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  • How to get a software upgrade on your car's black box?

    What do you do when you want to go faster,  using your car obviously and you don't have the money for a turbo, nitrous or you can't put in chip?  You do a software upgrade.  Why?  Its simple and for those of you who have service plans or motorpplans it should be undetectable.  I will try for the next coming days to add as m ...
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  • Are Indicators an optional Extra when purchasing a BMW

    Traveling on the freeway this past week has been an experience, not once but 3 times between JHB South and Randburg was i a victim of the dreaded BMW failure to indicate syndrome. I cannot believe that such an over priced vehicle does not come standard with some sort of indicating device.... ...
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Just a thought

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  • 7th of April

    It seems that on the 7th of April there will be a transport strike, all truck drivers will not be working. what that means for us is no delivery of petrol and diesel to all service stations. People are advised to fill up their tanks and drive economically as there is no clear end date to the strike. On the same note on Wednesday the petrol is go ...
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  • Meet the N97

    The future of mobile smartphones is getting juicier by the day. Nokia has revealed the next generation of their popular Nseries brand of smartphones in Barcelona today. The unveiled N97 “personal computer” is packing a punch and is looking to take back market share lost to Apple and blackberry in a arena once dominated by the Finnish giant. With ...
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  • 25GB transfers in 70 seconds

    25GB transfers in 70 seconds…so much for USB 2.0’s 13.9 minutes speed record. USB 3.0 promises to drastically take transfer speeds to a new level with its final specification protocol being announced next week. Unfortunately the eagerly anticipated Windows 7 will not be supporting USB 3.0. ...
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  • LCD Price Fixing

    Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Sharp and LG have all pleaded guilty to fixing prices as per the US Department of Justice. The sad part, at least for us consumers, is that LG appears to have been fixing prices on the down low from the period September 2001 up to June 2006. LG was fined a juicy $400m for their part in these shadowy activities, not t ...
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  • Another free video and voice chat Service

    Seems like Skype has a new competitor, none other than Google which introduced a free video and voice chat web service. Gmail members can have a nice chat with friends via a video screen (you can customize the screen size) and google chat box, and all of this takes place within your Gmail. All that’s required is a webcam and a plug-in for your b ...
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  • Do I need another life?

    Its a serious question. The last time I even thought about blogging was when blogger was all the rage.  Yeah, I know that dates me a bit... even by internet time.  I opened an account, configured the layout and colors, thought up a catchy title, made my first, daring post and... well, that was it. Then in the email this week was the ...
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  • The Adventures of Princess Upa-Peach Tree’s son, Prince Ima-Fur Tree...

    After the death of Princess Upa-Peach Tree, the land of Boredomania fell into a dark period of mourning. The sky, which was usually filled with singing pixies and fairy dust became dark and was filled with horse droppings and the remnants of the recent sheep shearing. Princess Upa-Peach Tree’s husband, Prince Whatan-Oak Tree was ver ...
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  • The adventures of Princess Upa-Peach Tree...

    Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess, named Princess Upa-Peach Tree, in a land far, far away; a land called Boredomania.  She lived in a tall castle made entirely of lettuce leaves in the province of Killamenow.  The land was beautiful and the grass was vivid purple – the kind of purple you go when you can’t brea ...
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  • Over and out

    I've made the decision to limit my writing to my own blog, and not do any more articles here.  With the quality of some of the posts the decision was quite easy to remove any association I have.  Now if only I can find where to delete my profile. For those of you who like my writing, you can still see it here Over and out... ...
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  • The Few Who Spoil It For The Rest Of Us

    Let me start with some background... Last night at about half past 10 my doorbell rang.  When I answered the intercom, there was a guy outside asking me to come outside as he'd just had an accident at the end of the cul-de-sac where I stay.  He had just come from the local pub, and did not have a clue where he was... Now, normally I ...
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  • Foreign substances in our food

    After enduring the whole uproar about the Melamine found in all kinds of food products from China, I had a look at Wikipedia about what Melamine really is.  Now that was a very scary article to read.  Basically it is an extremely poisonous substance, which will kill whatever ingests it in big enough quantities.  And it will be a very ...
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  • People say I'm mad, the voice in my head says I'm getting better

    After an absence of over a week, I'm back and writing.  The reason for my absence? I did a cycle tour from Joburg to Durban.  690km in 5 days.  And what fun the tour was. There were 13 of us riding, with the last stage being the Amashova race from Maritzburg to Durban.  On the Saturday night we decided with the tired legs, ...
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  • Is the Springbok emblem really racist?

