Game review: WRC 2010 PDF Print E-mail

When the first Colin McRae game released on the PlayStation back in 1998, it was a revelation. Driving cars in it felt real. It was convincing.

Review: Dead Rising 2 PDF Print E-mail

Zombies – or the walking dead – are probably one of the more immediate fictional threats to humankind. 

Review: Halo Reaches new heights PDF Print E-mail

Halo fans will regale you with fond memories of online battles until all hours of the morning, and talk about the game's main character, Master Chief, in revered tones. 

Review: Playstation Move PDF Print E-mail

Let's get down and dirty with Sony's riposte to the Nintendo Wii, and see how it compares.

Review: Tetris Party Deluxe PDF Print E-mail

Tetris needs no introduction. At some (early) point in our lives, we all played it, and we all loved it. 


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