Review: Catherine PDF Print E-mail

Catherine can best be described as a love child of an anime and a puzzle game. It is definitely a game like no other. 

Review: PlayStation Vita PDF Print E-mail

The original PSP was launched amidst much fanfare towards the end of 2005.  

Review: Fifa Street PDF Print E-mail

Fifa Street is the fourth soccer street simulator from EA Sports. The game shows off the finesse and showmanship of the "beautiful game" through focusing on individual skill moves, like dribbling and juggling the ball, which makes for a fun, challenging experience. 

Review: Mass Effect 3 PDF Print E-mail

Mass Effect 3 is the final episode in the five year epic of Commander Shepard's battle against the Reapers. It's everything fans of the series were waiting for: waging war against overwhelming odds, making critical decisions that affects billions of lives on a whim and an emotional end to the story – and the journey was well worth it.

Review: Street Fighter X Tekken PDF Print E-mail

Crossover games are usually fun (Battletoads and Double Dragon and the more recent Mario and Sonic Olympic games are testament to this), and while fighting games have delved into this territory before (Marvel vs. Capcom, etc), none has been so highly anticipated as Street Fighter x Tekken. 

Review: The Darkness II PDF Print E-mail

The Darkness was released amidst much fanfare five years ago. It was a fresh take on an old genre and came at a time when first person shooters were mired by World War 2 stories. 

Review: Syndicate PDF Print E-mail

Syndicate is the much anticipated reboot of the 1993 futuristic steampunk shooter of the same name. The game developers, Starbreeze, managed to replicate the original game's tense combat, stylized environments and even improve on the gameplay.

Review: Grand Slam Tennis 2 PDF Print E-mail

Unlike its Wii counterpart, Grand Slam Tennis 2 (GST2) on the Xbox is a serious affair - the graphics are awesome, it has a deep career mode and it has an intuitive control system makes it a hard game to put down.

Review: Soul Calibur V PDF Print E-mail

Soul Calibur V (SC5) is a vast improvement over its predecessor. Combat is now infused with flowing motion, spectacular moves and rich depth to the fighting gameplay. 


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