    According to this article on News24, most definitely.  But now I have to disagree! In my honest opinion, and I hope you read this Mr Komphela, I have identified one of the biggest racists left in the country. One Mr Butana Komphela!!!! In yet another attack on rugby in SA, he wants us to drop the Springbok emblem in search of somethin ...
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  • The Problem with Democracy

    Having read much in the media recently about our ruling party, their leader, and their militant youth league, I've been giving politics in South Africa a good deal of mind time. And after a lot of in-depth thought I've come to the conclusion that democracy will not work in South Africa. The reason...sheer stupidity.Democracy, as a co ...
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  • Fun Times: VMWare Software iSCSI Initiator

    I spent the last 2 days at a customer site trying to get the VMWare ESX 3.5 Software iSCSI stack working on an old Sun server... For the unnerdy, iSCSI is a protocol (computer communications language) that allows your computer to access a virtual hard drive over a normal TCP/IP network (like your network at work or the Internet) as though it was ...
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  • Mom blackmails using child porn

    Never in my life!!! I just read an artical on CNN. A mother is blackmailing her daughters ex-boyfriend by telling him that she will post nude pictures of him (that she found on her daughter's cellphone) on the internet, unless he gets back together with her daughter. My goodness gracious me! I don't really think that I would be a model fat ...
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  • My New Children

    I am happy to announce that I am the proud owner of twins!!!!! Allow me to introduce you to "Billy Jean" and "Not My Lover", a healthy pair of Numark TTX Direct Drive Turntables. They make a lovely addition to my existing Numark DXM09 mixer. My apologies for the image quality. The features of these babies include:   Variable ...
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  • 160000 km

    My car reached 160000km today. It's the car I baught from my mom at 36850km. She came to me with a big ribbon wrapped around her. She has served me well, with only a few hiccups here and there... My trusty car took me backwards and forwards between Johannesburg and Vereeniging to visit my mom in hospital when she had her stroke, and to her funer ...
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  • Premium SMS - time for change?

    The time has come for my first official blog and it is suitable content for family viewing..... Premium SMS - money making cash machine is busy receiving a body blow from GPRS services and the resulting battle can only help the consumer get more value for less bucks (hooray!). Receiving alerts via SMS works but why charge so much? The law ...
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  • its a gas gas gas

    Here is a good scam, in the interests of saving energy you get all the poorest people to give up thier electric stoves and get them to switch to good old gas, a good idea? I dont think so.... ...
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  • Unit Pricing for Pubs

    I recently read a consumerist article in the paper promoting unit pricing on supermarket goods.  You know, so you know what your washing powder costs per kilogram, and don't have to do heavy calculations in your head dividing price and quantity. I reckon we should lobby for unit pricing in pubs, so you know how much you pay per milliletre o ...
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  • Justice!

    PHOENIX (AP) - Officers responding to a report of an exorcism on a young girl found her grandfather choking her and used stun guns to subdue the man, who later died, authorities said. Looks like the Devil wins?  No? ...
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  • Skepdic or Dick?

    You decide, but make sure it's an informed decision before you do.  Making informed decisions requires scepticism, and there are few better sceptics that Robert Carol, author of the illuminating Skeptic's Dictionary, a beacon of light in a world threatened by superstition. ...
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  • Simple Plesures in a Geek's Life

    I've just found out that, in the database I'm working on, the item ID for document line items is unique across all documents, not just unique within one document. This means that all the reporting work for one  document type I mistakenly did at document level, and not item level, will still work.  It has to work by tomorrow, so this i ...
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  • SA man touted as next Jerry Springer...

