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Google looks to TV PDF Print E-mail
Google looks to TV, IPv6 transition software released, and CodePlex unveils network monitoring project.
Ellies to invest in digital and satelitte products PDF Print E-mail
Ellies Holdings will be investing more in digital television and satelitte products as it expects growth in this area.
Time Warner eases iPhone traffic PDF Print E-mail
Time Warner eases iPhone traffic, Motorola releases Android smartphones, and Nokia develops self-charging phones.
A Tablet For Toddlers PDF Print E-mail

Unlike the recently revealed iPad – which continues to receive decidedly mixed reviews – a newly unveiled tablet is already slated to be one of this year’s most coveted holiday gifts.

Improve Your General Knowledge On-The-Go With iMinds PDF Print E-mail
In the old days, people who strived to be well-versed in a wide variety of topics often had to spend hours studying and reading up on many subjects. These days, an online business in Australia is enabling even the busiest person to turn into a veritable walking encyclopaedia.
The mother of digital cameras PDF Print E-mail
The Seitz 6x17 Digital is no ordinary digital camera. In fact, considering that it can take photos of 160 million pixels in a second, nothing compares to it.
Dion Wired Netbook bundle PDF Print E-mail
If you are looking for a great Netbook bundle deal this December, then Dion Wired has the perfect Samsung Netbook offering for you.
Headphones For Little Ears PDF Print E-mail
Headphones that have been designed especially for small children’s ears will ensure at least some peace and quiet during those long hours that will be spent travelling with the kids this holiday.
Christmas starts tomorrow at new Hyde Park DionWired PDF Print E-mail

If digital is on your Christmas list then you'll want to be at the new Hyde Park DionWired store tomorrow morning (3 December 2009) at 8:00.


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