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MotoGP 10/11 is a great addition to the annual franchise with a multitude of improvements from the previous year. More accurate control, better handling and large online gameplay will appeal to true fans of the genre.

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Unlike the annual WWE Smackdown vs Raw game installment, WWE All Stars takes the wrestling game genre to a whole new level. It strips away all the realism and technical gameplay elements of the former games and replaces it with cartoony graphics and physics elements.

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Operation FlashPoint: Red River is a breath of fresh air in a sea of recent war-based first person shooters (FPSs). The tactical team-based gameplay finds the perfect balance between cautious, accurate shooting in individual FPS play and strong team-based mechanics. 

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The uDraw GameTablet is a peripheral for the Nintendo Wii gaming console and comes bundled with the uDraw Studio game. uDraw Studio lets you get creative by painting, drawing and colouring. 

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MotorStorm: Apocalypse is the fourth game in the MotorStorm series, following MotorStorm, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and MotorStorm: Arctic Edge

This is a racing game set in a disaster-ravaged city. The damaged city is populated by law enforcement, and groups of hoodlums who use the ruined landscape for races.

The choice of landscape in this game has led to an indefinite postponement of its release in Japan in light of the recent earthquake.

The storyline of this particular game, which is accessed in story mode, allows the user to play as a rookie racer who works his way up in the ranks of urban speed demons by completing races. Winning races unlocks vehicles, vehicle components and more races.

There’s a wide variety of types of vehicles (like a supercar, muscle car, chopper, monster truck), and the user can customise the look of the car, and alter aspects like handling, boosting and offensive abilities. The vehicles are good for different purposes, for example the monster truck is not very quick, but it does more damage to other cars in collisions.

The collisions (which slow the opposition down) and explosions make it a fun game to play with more than one person. Winning feels less important, eclipsed by seeing just how spectacularly you can fail. And failing spectacularly is always more fun with people around.

Without other players, the game could get quite monotonous.

On many of the tracks, there are obstacles and “incidents” that aim to impede the racer. Because of this, it’s less like a traditional track-based racing game, and more like an arcade game for quick fingers.

The other, non-story mode methods of gameplay include just racing for the sake of it, or racing to a countdown timer. The game graphics are good, but not mind-blowing.

All in all, it’s a fun game, made better by playing with friends.


Good: delightfully ridiculous.
Bad: not very challenging.
Rating: 6.5/10
Price: R599
Contact: Ster Kinekor - 011 445 7700 
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When you pick up and switch on the Nintendo 3DS for the first time and look into the glasses-free 3D screen, it will be nothing short of amazing. You get the feeling that you cannot believe what you are seeing.

To the right of the 3D screen, which is the top of the two screens on the handheld console, you will see a 3D slider. This lets you adjust the intensity of the 3D to a level your eyes are most comfortable with. Like any other DS console, the bottom screen is a touchscreen.

Once the screen is suited to your eyes, the fun begins. As a first time user, you will be required to create a Mii, which is a digital avatar of yourself. You get to create one from scratch, or do it the fun way – let the 3D camera take a picture of yourself, which is then morphed into avatar version of your facial features, and is completely customizable.

The console alone, without purchasing any additional games, can keep you (and just about anyone you know) entertained for hours. The bottom touchscreen panel lets you view options available to you using the stylus or via the analogue circle pad or + control pad. Options include the 3DS camera, 3DS sound, Mii maker, Mii plaza, AR games and Face Raiders. Other menu options include an activity log, settings, health information and download play.
Face Raiders is an augmented reality shooter game. Using the 3DS camera, your picture will be taken before you begin, and you will appear wearing a helmet. Your environment – home or office, is projected onto the background of the game, and is your playground. The game makes use of the built-in gyro and motion sensors. The objective of the game is to shoot enemies with a boss battle at the end of each stage. Additional players appear as enemies later on. The game requires space, and cannot be played sitting down. Arrows will appear on-screen, showing you which direction to move, in order to shoot. There are different levels of difficulty and the more you play, the more stages you unlock.
AR games require the pack of six AR cards that comes with the console and is used as a platform for shooting games. You start off by playing with the ‘?’ card initially. You place the card on a flat surface, and point the 3DS cameras to it and then take in the magical view in front of your eyes. When you play with the ? card and experience the dragon coming out of the box for the very first time, you will be blown away. Then you will show everyone you know how amazing the technology is.
Inside the box you get the 3DS console, a charging dock, AC adapter, stylus, 6 AR cards and a 2GB SD card. 
The Nintendo 3DS is priced at R2800 and games cost R500. While some may argue that it is over-priced, you have to appreciate the technology it houses. 
Personally, I’m not a 3D TV fan, and won’t consider buying one (and I’m not even referring to the price tag), but the 3DS is worth buying as it gives you small doses of the technology, without (thus far) causing any headaches. 
Good: 3D without the glasses; AR games; intensity of 3D can be adjusted.
Bad: pricey; console has to be held in a certain position; may hurt your eyes.
Rating: 8/10
Price: R2800
Contact: Core Group – 011 535 9000
Review: Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises PDF Print E-mail

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training has been very successful on the Nintendo DS and has been adapted for the Xbox 360 as a Kinect title, with the addition of body exercises.

Review: Killzone 3 PDF Print E-mail

Set after the events of the preceding Killzone games (1, Liberation and 2), the latest installment takes place after the death of Helghan Emperor Scolar Visari. 

Review: Medal of Honor PDF Print E-mail

EA reboots its war shooter franchise with the name that started the war game craze 11 years ago. 


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