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Google+ hits 90m users PDF Print E-mail

Google CEO Larry Page announced yesterday that the search giant's social platform, Google+, has reached the 90 million user mark.

Google to boost SA business PDF Print E-mail

Search engine giant Google today unveiled Woza Online, an initiative that aims to bring tens of thousands of small and medium South African businesses online.

Facebook adds more ‘frictionless’ apps to timeline PDF Print E-mail

Your Facebook friends already know what you like, read and even listen to. Now they’ll also be able to know what you cook, buy, watch, where you travel to and what you do to stay in shape.

Distant friends feed your mind PDF Print E-mail

Keeping your list of Facebook friends intact, particularly those you do not often keep in contact with, is likely to furnish you with more information and keep your wit polished.

Wikipedia goes offline PDF Print E-mail

The popular online encyclopaedia will black out its English site for 24 hours in protest of the US anti-piracy legislation.

Website review: Pixlr PDF Print E-mail

Edit photos online for free, with tools akin to expensive desktop software.

Axxess offers “killer discount” for Friday 13th PDF Print E-mail

While many superstitious folk will be trying to avoid crossing paths with black cats or walking under ladders today, South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) Axxess is commemorating Friday the 13th with a unique offering.

Google steps on more toes PDF Print E-mail

Privacy advocates have joined the chorus of opposition to Google's new “Search Plus Your World” or “Search Plus” algorithm.

Facebook improves mobile comments PDF Print E-mail

Facebook has announced a Comments Box plug-in for mobile in an effort to improve the social network's presence in the social commentary space.


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