prioritise and you can change the plan if required. ...
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  • Credit Worthy or Die

    In this day and age where there is a constant struggle between “pay or play”, one person needs to start thinking about every single action they may take and what the financial impact may be thereafter. Whether you would like to go out for a drink with mates, or would like to purchase a new pair of sunglasses, you need to ensure that you ...
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  • Altered Reality

    My name is ***** ***** also known as Agent Little Ninja. And this is my long awaited first blog. I have been meaning to write this blog thing for ages but have just not been able to get around to it or find the proper motivation. I mean…what is a blog anyway? What am I supposed to write about? Everyday things? Ok… Well…I ...
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  • Right here, right now.

    Again a sit thinking where I'm heading. What the future holds, or if it holds anything at all? My it's up to me to determine what the future holds instead of just waiting to see what happens?... ...
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  • Damn Co-Workers!

    Today I learnt what the most frustrating thing in the world is. It’s not traffic, taxi drivers or those irritating people that phone at night to sell funeral plans.... ...
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  • Keep Walking

    In life we always try to stay one step ahead, to go further. This applies to all aspects of life. We want a better job with a better salary. We want that new BMW or that Sandton apartment. We want great relationships with friends, family and partners. We sacrifice many things to get what we want, some worth sacrificing some regrettably sacrific ...
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  • Lost Souls Forever

    Why do we have the curiosity to enter another dimension, to be released form reality? Why do we love it so much that we that we long to go back after just on visit? I believe it is because the real world is where our bodies live but our souls long to be in a different realm, ideally spiritual but any detatchment from reality will do. In t ...
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  • Skin and Steel

    You can feel the anticipation, though deep down you don't want to do it. Goose bumps appear on your skin at the slightest touch of steel. You take a deep breath as the blade draws near, preparing for the initial sharp burning pain. As the blade splits your skin you feel that uncomfortable yet familiar sensation that takes you where you want to b ...
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  • It's a complex life.

    I have recently moved into a new place with two of my friends, which is in a complex. Now I say "place" because frankly I have no idea what to call the “place”. Is it a house, an apartment or a shack? So I stay in your typical complex. You have an entrance which looks exactly the same as the entrance to the complex next door. We have a ...
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  • 2010

    Has anyone beside me ever wondered what exactly is going to happen in 2011 when everything has happend and the is just that aftershock feeling.What i know is im looking forward to the world cup and especially the people its going to attract. ...
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  • Cool Apple Buddies

    It was a Monday, I was working frantically. Then it happened, my G4 PowerBook started freezing up. The rainbow wheel was spinning endlessly. I restarted, hoping that would be the solution – no luck it was worse. My machine had gone blank. Desperately I raced over to Cool Apple Buddies or CAB for short. True to the name I was greeted by a co ...
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  • When I see hurt and troubled people!

    Does it hurt you when someone is standing with his/her head down because of pain? The hardest part about this topic is identifying the problem, reacting to it, and the steps others should take.... ...
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  • Live. Accept. Face. Strive. Truly live.

    To conquer one’s fears, one must see past them. To fear is natural; to see past them is heroic. Fear is normal additive to life; symbolizing that there are new, sometimes extraordinary things to come, to face. To be able to see these things before they happen is a sign of wisdom. To see past them is a sign of leadership and boldness. Fear is ...
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  • Hello to the world...

    Good Morning ... ...
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