    Well, almost.  An article on News24 says trailer parks could be the answer to South Africa's shortage of affordable housing.  It quotes Gerhard Kotzé, CEO of the ERA South Africa property group, as saying ""And the image many South Africans have is that of the old-style American trailer park, with large numbers of silver cylinders ...
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  • A business fairy tale. Episode 1

    A business fairy tale. Once upon a time there was a little company called Pig Swill Inc which was run by a wolf in piggy clothing. One day, the company was sold by the wolf in piggy clothing to a big bad holding company ..... ...
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  • Mobile Payments

    Mobile payments have come a long way and are eventually becomming a reality. I am excited by the fact that I am living in this revolution of Mobile usage becomming ubiquitous in every day life. The only lack of this payment system is that I thought that the Network Operators would have taken the lead - unfortunately the to busy over charging me lik ...
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  • Trying times for consumers

    Interconnection Rate Benchmarking in Namibia presentation I attended recently was presented by Dr. Christoph Stork of Research ICT Africa (RIA). The event was held in Sandton at Cell-C. You can download the presentation from the RIA website if you have an interest on the subject. It made me realise that our ICT skills shortage are cross-cutting ac ...
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  • For Pet Lovers

    Here's a site you can register your pets and share with the world.  I like it and am sure you will too! Enjoy: Let me know if you derive joy from it ...
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  • Credo Mutwa-wise words

    “I wish to appeal to the world. First, I am not a quack or a charlatan or a sensationalist. I am an old man who has seen much. I wish the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa.”   ...
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  • The NaNo challenge - the winning and losing of it all

    Well, I actually did it.  I finished the NaNo challenge and threw in the towel on my incomplete book at 50 224 words. Ah, but what a bittersweet victory it is! Let's review in short, the emotional ride that I've been on this month: Day 1 - I surged out of the starting blocks, writing nearly 5k in one day.  How easy this will be, I dec ...
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  • NaNoWriMo definitely ate my soul

    I cannot belive this is happening to me! I haven't had the oomph to write a blog for a very long while, but I still read what gets posted regularly, and this is how I came to learn about the NaNo challenge.  OMG, what a dumb idea! Who the hell could conjure up a concept that will see 123000 (give or take a few) people take up the challenge t ...
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  • FaceBook vs MDL - part 2

    So, as a mature individual who will freely admit when she's wrong, I find myself in the awkward position of "eating my words".... After my last blog about Facebook, I all but forgot that I had registered and posted pics of myself on my profile. Then one day I received a notification in my email inbox advising that I had a I logged ...
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  • Warning for parents!!!!

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  • Chinese torture

    Somewhere, somehow my proudly SA mob have learned the art of Chinese torture which comes in the form of sleep deprivation... As a family that is currently nurturing not 1, but 2 toddlers we have the dubious honour of enjoying additional bed partners in the night.  This is not unusual for toddlers but add to that the fact that our two will a ...
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  • What is worse as not having a website

    Having a non functional website or a website which does not seem to be maintained or managed. For example 2 days ago I did a search for insulation material companies in south africa, as my study is getting extremely hot 35 degrees and up (celcius), so i figured maybe insulating my roof might help. The first link I clicked on was an adwords ad (w ...
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  • Outdated unmaintained websites

    Last week I was doing some research on free webbased email providers & the larger companies behind them. (A lot of free services are piggybacking on larger providers infrastructure and expertise). So a good start for this research is of course google with keywords like free email etc. You get presented with many websites which contain links ...
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  • i was lost but now im found!

    I was lost yes, and where do you think did I get lost; well I got lost on the net trying to find a good web hosting company. But at last I have found a home. And where is this home? It’s a this company seems to amaze me with their creativity and ingenuity. Someone commented to me that the hosing company did not offer th ...
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  • web Hosting?

