Review: Kodak Play Sport ZX3 PDF Print E-mail

Kodak, always a name we'll associate with photography and imaging, has been selling its digital wares for a while now. The ZX3, part of its Play Sport line of casual cameras, is the latest addition.

Review: Kingston SSD V+100 PDF Print E-mail

Disk-based storage, for both desktops and laptops, has never been cheaper than it is right now. It's easy to do some smart shopping and find a 1TB desktop hard drive for between R500 and R600 – it was just a few years ago that a 120GB drive would cost two or three times more.

Review: Belkin Grip Vue case PDF Print E-mail

From the unofficial sources, it's suspected between 5 000 and 8 000 iPads are in SA.

Review: Logitech G930 headset PDF Print E-mail

The latest audio offering provides excellent wireless surround sound for gaming, at a price.

Review: Viewsonic VX2250wm monitor PDF Print E-mail

A new distributor sees Viewsonic return to SA, along with a high-res monitor offering.

Review: Logitech Z305 laptop speaker PDF Print E-mail

Looking for a portable clip-on speaker for your laptop? Christo van Gemert reviews the Logitech Z305 laptop speaker.

Review: Belkin Tunebase FM PDF Print E-mail

Belkin's cradle sends music to the car's sound system and also lets your iPhone make hands-free calls.

Review: Logitech M305 wireless mouse PDF Print E-mail

The Logitech M305 mouse, on first impression, isn’t “cute” or “tiny” like other netbook/notebook mice you will find; you know, ones that are a third the size of an average mouse. 

Review: Patriot Box Office PDF Print E-mail

I think it’s fair to say that many of us get our movies and TV series off the Internet. If not, there’s always someone we know who provides it to us. Right?


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