    Hi guys. i as searching on the internet for a web host. you will not beleive the high prces that we are paying for web hosting in this country. Some of the prices are jus incredibly rediculous, i think you know which companys im talking about. But i think ive found the best one, well not the best but the most reosonable one and its based right he ...
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  • poliics

    Here is a question for you. do you ever think about the politics of your country? Do you feel that you are powerless and hat you comments about your country's sate of affairs are not being heard, well the truth is you are right well up until now you were. I now present you with an opportunity to express your views totally without any form of contro ...
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  • cheap computer equipment

    ... ...
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  • formulae for wealth( the X factor)

      The theory of the beggar   This is my first time trying to formulate this formulae of the beggar. The idea is to try and emulate the life of a beggar so that we can save as much of our money as possible. I don’t know hoe realistic this idea is but I will have to see.   If you can fro a moment , imagine yourself as a begg ...
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  • Expats MUST be able to vote

    Many South African's are abroad on contract, sharing their skills as well as learning new skills to one day bring back home. It is in poor taste that we fall into the same catagory as deserters and prosoners who have left because of          Crime          Jobs   ...
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  • Facing the online addiction

    Finally! I think I have broken the cycle. I do not check my inbox every 10 minutes. Nor do I click 'refesh' every minute to check for posts anymore. My phone isn't flipped open on my lap, web browser ready, while driving/walking/talking/eating/living... but wait, let me just quickly check if my mate Robert has posted those pics from last night's pa ...
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  • Sex addicts of the world unite

    So I see this week's topic is addicts and addiction and blah, blah, blah. So I figured I'd best climb out of my hidey-hole and post something appropriate. Problem is, see, I've never really understood the sex addiction thing. Yes, I know it's a psychological issue which has more to do with self-esteem and the lack thereof than actual sex. But qu ...
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  • Sex: What women want

    So I'm a 'nice', erm, girl, been around the block once or twice (ok, maybe three times), and yet I never cease to be amazed how many men still can't get the basics right when it comes to pleasuring a woman. You'd think, by now, what with all those funky men's magazines, the Internet and all of its 'useful' information, and just the fact that wo ...
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  • Do you suffer from Operating System Apathy?

    Do you suffer from Operating System Apathy?Have you ever laid awake at night thinking about your current Operating System? Have you thought about installing another OS, but haven't found the time to? Do you currently have images of Linux distros that you meant to install never even ran in a VM?Are you downloading one now thinking that you might ins ...
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  • Bandwidth: A study

    What follows here is a short summary of the paper "Correllation between user behaviour and alloted bandwidth" by mandibleclaw et al. Published some time ago in the Journal For Bandwidth Sciences. This is just a cursory review of the bandwidth allowed the associated behaviours of users. We'll track it as a progression of stages. Stage 1 – C ...
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  • Desktop screenshots

    Desktop Screenshots Just because I have insomnia and nothing better to do I'll take up some of your time by having you look at my desktop. Now before you virtually castrate me, let it be known that it was Charmed's idea...and I always participate in these screenshot threads. So here's a semi-cleaned up version of my desktop ca ...
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  • Mac OSX on my PC: First Impressions

    Mac OSX on my PC: First Impressions There are a couple of ways to get Mac on your PC. The one I've got is Mac iPC which for the most part works (note that time spent with Mac < 1 hour including installed time). So anyway, I installed it and after a bit of configuring I finally got my desktop. I have to say I'm not impressed at all. It l ...
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  • Man, I hate.

    Hi there. How are you doing? ... Motherfuck that question pisses me off. Right there's the emptiest sentence in the whole of the English language. It exists only to be responded to with 'fine'. Nothing else will do. Don't even bother answering the question honestly, cause whomever's asking doesn't give a shit. It forms part of what I love to ...
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  • Hello, Skyrim! Goodbye, social life…

    S... ...
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  • A Return to Social Networking?

    So Google+ is now available to the world, and yet I still feel no compulsion to join “the fastest growing social network”. Sadly, I’m starting to dislike the whole movement that Google is taking: trying to make the Web more social. I’m slowly getting to the point where I feel I might be better off disassociating myself from ...
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  • iPad or iFad?

    I’ve always really thought of most Apple products as something I would never really want to get involved with, what with their release cycles, and that they only add very small amounts of functionality between these releases (iPhone 3 and iPhone 3G, for example).... ...
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  • NWN Forum Server Hacked

    At 08:37 this morning, I received the following email (hyperlinks taken out of course - wouldn't want someone else changing my own password!) - although perhaps this is more cautionary than anything else; they do state the passwords were encrypted after all (yet perhaps more of a worry, since Graphics Processing Units (GPU's) seem to be fairly good ...
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  • Broadband - what we pay for?

    I was reading this article on TechCentral titled: Telkom: 'we're not expensive' and thought I would do my own little investigation into the price of broadband overseas...... ...
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  • Missing home

    How much does one miss your country I ask - you only know this answer when you've been away from *home* - once the holiday period is over - then the longing to go back returns.... ...
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  • Can Intel take on ARM with it's latest chip?

    Peter Bright asks "will Medfield be the chip Intel needs to take on ARM?" He may be right. By bringing down the chips from five to three, Intel has increased it's competitiveness with ARM. The Atom Z2460 processor boasts a "turbo boost" capability - "Its normal maximum clock speed is 1.3 GHz, but it can ramp up to 1.6 GHz should workloads perm ...
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  • The e-toll roads saga

    The e-toll story synoptically retold: SANRAL is underfunded. It has R64 billion available for the proclaimed national road network of 16 170 km including 8 000 large bridges and culverts. (1 & 18) It raised raised R15.9 billion for road upgrades, particularly for freeways around biggest city Johannesburg ahead of the soccer World Cup. (2) So ...
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  • Finding info the good 'ol fashioned way

    It wasn't too long ago when I told my wife that our children needed to learn how to access information by going to the library and looking through books instead of going online everytime and "googling" it. I thought that it would be useful in the event of Eskom "turning off the lights" and them finding themselves without any Internet access. As wel ...
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  • Rights or Responsibility?

    Rights or Responsibility?... ...
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  • Superficiality is the curse of our age

    "Superficiality is the curse of our age" according to Richard Foster's book titled Celebration of Discipline. He touches on a very sensitive spot since who would like to be called superficial? In fact, the only time it sounds good is when it refers to a flesh wound or damage sustained in a conflict situation. For most of the time, superficial means ...
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  • just finished judging an article by its title

    I when I started blogging on mydigitallife the site was  in its infancy with few bloggers and followers ,it was straightforward and it loaded quickly.It appears that things have changed not only the feel of the site but the people that we classify as bloggers have changed too.When the home page opens I see a few black faces  ...
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  • Forgive and Forget?

    I happen to be reading a blog about the Rietz four story and I came across a comment that seem to suggest that there is something wrong with the constitution as the constitution states that we cannot forget the past. I do believe in forgiveness provided that the perpetrator has acknowledged their wrong doing however as for the forgetting part I def ...
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  • Hypothesis: HIV alone does not cause AIDS

    It all started on the day I opened a text book about the scientific process that is followed in conducting all forms of research.I suddenly developed interest in the HIV/AIDS issue because of what I have read about in magazines,heard about from physicians and gullable journalist who publish things without fully understanding their root ...
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  • Does your house have wires?

    Thinking about the number of things that we have or own and use daily without knowing their full capability I decided to narrow my thought down to house wiring. It is one thing that most bloggers not only MDL but everywhere in the world have provided they live in a house not a cave. Well the wires in your house are there to dist ...
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  • Does you house have electrical wires?

    Thinking about the number of things that we have or own and use daily without knowing their full capability I decided to narrow my thought down to house wiring.It is one thing that most bloggers not only MDL but everywhere in the world have provided they live in a house not a cave.Well the wires in your house are there to distri ...
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Ryan Dewberry

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  • Life, Death and IBurst

    I write this out of much frustration. Every night millions of people are being lied to all across South Africa. Yup, Iburst does NOT infact have the infrastructure to support us all *gasp*. So when you see that TV advert with those irritating orange balls,just ignore it. Multiple disconnects, bad speeds and general crapiness about sums up ...
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  • Screeeeech ,Crash, BANG!

    It's up. Over. Finished. Kaput. The information superhighway has transformed itself into a squatter camps' dirt road. And it feels like 4 million people are rampaging down it at the same time. Yes, I have hit my brothers 3gig cap (ofcourse i dont pay for internet,duh!). Naturally, my brain kicks into overdrive. What does one do with a slow inter ...
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  • Sticking it to the Man

    I burst out with screams of joy when i see that Cell C,my cellphone contract provider, spends more money on actually printing my bill than what i pay. Every month i get a bill consisting of about 8 pages of information with each transaction costing about R0.01. I achieve this by using a well known Jabber client written in Java called Mxit (www.m ...
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  • One player to do it all

    A few months ago, i woke up and realised that Winamp is the most ghastly looking player around. This sparked my drive to find a media player that not only looked good, but also had great functionality. This searched led me through the catacombs of VLC,past the greatness of Mplayer and on towards a media player that looked really interesting (lets n ...
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  • A Flaccid Johnny and some Funny T-Shirts

    A WTF moment Just when you thought you'd seen everything the Internet had to offer, something comes along and knocks you off your office chair! I cannot believe that there is actually a market for fake flaccid penises and, if there is, what the hell would you do with it? Perhaps the larger on ...
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  • Porn

    An article on myadsl about religious groups getting all huffy about soft porn on etv's late night schedule got me thinking on so many different levels. ... ...
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  • please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less

    As seen on Bash - i am still laughing   <dsully> please describe web 2.0 to me in 2 sentences or less <jwb> you make all the content. they keep all the revenue.Kapwing   ...
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  • Stubbornness comes in grey

    I have been without decent coffee for two days now and it definitely has had an impact on my mood, i have been upgraded from grandmaster to krust almighty. But his morning i actually had to pull over and cry with laughter at  the sheer stubbornness of a battle raging between Trafalgar Property Agents [now known as TPA ] and the local graffiti ...
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  • The arrogance of big business

    I recently started investigating a little business idea that has profitability written all over it, well at least i hope it does. The idea is not new nor is it particularly exciting but it did bring me into contact with some large businesses as well as a few smaller competitors. The smaller businesses tended to be quicker at responding and we ...
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  • First Impression Syndrome

    I made my way to this website via Amatomu, M&G's blog aggregation service to make a comment on a piece written by someone who felt MDL was a better bet than Facebook or Myspace. I then received a connection [ i think ] from Townboy himself to post a blog or a photo or something, so here it is Townboy - just for you. I have kept an eye on MD ...
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Cheap Mind

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  • Fokofpolisiekar

    Registered, thought, contemplated and decided to drag time on until six. Logged off, packed my bag and headed to Newtown.... ...
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  • Storylines and emotion

    Best weekend ever. Watched movies forever. The strange thing is on Sat i watched these 3 movies that was so emotional and relative to my life. ... ...
    Jun 25 Tags: Untagged
  • Shit Flies

    Jun 22 Tags: Untagged
  • Gura Brahma

    Sitting listening to the best of Buddah bar, the spirituality, the feeling, the devotion cursed with mixtures of global sounds tremble in my head. In a split second my mind shifts gears and I start reflecting on my own pathway. An unstable curvy down sloped one. No stability for a long time like driving on empty and never quite knowing when it&r ...
    Jun 22 Tags: Untagged
  • Invisible

    Another day and just sitting again. Breathing nothing, smelling nothing and just shutting the shutter. The sound of crickets singing take over the silence of the dark.A gentle wind glides past me and i feel it's coolness, it's rhythmn and it's power. I wish i was this force of power, strength and cunning. I could dance, whistle and soar through ...
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  • Party Time

    So the launching of this new political party is quite exciting, don't you think? From what i have read, here we finally have people who understand the main objectives in standing as opposition against the ANC. It's all very hush at the moment, a no name brand for the time that it takes to go public, and even the founders of the party remain at this ...
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  • Inner Child Out

    I see you looking up searching the sky for truth finding answers in the clouds thinking back to your youth Those days that knew only free care and joy those days knew you because you were there Where are you now child living in your mind lost in the day to day uncertain of your way Why are you not child like you used to be befo ...
    Oct 03 Tags: Untagged
  • Secondhand Insult

    It's amazing how from one province to the next, things are different. Back where i used to live people were truly grateful at the sight of someone approaching with a black bag full of secondhand clothing. Here, it seems, it is taken as a bit of an offence. And i can understand that, because here people are sporting new clothes - even people who fin ...
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  • Yesterday

    Yesterday turned out to be a total write-off. The day before i had all plans in place, until a phone call came requesting i do someone a favour by lifting them around. It's amazing, when i have time i have nothing to do, when i have plans everyone seems to want in on the action. Because of this favour i also turned down a few hours work that i c ...
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  • Boring, but good for me.

    Today i am very proud of myself. I managed to spend two hours in a bar without drinking. Well, i had a cup of coffee, but not a drop of alcohol. What's the big deal? You may ask. Well, the thing is i have been talking about not drinking for about three years now, we all know that feeling when you wake up with a ruined brain and dry mouth - and y ...
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  • Heard of a game called LI:FE?

    It is supported across all platforms and even allows the gamer to access and play other games whilst in this game. It’s been around for a long time, but until now, only a few knew about it as a game or even understood it. It is so intricate and involved that only now is our understanding reaching a point where we can begin t ...
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  • Animal Speak

    Admit it…. If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, chances are you’ve spoken to it at least once, and I’m not meaning the “sit, stay, fetch” speak, I’m talking the deep heart-felt conversations about life.   I remember my hormone filled teenage years made a lot easier by the companionship of my little dog, and his unfailing abil ...
    Nov 10 Tags: Untagged
  • Christmas for Want it All Politicians

    What to get for politicians who Want it All for Christmas? I checked out the WantitAll site and found the following things that may help our country's leaders: SIMS 2 University Expansion Edition Pack I think this should go to Julius Malema - president of the ANC Youth League, apparently his university qualifications were somewhat over-exagg ...
    Nov 09 Tags: Untagged
  • My whopping size 13 footprint

    Hi, my name is “InTheMoment” and I’m a recycler….. One thing I always remember about my drug days was that those of us on drugs (even alcohol) would try to get those around us to partake too. By doing the same with recycling, does that mean I’m addicted?   I watched Wall-E with my five year old son (and played the playstation game) ...
    Oct 15 Tags: Untagged
  • Science proves Metaphysics right

    I was watching a programme the other night called “Chernobyl: Life in the Dead Zone” about the impact of the radiation on the animal life in the 30km "dead-zone" surrounding Chernobyl, over the last 20 years. I was amazed to see how well nature and the animal life had flourished there.    Scientists are apparently amaze ...
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  • friends very important to me.  My friends mean the world to me because they complete me.  They compliment, contradict, and enlighten me.  They fill me with blissful happiness, warmth, and at times anger and frustration.  Friends are like your significant others--you build arelationship that sometimes does not last, but you find yo ...
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  • they say

    ....THEY SAY IT TAKES A MINUTE...... .......TO FIND A SPECIAL PERSON, ....... .....AN HOUR TO APPRECIATE THEM, ...... .........A DAY TO LOVE THEM, ........ ..........AN ENTIRE LIFE TIME......... ..............TO 4GET THEM............. .......SEND THIS TO THE PEOPLE...... .............U'LL NEVER 4GET.............. .........ITS A SHOR ...
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  • If knowledge is so powerful, why am I too lazy to obtain it?

    I recently started working part-time for a programming firm. I figured that I may as well spend my holidays constructively earning money, while keeping my programming knowledge (or lack thereof) more or less up to date.... ...
    Jun 29 Tags: Untagged
  • A Warped Perspective: Sports

    I watch the occasional sport on the television.  I’m not exactly a fan of sports, but I have nothing against them. However, the one thing I can’t stand is the “by-products” of sports.... ...
    Jun 28 Tags: Untagged
  • What is: Blog

    Blogging. All over the internet, there are increasingly more sites that are dedicated to blogging. More and more people are starting their own blogs. Some blogs can be the source of much happiness, while others can be the centre of controversy. For all the power this concept holds, one has to ask: What exactly is a blog? A blog, or "weblog", is ...
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  • Nokia N95 - a bit overrated?

    I... ...
    Jun 25 Tags: Untagged
  • Welcome to myself..

    So I discovered MDL on one of my jaunts on the WorldWideWait. So I love techno-babble, and anything technical. Boys and toys, see? So I decided to stay and have a look around. So I'm starting my sentences with so, and that would make my standard 3 English teacher furious, if she were still alive, and I was about a million years younger. ... ...
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